The work pace at restaurants can be frantic. Many workers have many areas of responsibility and have to juggle those tasks quickly. Sometimes, it’s the customer that feels the crunch. After all, they have to wait for an available hostess to seat them, wait for a server to take their order, wait for the food, and eventually wait to pay so that they can leave. Restaurant owners may find it tricky to balance quality service with the need to make a profit. In this modern world where so many people are using their smartphones in most areas of their lives, it just makes sense that a new app could be the solution.

The Tasty Fruits of Tabletop Technology

In fact, some restaurants have already made the switch to self-service tabletop ordering systems from vendors like Buzztime and others are hoping to make the transition. There are several important benefits available to the restaurants. These include reducing the wait time for the customer: ordering food and paying the bill without a wait. This, in turn, frees the server to provide quality time with the customers, also leading to improvements in customer service. So far, servers are seeing higher tips as well; the tabletop device can figure the appropriate amount of tip for the customer. The benefits continue significantly behind the scenes. Information can be gathered about customer feedback, real-time statistics, and analytics. Restaurant owners and customers value the digital menu. This can be changed as needed to show current selections and promotions.

Adjustments to the Recipe

There are some concerns with tabletop ordering. For example, some restaurants started out by offering their own hastily-written apps. Customers had to download and sync these before using them. This posed a problem of inconvenience for many customers and the apps weren’t used often. When restaurants did chose to provide tablets at the table, there were problems with theft, spills, and the consistent need to recharge the device. Emerging technology has provided answers to these dilemmas. Many of the tablets available now are waterproof. Games are sometimes provided to ease the customers’ impatience. Games or even news entertains customers between sending their orders and digging into their meals. Anti-theft measures have been put into place.

Eating the Cake and Getting One to Go

Those larger restaurants already using the technology are enjoying increased profits in a number of ways. The default setting for tips leads to increases on the average server’s paycheck. Some restaurants have seen a rise in the numbers of desserts being ordered. This also true for orders of appetizers and coffee. Restaurant owners are recognizing the potential in tabletop ordering. As they have the means to invest in a quality system, there’s a good chance that this trend will really take off. Whether you are a restaurant owner or a customer, your next dining-out experience may have a more digital feel.


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