Time is a precious commodity in the world of marketing so using a reliable company like Netbase to track your social media analytics is an essential component in helping your business succeed. An analysis of all your company’s social media efforts is a vital task to help you figure out what’s working and what needs improvement. It also helps you keep track of your company’s progress so you have reliable and factual data to help make big decisions.

Netbase experts noted the many companies often get too focused on scheduling posts and crafting engagement in all their social media channels, but they forget to analyze the results of all the efforts they place and work hard to create. All these interactions, comments, likes, online transactions are all part of creating any company’s digital footprint. All of these are data and using the right analytical tools, such as Netbase’s Socia Media Analytics Platform, can help you make sense of these data for the benefit of the company. Here are the benefits of social media analytics:

Help you See your Progress

Seeing the bigger picture is so much easier with social media analytical tools because it allows you to see data in the form of graphs, charts, and numbers. After all, as the saying goes, numbers do not lie. These tools allow you to see how much traffic you have generated over a certain period of time. Social media analysis can even track leads, such as where this particular commenter came from. This power to show results and pitfalls is a gold mine of information. These tools have the power to zero in on the nitty-gritty of details, but at the same time, it can put all these details together to show your company how far you have gone.

Helps you with your Audience

Examining the data will help you see who your target audience is and what it is exactly that makes them tick or pay attention. Doing social media analysis can help your company craft better products and better sales pitches. For example, something as simple as knowing when to post a marketing campaign on FB so it can get the maximum viewership and engagement rests on knowing the log on the behavior of our audience.

Helps you Craft Better Content

Knowing your target will help you craft better materials that can keep them hooked. Keeping track of data will also help you understand which time of content yields the best results. The analytical tools can help you compare which types of post garner the most number of attention, so you can replicate them and achieve tons of success. Social media analysis can tell you if the best approach is video, photo, tweet, poll, or the like.

Helps Understand Competitors

The funny thing about your competitors is they are doing exactly the same things as you are. They have their own unique data, which if you’re smart enough, you can have access too. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of knowing their URL to show you the percentage of traffic on their site. In addition, social media analysis and watching trends can keep you abreast of what’s working and what isn’t. Doing these steps will help you avoid their mistakes; leaving you to focus on those strategies that actually yield results.

Helps Make Better Strategies

Knowing your audience and knowing what mistakes you’ve made can help you craft better campaign strategies. You no longer have to waste time and effort on marketing plans that do not work. Social media analytical tools can help you decipher which elements bring in the most success, so you can continue to zero in on those and no longer waste time on the ones that don’t do anything for the company. Social Media Analytics is about leveraging data to your company’s advantage and in this data driven world this tool is a necessity.


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