If you have ever developed a stutter when it is time for you to give a speech, double-faulted on match point, or managed to humiliate yourself on the very first date with that special someone, you know how it feels for your body to sabotage you during moments that are already at high voltage. There are ways that you can stay cool inside and out.

Stay Cool Under Pressure

Let’s take a closer look.

The Right Clothes

Here in the States, when summer is in full swing, it might feel like someone has cranked the temps in the sauna to unreal heights. However, you can still look great if you have the right clothing. Check out MizzenAndMain.com for examples clothes that can go from the office to the bar. When you need to look cool under pressure, they have the clothes you need to get it done. Their dress shirts are made from performance materials that are more comfortable than cotton. This material wicks moisture away from your skin so you can appear to be calm, cool, and collected even when you are far from it. The best part is that these shirts are easy to care for. Just toss them in the washer when they get dirty. Because the material is resistant to wrinkles, you won’t have to iron them.

Walk it Off

If you are in a situation where you are feeling uninspired, stuck, confused, or overwhelmed, go outside for a bit to clear your head. Take a walk in nature where you will be surrounded by shades of blue and green, which are calming colors. Find a view that is panoramic and just gaze off into the distance. Walk while taking deep breaths. Try to clear your mind of everything but what you see and you will be able to come back with a new perspective.

Channel the Anxiety

There was a study that found, people can benefit from worrying when they are in situations that require anticipating threats, self-discipline, and caution. It is interesting to note that this finding only applied to those people who have a high cognitive ability. The researchers thought that their ability to reason could possibly act as a sort of intermediary between the emotional impulse and the situation. In other words, if you have an innate ability or expertise in a specific scenario, you can channel any anxiety you feel into constructive reasoning so that you will be better able to ward off that feeling of helpless panic.


If you find yourself in a situation in which you are upset or angry with someone, before you can say or do something that you might regret later, take a few deep breaths and count backwards from ten. Most of the time, before you get to one, you will have found a better way to address the issue at hand so you’ll be able to reduce the problem as opposed to escalating it. If there comes a time when you are still upset once you reach one, try to take a time out and then revisit the problem once you have had the opportunity to regain your cool.

Cool Off

When you are feeling anxious and nervous, it can help to splash your face with cold water. This triggers a mammalian diving reflex that can immediately slow down your heart rate. It can also help to take deep breaths and get some fresh air. You might also want to avoid beverages with caffeine because they can stimulate your nerves.


When you are feeling discouraged, depressed, or fearful, you might want to give aerobic exercise a try. These exercises can give you more energy. How we use our bodies can influence how we feel. There is a saying that your emotion is dictated by your motion. When you truly experience how full of life your body is, the confidence you have in yourself will grow.

By following the tips here and clothing yourself in items that make you appear to be cool, you will always seem to be calm, cool, and collected. Learning the skills and tricks to stay calm and collected take time and practice so why not get started?

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