Survival Guidelines for Road Trip

Heading off for a road trip in the near future? If so, you are in for a wonderful time – but there are a few dangers to your health and lifestyle involved, so it’s best to make yourself aware of the potential issues. In today’s guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the guidelines and rules you will need to follow for the perfect road trip. Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know.

Bring lots of Water

First of all, make sure you are bringing plenty of water with you for the trip. You should always have a minimum amount left in your vehicle, too, so keep topping up whenever necessary. America is a vast country with some incredibly remote landscapes, and if you break down or encounter car problems, water will quickly turn into your best friend.

You can go without food – but if you have no water, you will be in serious trouble within a matter of days.

Make a Plan

While it’s a lovely idea to take off with no idea of where you are going and a complete sense of the freedom of the roads, it’s also inadvisable. The truth is you need some sort of plan in place, to ensure you end up where you want to be. A wrong turning here or an off-the-cuff decision there, and you will end up lost. Bring maps and compasses, too – never rely on getting a signal to your phone or GPS.

Find Healthy Food

While you are making a plan, ensure that there are plenty of places to stop and pick up some healthy food. The odd burger or belly-busting breakfast is OK when you are on a road trip, but if you are consuming that stuff on a daily basis, it’s not going to be good for your heart or arteries.

Drink in Moderation

You’re on vacation, so there is no doubt that a glass or two of alcoholic beverages will pass your lips at some point. But be careful you don’t overdo it, or Murphy’s Law suggests you will be pulled over and breath tested. You might be able to defend against wrongful DWI with the lawyers at Schiner Law Group or your attorney of choice, but the simple fact is there are no guarantees of being let off. It’s best to let the designated driver stay off the beer entirely, and just take turns to get behind the wheel.

Bring Friends

Unless you are a highly experienced road tripper, try to avoid going it alone. If something happens to you and you can’t get help, it’s going to be a rough time that could claim your life. It’s always best to travel with friends, particularly when you are going to remote areas.

Be Friendly, but Sensible

The vast majority of Americans will greet travelers with a hearty and warm welcome. But not everyone will have good intentions, and as a stranger who is looking a little lost and out of place, you might be a target for nefarious types. So, always be friendly, chatty and kind – but don’t put your complete trust in anyone unless you are 100% sure it is a safe situation.


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