Sneak Exercises into your Normal Routine

How many times have you heard that people are not exercising because they don’t have the time? It is probably the most common excuse. All the time seems to be consumed by work, school and family commitments. As we sit back and give excuses, lifestyle diseases are slowly creeping up on us. Studies show that a significant proportion of the population is overweight, including children.

Just as you eat every day, you should exercise every day. Don’t spend your youthful years so busy working with the hope to enjoy yourself later, only to have that taken away from you by diseases. You do not necessarily have to set hours aside for exercise. You can incorporate exercise in the course of the normal activities:


Do you drive to the store for groceries even when it’s minutes away? Look out for a number of places where you drive to yet you don’t have to. You can easily walk there and give your body some exercise while at it. If you have to drive, pack some blocks away and walk the rest of the way. Worried of the security of your vehicle?

There are a good number of experts who offer gps fleet tracking solutions to ensure that you can keep tabs on it even when blocks away. The minutes of walking combined can add up to an hour’s worth of exercise daily. You can also consider cycling around instead of driving.

Be Active at Home

Do not be a couch potato in the house. Move around. Pop up the music if that is what energizes you. Dance around. Jog on the spot. Skip on the corridors have some yoga. Let the energy spread to the house chores. Whether you’re cleaning, ironing or cooking; exert some force in your movement to give your muscles a workout. In addition, your day is bound to be a lot of fun!

Make use of the Office

Let your energy extend to the office. You spend most of your time there anyway. You cannot just slouch on your computer all day. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs. Use the washroom in the farthest corner. Why send emails to colleagues who are just meters away? Walk over to their desk. Get an ergonomic chair which allows you to sit upright. Tense your abs and butt every once in a while. Get up and stretch. You may seem crazy, but you can be sure you’ll not have to deal with backaches any time soon.

Keep a Dog

A dog will force you to exercise even when you’re not in the mood to. He will get so restless when kept indoors for a long time, you’ll have no choice but to go outside and exercise him. You’ll walk, run and play in the process.

Insufficient time does not have to be an excuse. With some creativity you can stay physically active every day. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did.


Ana is an internet entrepreneur and one of the founders of iGuides, she loves to give adequate time to her passion which is writing. She holds a PHD in English Literature.

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