When I had my first Ford Explorer in the early 1990s I felt that I couldn’t have a more American car. That is, the Explorer seemed like it represented everything that was good about America. It had style, lots of it, plenty of room and comfort and it was engineered to safely move its occupants briskly into the future by simply stepping on the accelerator. Of course, I knew that the Explore couldn’t really move anything into the future but it certainly felt as if I was in some futuristic vehicle that if anything could have the power to do that the Explorer could.

Ford Explorer is America’s SUV

Putting all futuristic thoughts aside, the Ford Explorer was and is America’s SUV. It took over where the Ford Bronco left off and immediately became the heartthrob of America’s car and SUV aficionados. It replaced the Bronco and sold more than 300,000 units in its first year. It instantly became more popular than the Chevy S-10 and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Over 400,000 Ford Explorers were sold the following year and demand for this incredible SUV kept climbing and catapulted it into one of the best selling vehicles in the country.

The 2017 Ford Explorer has gone through some nice additions and updates, which started in the 2016 model year. Just looking at this beautiful piece of automotive artwork you can tell that it is at the top of its class, which it is, and that it has plenty of high-tech advances, futuristic styling (here we go again) and no shortage of passenger and cargo space. The new Explorer would make an excellent second home for someone because of its ample cabin space and fold down seats but most of us want to by one of these great vehicles to actually go out and explore the world even if it’s only cruising a few blocks to the grocery store mall or taking the kids to school.

The 2017 Ford Explorer can be seen and test driven at Patterson ford of Bowie. If you ask them very nicely they might let you stay in the car for a few hours so you can see just how comfortable this SUV would be if you made it into a vacation house. They are very understanding at Patterson and they know how it goes with the Ford Explorer – everybody wants to enjoy it for a different reason.

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