The Craziest Technology in Billionaire Homes

The Craziest Technology in Billionaire Homes
04 Nov 2016

It’s no secret that billionaires buy expensive properties that are out of reach for most people. But what about the things they put into them? Many a billionaire has done something weird and unusual with their home because, why not? When there’s plenty of money for the mundane things, it’s time to find those extras to make the home as unique as possible. Why buy gold plated cars or put money into plastic surgery when you can create an ultra-luxury pad like no other? Following are three billionaires and the craziest technology they’ve put into their homes.

Bill Gates:

It stands to reason that the man who helped found Microsoft would put as much unique tech into his home as possible. Some of the more unusual things he’s installed include a pool with an underwater music system. No more swimming to the sound of silence with the latest music broadcasting through the water. Instead of artwork on the walls, there are large monitors that display artwork or photographs. Tired of looking at the current display? Change it in an instant by selecting a new image that’s stored on a local server designed for just that purpose.

Ira Rennert:

Ira Rennert, an industrial billionaire, has a sprawling estate in the famous Hamptons, also known as the summer playground for New York City’s elite residents. Construction on the estate began in 1998 and took five years to finish. The final result looks as if Rennert transplanted a sprawling English country estate to Sagaponack, New York, and set it along the waterline. It has beautifully manicured grounds, a central courtyard, pools, tennis courts, and an incredible art collection. But the estate also draws a lot of power and the local electric company wasn’t able to keep up with the draw. Rennert got around the problem by putting in his own power plant to generate enough electricity.

Al Corbi:

Al Corbi made his fortune by founding the security solutions firm, SAFE (Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments).  He and his wife currently reside in the Hollywood Hills, and it should be no surprise that their home has some of the most high-tech security features available. The Corbi’s don’t even need keys to enter their home due to biometric recognition software and it’s safe from earthquakes, thanks to steel-reinforced concrete caissons. Most of the features in Corbi’s home seem like something made up for a movie, and the home often doubles as a demonstration house for his company.

Daryl Katz:

Daryl Katz is the previous owner of the Rexall chain of drugstores located in Canada and the current owner of the Edmonton Oilers hockey team. He’s currently focusing on getting into the movie business and bought the home located on the site where Art Linkletter’s home once stood in Bel Air. The previous home was a mid-century work of art but was showing its age. A developer bought the property and pulled down most of the home, leaving some original elements behind. While details are scarce on what kind of weird technology he’s putting in this home, he does have a hockey rink installed in his home in Canada. Maybe he’ll install one in his Bel Air home, so visiting hockey players can keep their skills sharp while away from home ice.

These are just three billionaires who have installed crazy tech in their homes. They do it because they can and because they want to. While it’s very unlikely that the average homeowner is going to have an onsite power plant or a swimming pool that plays music underwater, it’s nice to dream of owning something like that.

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