The revolution in technologies of the last 10 years and the explosion in the use of smart mobile devices have affected the gaming industry more than many other industries. Players still use games consoles such as Xbox, Wii, and PlayStation, and some still play on their PC, but many more will pick up their smartphone and play on the journey to work or while they are waiting about for something or somebody.

Wonderful World Of Gaming

Then there are those who have consoles, a PC, and a smart device, and will play on all three at different times. For some, the wonderful world of gaming is their relaxation after a hard days work, but if you have never played games like this before, where do you start?

Where To Start

The first thing you need to do is decide which sort of device you are going to play on, then you can look at what is available for it. It is also worth considering the cost involved as some games are free, some you have to pay for online, and others you have to buy a physical disc for, although this is getting less common.

Then there are games that are available on more than one device, and some that are specific to a particular console or only for smart devices. Once you start looking, you will see lists of the game names, but how are you supposed to know which are the right ones for you? You need more information about each one before you can make that decision. At, they are passionate about gaming and review each one they play. Even better, they will not only give you information about the game and their opinion of it, but they will also provide tips to ensure you get the gaming experience you want.

How To Access Games

If you are playing on a PC, you can download games sites such as Origin that lets you get some games for free. This is never a bad idea until you have got used to playing games online. On consoles, the games tend to be a mixture of free games and ones you have to pay for, but some of the most famous games were first developed for the likes of Xbox and PlayStation. Call of Duty, affectionately known as COD, has a new version every year. It is a war game that has evolved along with technology, just as many other console games have.

With smart devices, the games you can play are endless. You just need to download the app from the App Store if you have an Apple device; for an android device, you need the app for Google Play Store. In either of these, you will find so many games that you will not know where to begin, but Game Guide World has a section on mobile games to assist you.


The whole point of playing games is for pleasure. Although some people will get a bit competitive when you play against them live, you should enjoy your gaming and learning experience and walk away for a while to calm down if you start to get upset because you are not winning. Playing games, no matter what device it is on, can help you to make new friends from all parts of the globe and give you many hours of fun.


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