For most of the people travelling frequently on business trip is intense comes with high expectations (from their boss and the organisation). Sleeping on planes, packing and living with only the items in your bag, and being on your phone constantly can spoil your routine and make you snappy.

Therefore, in order to make business travel less stressful and more impactful, it is important to approach your travel itinerary thoughtfully. To help you get the most out of your travelling endeavours, here are some business-related travel tips that will make your travel easier and more convenient:

1. Pack light


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Avoid bulky suitcases and unnecessary items. Never go out on a business trip with a huge suitcase. Make sure you only pack essential clothing, medicines, toiletries and key documents in small pouches and keep them organised and remember you can always get your laundry sorted at your hotel or at a drycleaner. One significant thing to keep in mind while packing is the weather where you are headed to so you can pack accordingly. Always fold your clothing neatly to avoid wrinkles and thereby be ready for meetings the next day and carry few disposable items, like slippers, socks and toiletries to save space. Last but not the least, create a travel checklist to help you include the most important items and rule out the extras.

2. Organise your business trip


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It is quite difficult to work on three different time zones and often business trips are all about attending nonstop meetings, work and hectic schedules. In order to make sure that you are not exhausted or sleep-deprived by the end of the third day, it is significant to plan your business trip smartly. Book your tickets calculative so that you arrive a day or an evening prior to your meetings. This will give you some extra time to get settled, take rest and get oriented with your surroundings.

If you join frequent flyer programmes with particular airlines, you can get admission to airport lounges, where you can take rest during the flight halt. Joining airlines loyalty programmes also gives you lots of other benefits.

3. Select the Right Accommodation Option


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You might agree that almost all hotel rooms to some extent look the same beyond a point. Therefore, it is important to choose serviced apartments accommodation after researching about its location and what facilities it offers. You can sign-up for some trip rewards and loyalty programmes offered by many travel agencies. They offer excellent discounts on hotels and other bookings that increase the chances of getting better rooms and service.

Ensure that the hotel you have booked has a good business centre, Wi-Fi, and other amenities where you can access mails, take out prints and get photocopies etc. This will help you before your big presentation.

4. Planning meetings


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It is quite possible that frequent business travellers experience many new and unknown situations. If fixing two meetings in the same day, there should be enough time to take you from one place to another. To make things streamlined, enquire about how long it takes to get from one location to another from locals, understand the routes using Google Maps, and keep all your electronics on charging the night before. All these simple hacks will help you to plan for the unexpected and manage time efficiently.

5. Don’t just travel the world – See It!


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While attending a business meetings, dinners and lunches, make sure you take out some time for yourself. Utilise that time to explore the place you are visiting, since there is no point of travelling the world without seeing it. You can explore a new destination by trying local cuisine. Also, take your pick and decide where all you would like to visit during your short stay. It’s better if you also get to learn about a place, people and culture as it can help you look beyond just business travel.

Apart from keeping these tips handy, maintaining a positive attitude is a great way to enjoy stress-free travel experience.

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