Many people instinctively quiet down during the news hour. Others stop working or cooking to follow what has recently happened across the globe. News enthusiasts can almost predict the trending news. The rundown mostly involves:

  • A storm or fire disaster has killed 35 people in one country
  • A celebrity has died of COVID-19 or has divorced the new bride
  • The usual sports team has won a match
  • Extremists have exploded a bomb somewhere killing over 20 civilians, and
  • Stock market performance has reduced to a recession

Over fifty percent of the traditional news media provide unproductive information to the audience. This article has a list of six top sources to give you relevant and trending news content conveniently.

News Apps

When watching television news, you have to view all the content presenters broadcast, including commercials and stories that do not interest you. In contrast, cell phone news widgets allow users to select news items to view. For example, you can choose insider trading news if you are an entrepreneur interested in stock market updates.

The other benefit of using news apps is that you can view the content when it is convenient for you, such as when commuting, during a lunch break, or even before you retire to bed. You will not disrupt your regular work schedule so that you can watch the television.

News Websites

Many conventional media houses often publish trending news on their websites. The benefit of watching news clips online is that they will be free of commercials. You can also select and download relevant content to watch later while offline.

For instance, you can choose programs featured throughout the week concerning success and money. Many stations often feature investment gurus, financial counselors, and testimonials of rags-to-riches stories.

The ability to select what to watch on news sites allows you to focus on newsworthy content only.

Social Media Platforms

Since the inception of social networking websites, everyone has become a news content creator. You will find people posting videos on all topics, such as real estate, stocks investment, relationships, and parenting.

The best part of social media news is that the content is often unedited. Random people film videos using cell phones and post events as they occurred; the exposure of scandals enhances accountability in communities.

The only demerit of uncontrolled news presentations on social media is that some content creators post fake news that could mislead the public or result in an unwarranted panic.


Printed newspapers are another crucial source of trending news. The upside of these platforms is that they publish authentic information. Professional journalists also write and edit the reports before publication to avoid bias that could offend a section of readers. Other benefits include:

  • Availability of current news
  • Readers can select between hard copy and virtual newspapers
  • The old news reports are archived on the website of the paper for future referral
  • Clients can register to access the e-newspapers for an affordable subscription
  • Offers a variety of topics such as sports, entertainment, classifieds, and investments section

You can find hardcopy newspapers at your salon, barbershop, office, library, and other social places where entrepreneurs want to keep clients occupied during an appointment.


Are you looking for niche-specific news? News blogs would be the best source of information. For instance, if you suffer from a chronic health conditions such as diabetes and arthritis, you will find blogs that publish content on diets, suitable medication, and lifestyle adjustments you can follow to manage the health conditions. While you can read blogs when it is handy, you will need access to an internet connection.

News Notifications

If you are a journalist or a trader in a volatile market, you should be aware of the events happening across the globe so that you can invest wisely. You can enroll in mobile phone news notification programs so that you receive short messages informing you about the latest events happening across the globe. The downside of news notification programs is that you might need to pay a subscription fee to receive the messages.

The Bottom Line 

You have a broad range of sources to access newsworthy content directly into your phone or email. Watching traditional news media outlets have recently become outdated since you have to sit in front of a screen at a specific time for you to view the latest bulletins. 

The social media platforms and news apps have transformed the news broadcast sector by allowing audiences to pick the desired information and at their preferred time.


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