The Right Equipment For Every Job

The Right Equipment For Every Job
20 May 2017

A forklift, excavator, or backhoe can make a labor-intensive project go a lot faster. However, before you rent or purchase heavy equipment, consider what tasks you want to accomplish and how each piece of heavy equipment will help you achieve your goals. You’ll want a forklift for lifting heavy items in a warehouse, a backhoe for digging trenches at a construction site, and an aerial lift for performing tasks up high. There are tons of different heavy equipment pieces to choose from. You can learn more about the right equipment for every job in this infographic.

It’s also important to realize that anyone that operates heavy equipment will need special safety training for the equipment. This goes beyond instruction on how to use the controls. Operators also need to understand parking best practices, refueling procedures, basic equipment maintenance, and how to identify the common safety hazards of the job. OSHA enforces extensive standards and regulations for heavy equipment operators. You need to have a plan for meeting all the safety requirements and a plan for what to do if something goes wrong.

Safety training is important, but heavy machine operators should also wear protective equipment while working. This can include everything from steel-toed shoes, hard hats, and protective eyewear, to gloves, harnesses, and face masks. The proper protective gear should be purchased or rented along with the heavy machinery. Machine operator safety should always be a top priority. You need to be prepared for anything that can go wrong. Learn what to do in this infographic.


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