Tools for Musicians

Starting out as a musician can be hard work at first, you have to get your work out to those who can realize its full potential. It can be easier said than done, so you need all the help you can get. By using the right tools, you can give your music that professional edge that could make all the difference.

These are some of the tools that a budding musician will need to get themselves noticed.

1. Trackd

Trackd is essentially a mobile recording studio for your smart phone. You can use it to record ideas, jot down lyrics and even record a rough copy. You can then send it to other band members for them to hear and make comments.

There is also a strong community on the site that could benefit you. It might be that you find that collaborator you have been looking for all this time.

2. Sparkplug

Buying equipment is expensive, so this site offers a great way to help those struggling to afford their gear. It is a network of musicians that offer their equipment out for hire to those who cannot afford it themselves.

It is a good idea, and it also means that if you have gear that is sitting around at home, you could earn some extra cash by lending it to others.

3. Adobe Spark

The Adobe Spark software comes with a free sign up and free software. It allows you amongst other things, to create album cover art for your latest work.

It has a very simple interface that requires no design experience. You can create your designs that will put your brand on your work.

4. MusicGlue

Every artist would like to make money from their work, some manage to do better than others, but you can still showcase your work using MusicGlue.

It is an online store platform that helps artists sell their albums to their devoted fans. There are a few well-known artists already using the service, and it helps raise some much-needed funds.

5. Wix Music

You have probably heard about Wix as a simple web building site. Well, they also have a section devoted to helping artists create engaging and yet cheap websites.

It is important for you to have an online presence, and sites such as Wix can give you that for a reasonable charge. The best part is that it is extremely simple to use. There are drag and drop sections that you can customize to match your brand.

There are many other sites and tools available for those looking to get help with their music careers. Software such as Artist Growth, for example, helps those artists who are on tour. It will help you to organize everything, which can be useful, especially if you don’t have a manager to do it for you.

With a few of these tools, you can quickly get your work out to your fans and hopefully get that break you need.


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