We encourage you to do more when you’re cleaning your home. Every two weeks you should set aside time to clean your HVAC components. You can check the sensors, the thermostat, and the outdoor unit for any dust on your air vents. Working closely and regularly with your unit will help you to spot common signs that indicate maintenance is needed. It’s important to know when your AC requires maintenance.

When Do You Need to Service a Common AC Unit?

Full maintenance of an AC unit should be done every year. The initial signs that indicate a need for maintenance are at first based on common sense. How happy are you with your heating and cooling? Are there delays between you setting a thermostat and the unit turning on? That might mean that something needs to be fixed. Is your air conditioner providing the ultimate comfort you seek? In addition to your annual maintenance, you should also service your HVAC system as problems arise.

Signs that You Need Specific Service on Your HVAC Unit

A good maintenance technician will perform a thorough examination of your unit, but there are some signs of malfunction that you can detect yourself. A modern HVAC unit will reveal these four signs that your AC needs maintenance:

1. Aging Units

Expect a decrease in performance if your unit is more than 10 years old. If it’s older, ask a professional about the adaptations it needs. The age of your system is an indicator of the cost of service. It’s possible to keep the unit you have after inspection, but trained technicians must determine whether it’s still in good working condition or not.

2. Leaky Seals

Fluids have to seal in order to remain in your unit. Leaks are a result of enclosures being opened against your model’s product design. You need servicemen to seal leaks and to replace any fluid that’s been lost. Leaks can be costly if you don’t find and stop them quickly. Your fluid costs can reach as high as $75 per gallon for replacements.

3. Funky Odors

Metal parts that grind create heat along with foul smells. Don’t keep your heating or cooling running if you smell an odor. Let the parts cool down, and then contact an HVAC serviceman. Every possibility has to examine when inspecting the nature of this malfunction.

4. Present Smoke

Smoke is a result of parts heating up and starting some form of fire. If you haven’t heard metallic noises but see smoke, the heating may have been going on for a while. Take precautions and contact someone who’s educated in system malfunctions.

Before the Unexpected Happens …

We urge you to learn more about the smaller detail so that your HVAC can truly live up to your standards of comfort. Do some process of elimination to help us out. We’ll come directly to you for a clear diagnosis of the initial situation. Work with us today, so that we can find a solution. Get your system service for better performance now.


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