weird sports


There are many weird sports that are present from around the world. From each region of the world, along with the very popular common sports there are also those really popular but very weird kinds of sports. They come in forms of entertainment as well as form professional leagues depending of the kind of extension they have in terms of mass popularity, even if they be confined within a particular region.

Some areas of the world in fact do not celebrate some of the really popular sports but are pretty glorious with some rather strange ones. For instance North Americans don’t even know about cricket while people of South America have no clue of what hockey is and so on.

Weird Sports Which are Truly Strange

There are some rather unusual sports which are rather fun to play and do not conform to any of the rules or conformities of some of the major sports of the world and yet they are taken very seriously by those who practice them.

Some of the dangerous sports that deject all forms of boundaries in terms of games and playing are as follows:

1. The Ultimate Test between Man and Horse:

sport that tests your stamina

Source: Geograph UK

This indeed a very strange kind of sport that tests your stamina. You will learn how to be agiler while competing against a horse. This game originated in Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells. This sport really has to do with strength. You will require great agility and strength in order to take part in this. Marathon human contestants are put to test against those mounted on horses. This is how the marathon testing takes place.

2. Love Locked Race:

This is a sports event that was first introduced in Finland. This is all about a male competitor racing with a female in a certain way. There would be many obstructions and blocks on the way which would definitely bring you challenges.

The person to win would have to finish the race without losing his female partner in the course of overcoming the obstacles even for once. This race takes place really fast and the obstacles are set that way.

3. A Different Kind of Swim:

Bog snorkelling

Source: Flickr

This is a really interesting kind of swimming but pretty gross as you would have to go snorkeling in a marshy bog. The water filled trench is cut through a peat bog. Participants must wear snorkels as well as flippers in order to wade through the peat bog.

Traditional swimming techniques are not welcome however but only through the use of snorkeling strokes and processes can one perform here.

4. Toe Sport:

Toe Wrestling

Source: Flickr

This is yet another weird sport that welcomes you to use your toes. This is quite the same kind of sport that you used to play as a child which involved toe wrestling. This has now been turned into a major sport that even has a World Toe Wrestling Competition. It first originated in a pub of Derbyshire.

The locals took this sport with great enjoyment and then made this so popular that it soon had its own championship. The individuals who participate have only got to use their feet in locks but then this is tougher than it may sound.

5. Fistball:


Source: Wikimedia

Though this is quite a popular sport among those who practice it but fistball is really not known worldwide. It is a lot like tennis and volleyball and definitely one has to have really strong fists in order to be a part of this game. One can pass the net and then have the ball contracted as best.

The bouncing is allowed only for 3 times at a go. There has to be 5 players coming from each team. This sport has become really big with its league formation. Now it is featured in World Games as well.

6. Octopush or Underwater Hockey:

underwater sport

Source: Photolib

This is a non contact underwater sport that has two teams participating in it. The teams maneuver a puck right across the bottom of the swimming pool which is supposedly the goal area. It is played quite like hockey but just under water.

This sport has become steadily famous in countries like UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. There are large Octopush sessions all across these major countries which regularly arrange competitions in this game.

7. Adult Kickball:

new venture in adult kickball

Source: Flickr

Reinvent this childhood game with the new venture into adult kickball. The adult kickball league is quite fun and wild. This game has now become a very important popular sport that brings lots of creativity and fun for adults.

The World Adult Kickball Association has been developing really wonderfully with greater participation and involvement from different countries into this grand sport. There are now greater avenues for this once popular childhood game to be carried out into the world of greater sports.

8. Chess Boxing:

Chess Boxing

Source: Wikimedia

This is a combination of chess and boxing techniques involved in one single game that brings the power of brain as well as brawn into the same board. Sports boxing and chess are alternated with every round in this rather strange game.

This is a great combination that invites to check not only the physical strength but also the mental dexterity of the players at the same level. The points are thus divided according to both evaluations.

9. Competition between You and Cheese:

Cheese Rolling

Source: Flickr

There is a strange kind of competition that goes with finding out who is faster, you or a ball of cheese rolling down a hill. This incredible sport is rolled down the hill along with competitors to chase after it. The first person who gets to be downhill in perfect toeing of the cheese ball and gets to finish first will be the winner.

This is how the person at the bottom wins. Competitors chase after the cheese but usually this cheese ball rolls pretty fast making it quite a challenging task.

10. Beard and Moustache Competition:

Beard and Moustache Championship

Source: Flickr

The world beard  and moustache competition is a biennial competition that challenges males with high testosterone levels to have a go at their beard and moustache growing capabilities. This is includes large moustaches, goatees and full beard styles.

There are different sections to this competition which even includes a category called the Dali moustache.

11. Kaiju Big Battel:

This is a humorous sport originating from Japanese anime Kaiju Big Battel. This brings maniacal villains and ominous alien beasts all together in a touch competition. But this is more like a show match than anything else. The monsters are dressed and matched in their own way in big dresses.

12. Cardboard Tube Dueling:

Cardboard fight

Source: Flickr

This is yet another dueling competition that brings about members of cardboard dueling with league fighting talents. This works in a great way for competitors with their fancy costumes and even cardboard tubes to fight with.

13. The Mud Pit Belly Flop:

Mud run Sports

Source: Wikimedia

This is a kind of game where even the spectators get splashed in mud but in fact, that is quite the fun. The very annual Summer Redneck Games in East Dublin brings about this game and brings about some of the greatest hubcap discus throws with it. This is also a great sport to show the strength and dexterity of your feet.

14. Bossaball:

Bossaball within a trampoline

Source: Wikimedia

This is another sport that includes soccer, gymnastics as well as capoeira, all integrated within a trampoline that would allow players and high bounders to do great spiking of the ball. This is a great sport to be enjoyed with and brings a variety of work in to one single sport itself.

15. Snow Polo:

Snow Polo

Source: Wikimedia

Though it was popular among Turkish emperors of long gone days, this sport has come back again in a new but quite weird avatar. With the modified version of polo taking place across the snow this makes through shoddy terrains with horse riding players playing a dense shot of polo there.