Man has always wished to preserve the memories of the memorable steps and events of his life through various means in order to get himself refreshed by reviewing them. Among many others, photographs also serve a long way in this regard and are one of the oldest ways to keep our memories alive. Earlier, there was nothing to keep the collection of photographs in an organized and safe way. Then came usual photo albums and served us for quite a long time.

Gradually, things kept improving themselves and up till now a number of photo books have evolved over the years. The criterion for grading them is their price, quality and the time spent creating them. Some of the best photo books in this connection are as follows.


Undoubtedly, Shutterfly is the leader in this game of photo books with S780 million in revenue and 22 billion photos hosted by it. Shutterfly offers two paths to get the job done for you. The Custom Path gives you a choice from seven sizes to select the layout templates yourself while the Simple Path offers you five sizes to choose from in order to have your photos arranged for you. Moreover, more than 200 book themes are also there to choose from. Again, crushed silk covers, adhesive memorabilia pocket, custom dust jacket and lay-flat pages are some of the endless optional add-ons offered by this marvelous photo book.

Besides, special effects can be created for the red eye through the correction by the photo editing tools. Shutterfly also offers a Photo Story App in order to share on Facebook or e-mail a free digital version of your photo book after it is done for once. This photo book also stores your photos once and for all and, hence, makes it easy to order one of their myriad other photo products which include mugs, wall art, throw pillows, tablet cases, cards and calendars. That’s why Shutterfly is meant for variety’s sake.


This superb photo book is meant for Apple fans. iphoto offers you a software for a quick way to turn your photos into books. The purpose is to enable you to edit your photos for quality, red eye and blemishes right in the bookmaking process. Whenever an additional photo finds its place into the book, it updates the layout even if a horizontal photo is placed vertically. A modern, tasteful and clean-lined album is prepared with the help of the 18 themes to choose from, whereas limited template options ensure a faster production process. Owing to so many excellent features, this photo tool is very hard to beat.


Blurb’s entry-level bookify software can easily slurp up your photos uploaded to the photo bar of your computer or from iphoto, Picasa, Dropbox, Flicker and more. In addition to this, your family blog can also be easily converted into a photo book by Blurb through its BookSmart tool. Afterwards, you just need to select a layout template and drop the photos in. Blurb offers only five book sizes and four book styles to choose from, but it is still most welcome due to its other appealing features like organizing photos on the photo bar by date or filename or a custom sorting, seeing that the photos are not already placed and flipping a layout to be right or left handed. Blurb claims to enable you to develop a book yourself in one or two hours out of your sheer interest. You can make an even quicker book if you connect your instagram or facebook with blurb.

Pinhole Press

Here you are offered with an accurate selection of crafts inspired products like cookbooks, magnetic calendars, recipe magnets, day calendars, reusable wall decals, flash cards and many more. The software is quite simple with no ability to fix the photo flaws and quality, enabling it smoothly to focus perfectly on showcasing your precious photos. In short, the books at pinhole press are very elegant, contemporary and well-focused on their basic objective, the photos.

Thus, you see that you may make your occasions quite memorable with the best photo books.


Ana is an internet entrepreneur and one of the founders of iGuides, she loves to give adequate time to her passion which is writing. She holds a PHD in English Literature.

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