Halloween is the best right? You don’t have to stress about finding your family and friends the perfect gifts, there isn’t an obligation to visit family that you would rather avoid, and you don’t have to worry about cooking the perfect five-course meal. On top of all the things that you do not have to do, the things that you can do are totally awesome, like dress up in a cool costume and eat however much candy as you like.

Office Halloween Party

As amazing as Halloween is, there are people out there who are not a fan of the spooky day, so if you just volunteered to throw the office Halloween party at work, there are some things you should think about before getting started. After all, a successful party is one where all attendees have fun—even Paul from cubicle 10 who hates clowns and cringes every time the subject of a Halloween party comes up.

Set the Tone

Parties are meant to be fun, so make sure to set a positive tone for your Halloween office party. Make sure to review the company policy beforehand, especially if the party is to be thrown in the office and not an outside location. You may want to send out an email and/or put up some flyers in shared spaces, like a lounge, to let all of your coworkers know that while they are going to have a blast, they need to also remember that they are still, technically, at work and they need to behave appropriately. Encourage everyone to choose costumes they would have no problem showing up to a work meeting in, which should eliminate anything too inappropriate.

Offer Paid Time Off

If you are the boss and the party is being thrown at the end of the work day, like two hours before people typically leave, make sure those two hours are paid. And respect the wishes and beliefs of anyone who may request time off on Halloween, since it started as a Christian holiday and was originally called All Saints Day (or All Hallows). You can’t just give some employees time off to party and not give employees time off to opt out of the party.



Once the logistics are settled, you better get you decorating hat on. While you don’t have to go crazy and hire a professional, you should still put a little effort into decorating for the party. Buy some orange and black balloons, get some Halloween themed party supplies for eating and drinking, find some spooky ghosts and zombies to set around the room, and put up some fake cobwebs (complete with little plastic spiders). It really doesn’t take much to set the mood.

Offer Costumes On-Site

Not everyone will have time to go looking for a costume or make their own, so you should have some things at the party for people if they want to join in the costume fun. Grab easy looks to put on, like masks and capes, and put them all in a box that people can go through. You can even throw something simple like Halloween sweaters in there, for those who don’t really want to dress like a vampire but who still want to join in on the festive spirit. Trust us, everyone will appreciate the effort you made.

Don’t Forget the Tunes

Music can make or break any party, so you had better pull everything out for Halloween. You might want to get started with the music list a month early, as you will want nothing but the best. Mix classic Halloween tunes with music that is not Halloween-based but has the right tone and sound. Invest in a JBL portable speaker so you can take the music wherever the party moves.

Limit the Alcohol

If you don’t want to offer alcohol at all, that is fine too, but if you are planning on offering booze at the party, set up some sort of system to limit how much people drink. After all, no one wants to be that person who got so drunk that they will be forced to endure videos of what they did the morning after. This is a work function. You can set up a drink ticket system where everyone gets two drink tickets, make sure the supply is low, or avoid hard liquor. Plus, if you offer alcohol, make sure that everyone is drinking responsibly and that no one will be driving home. Set up Uber rides to ensure everyone gets home safe.

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