Nowadays, traveling has become so much more expensive! Before you know it, you have already spent a couple thousand dollars before you have left the house. I guess it’s this way because of the demand. More and more people are traveling these days and some are moving away to work and travel at the same time, which Aloha International Employment can help you out with.

Top Travel Hacks

Travelling doesn’t have to break the bank, and it shouldn’t. You work all your life to spend a big hunk of money trying to escape reality and get to paradise. Well, you stumbled across one of the best articles you will ever read; because I am about to tell you some very crucial tips to help you get on a plane faster and cheaper than ever before. Maybe your travels don’t require you to fly there. That’s okay my other tips will benefit you in one-way or another.

  • Enable Private Browsing
  • Pick A Credit Card With Travel Points & Rewards
  • Book Travel & Accommodation’s Separately
  • Find Cheap Flights Using Skyscanner

It’s important to search for vacations on a private browser. Believe it or not but the websites you view can see the demand and increase their prices- with private browsing this does not happen. It’s easy and simple and could make a huge difference. Another important factor to keep into consideration is the time you are booking and the day. It is better to book your vacation on a Tuesday or Wednesday night during working hours or late at night. Do not book on weekends when everyone else is booking, because the demand goes up. It is better to fly out during the week than on the weekend for a cheaper price.

There are so many different credit cards out there with different benefits. Some charge you an annual fee, but it’s worth it. Usually you will receive up to $300 in travel points to use after three months. You will also get health benefits and insurance for vehicles too! I know American Express Gold card is a good one, and the RBC Avion one is great for traveling.

Why should you book travel and accommodation separately you may be thinking? Of course this is not cheaper every time depending on where you are planning to travel. It is not always the most convenient way either, but usually it is the cheaper way. If you are traveling to an all-inclusive resort in Cuba or Mexico, than most likely booking an all-inclusive would be easier and cheaper with all the airport transfers food and beverages already booked. If you are looking to go to Europe for example from Canada or America than booking your accommodation separately from your flights will most likely save you a couple hundred dollars. The middleman has to make a bit of money too…

Skyscanner, what is skyscanner? Well, skyscanner is exactly what it claims to be. It searches all the airplanes in the sky to figure out which flight is the cheapest/fastest/easiest way to get to your destination. You do not have to search on 10 different websites to find the best price, this website does it all for you! Why make traveling more work and more expensive than it needs to be.


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