We could have reviewed any model in the Ford stable of great cars but we chose the 2017 Ford Explorer SUV. All the Fords this year have the look of substantial and very stylish vehicles and perhaps that’s simply because they are quite substantial to begin with.

2017 Ford Explorer SUV

The 2017 Ford Explorer’s exterior sense of style is most noticeable because that’s what we see first and that’s what attracts us to these super sport utility vehicles. It’s one of those vehicles that’s an eye turner and if you are in close proximity to it then you will most likely move in even closer to get a better look. You may walk around the car rather slowly at first and then take a few paces back so you can take it all in at one glance.

Once you grasp the image of this beautiful SUV you will store it in your long-term memory bank so you can easily point it out to your friends when one rolls by. The interior of the Ford Explorer has plenty of style also. It’s made up of user-friendly controls along with the comfort and form-fitting seating that makes you feel like the car was built specifically for you. And who really knows? Maybe it was built just for you. In an ideal universe, of course, as we all know, it would have been built exactly for your size and dimensions and it would tell you one of your favorite jokes each time you climbed into the cabin to zoom away.

Now, that may seem like an ideal universe to some folks but the truth of the matter is that you and I live in an ideal universe already and the 2017 Ford Explorer was built specifically for you and the reason you can tell is that you can adjust the seats to perfectly match your style of driving and comfort levels whenever you feel like it.

The Ford Explorer is a car of the present and it’s also the car of the ideal universe. It makes you feel at home and it gets you where you want to go in comfort and great safety and it is also one of the coolest vehicles out there. Kind of like it’s from the ideal universe. Take a test drive in one of these terrific SUVs at Patterson Ford of Bowie.

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