Survey Predicts Taxi Drivers will Extinct by 2027

Survey Predicts Taxi Drivers will Extinct by 2027
27 Feb 2017

Taxi Drivers Extinction

Bidvine, an online local services marketplace, set out to determine the future of major professions. A survey consisting of 1,228 Britishers was conducted to find out what professions were at risk of becoming extinct. The study revealed that taxi drivers will be vanished by 2027. Over 36% of the participants believe that taxi driving career will extinct within a decade because of rapid technology advancements.

Other professions that will not survive long include accountants, travel agents, postmen, translators and pilots with minimum votes. The educators, cashiers, tube drivers and journalists made it to the top five of the extinction list with:

1. Taxi Drivers – 36%

2. Educators – 18%

3. Cashiers – 11.1%

4. Tube Drivers – 10.4%

5. Journalists – 9.2%

The people who took part in the analysis were asked why do they think these jobs will become obsolete. 72% responded that the emerging technologies are the main cause, while 26% believe online services have eased into the lives of people and will eventually replace these careers. According to the World Economic Forum, artificial intelligence will substitute manual work erasing almost five million jobs by 2020.

Self-driving technology has revolutionised our transport system, and this is the reason nearly 73% (three-quarters) participants said that fully autonomous taxis will extinct taxi drivers.

The increasing trend of distance and online education is the reason why 51% (nearly half) of the participants anticipated that the job of educators will become redundant within a decade. Online learning platforms are cost-effective and time-efficient ways of acquiring education,thus more and more people are turning towards them.

Around 65% (two-thirds) of the respondents foresee the increasing popularity of self-service checkouts will soon replace the job of cashier. The recent launch of the Amazon’s cashless store led the people to make this choice. About 37% people seek the decline in print journalism and 46% hope that citizen journalism will grow. Moreover, the respondents assume that conventional journalism will soon come to an end.

Sohrab Jahanbani (CEO, Bidvine) spoke about the survey results. He says technology innovation is gaining pace,therefore, people are concerned about the future. The unstoppable change also alarms the public to develop the right skills and opt for a suitable career. Although many jobs will be modified to maintain their continuity, there are some jobs that are here to stay for a long time. Jobs of plumbers, mechanics, electricians, food caterers and wedding photographers will still be in business. Bidvine is taking the task of referring customers to the best professionals in town.


Waqar Tariq

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