Courier services have come a long way from their humble beginnings of London taxis ferrying parcels to and fro; there is now so much choice in the way we ship internally and externally from the UK. This article takes a look at some of the main ways the industry has used advances in technology to move forward in business.

The Move to Online

Firms such as InXpress use automated online booking systems, single invoicing and single points of contact meaning minimised paperwork, and a streamlined experience for customers.GPS softwaremakes it possible to track deliveriesthrough all stages of the process and keep up to speed with a delivery’s progress.

Social Media

Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and individual businesses’ web-based instant messaging are being increasingly utilised for customer-business dialogue. It is usual practice for the courier themselves to have a handheld device such as a tablet pc or a smartphone kitted out with the technology for tracking and communication with the client. This‘one-channel’ approach to a firm’s online presence and practical tracking ensures ease of communication which in turn promotes client satisfaction as they are able to contact the courier at all times.

Greener Vehicles

As a partial reaction to the rise in fuel prices, many courier firms are choosing to go greener, making pledges to reduce emissions of CO2. The Association of Car Fleet Operators (ACFO) report that emissions have been reduced as a reaction to a rise in fuel prices, congestion charges,and increasing governmental pressure to diminish the output of greenhouse gases across many businesses. The VW scandalhas prompted manufacturing firms to be more conscious of their carbon footprint and attend to the increasing demand for more environmentally friendly transport. The most frequently used alternatives to outdated and fuel-inefficient vans in the courier industryare hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid vans

Ideal for stop-start nature of inner city delivery. The government has incentivised the use of electric and plug-in cars with introducing a grant scheme. To find out more information about hybrid vehicles, try this site.

Finally: Courier Technology for the Future

It’s impossible to talk about the future of the courier service without mentioning the beginnings of drone technology. Moving ahead, it doesn’t look too long before drone tech is rolled out for mass use, with a number of companies across the globe using the technology in trials including flying delivery drones and ground-based drones. This is an exciting prospect for the courier industry and could mean revolutionary change. Find out more about developments here.

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