Radio technology remains one of the most notable innovations of the 20th century. The revolutionary technology enabled people to listen to broadcasters– right from the comfort of their homes and cars.

Radio technology has undergone significant transformation in the 21st century. The prominence of digitized radio technology implies that it is transmitted over the internet instead of through towers. Then there’re these cars with satellite radio replacing traditional radio. Satellite radio helps you pick up radio programs from any part of the world. You can find the latest radio news at DX news. At present, however, we will be discussing the top digital trends ruling the radio industry. Radio, as they say, has always been a trendsetter. It doesn’t matter whether it was playing the top 50 international hits or analyzing sporting events– it was always setting trends. However, it’s not easy to continue to be relevant solely with the help of word of mouth in an age when we consume a significant portion of information through social media.

The radio industry needs to focus on the following measures in order to continue building lasting relations with listeners.

Mobile has emerged a major player in the recent years:

The industry shouldn’t really be unaware of the fact that today more than two thirds of the listeners use smartphones to listen to radio- so your content should ideally be readily available to mobile users and be duly relevant as well. Adopting a “mobile first” approach enables radio stations to create content which is compatible with smartphone users’ preferences (keeping solely with them in mind). Your streams should ideally be mobile since your listeners are mostly turning on the radio while they’re on the move (in cars). Casual entertainment is what most of them look forward to. So, make sure your content is crafted in accordance.

Insights play a major role in driving success:

It is not sufficient to figure out where your listeners are listening to your program from. It is equally important to know what they are listening to. According to a report, more than 72% of the users who stream radio expressed a desire to provide registration details instead of securing access to station streams. In order to improve outreach, consider collecting data and devising content strategies and crafting email campaigns in accordance. Insights do help you create unique opportunities for yourself.

Stay updated with the latest technology:

Yes. You cannot expect to steer ahead of your competitors if you’re not keeping yourself updated with the latest technology. For instance, the last few years have witnessed a huge demand for connected technologies. More than 70% of people have been found using connected cars in the last few years- which means the demand for connected and personal technologies is on a high as well. It is imperative to adapt to the modern vehicle audio needs. Meeting these demands can turn out to be challenging at the onset but things might just as well get a tad easier with proper technological knowhow.

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