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Traditional Dentistry vs. Holistic Dentistry

A traditional dentist has a license to analyze and treat tooth and jaw problems while a holistic dentist is someone who practices an alternative form of dentistry where they focus on a person’s complete existence, including their physical and emotional wellbeing. In this piece of writing, we will first discuss traditional dentistry and then will explain the treatments offered under holistic dentistry, so you can easily understand the difference between the two doctors.

Traditional Dentistry

General dentists focus on three areas, including Preventive Care, Basic Care, and Major Care.

Preventive care comprises X-rays, examinations to diagnose dental issues, cleanings, and other services that prevent expensive dental problems. Since preventive care helps protect against tooth decay, cavities, fillings, and other issues, this treatment is usually covered 100% in any dental coverage plan or through a minute co-payment per visit.

Basic Care involves fillings or extractions. Generally, this therapy aims at treating problems that require little care. It also covers preventive and diagnostics care, which includes x-rays, cleanings, topical application of fluoride, dental examinations, tooth extractions, root canal therapy, periodontics services to cure the bone and gum, endodontic services, and scaling of teeth.

The Major Care entails intricate and lengthy treatments, which encompass dentures, implants, crowns, and bridges. The orthodontic services include procedures for braces, space maintainers, wires, and other mechanical accessories used to correct defects and straighten the teeth.

A dental policy usually covers common dental issues and dentistry procedures except those involving cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

Holistic Dentistry

The focus of a holistic dentist, rather than surgically improving teeth, is good dental hygiene and nutritional care. This kind of alternative dentistry aims to use non-invasive treatments to provide healthcare to patients.

Teeth Cleaning

Particular conventional approaches and practices for holistic dentists include the adversity to use amalgam for fillings to protect the patient from harmful and toxic mercury vapors. Furthermore, surgeries such as root canals and other extensively invasive techniques cause harm to the overall well-being of the patient through the spread of harmful bacteria.

Techniques and Practices used by Holistic Dentists:

Methods used by a holistic dentist vary somewhat from those of a traditional dentist in several ways, mainly because of different approaches. A conventional dentist might solely focus on the problem you have with the teeth and act accordingly to fix that specific problem. A holistic dentist, on the other hand, would take into account your entire health status, your personal opinion, and feelings on the issue and then take action in regards to helping your whole body heal.

Types of Curative Measures taken by Holistic Dentists:

1. Laser Dentistry for gum treatment:

This treatment uses a laser to treat gum diseases by disinfecting microbes in deep pockets and removing inflamed tissue to allow healthy tissue to regenerate. It is a very safe and viable option for holistic dentists, as it does not require any anesthetic. Additionally, it cures faster and is often painless.

2. Homeopathic Remedies:

This approach aims to minimize the requirement of traditional medicinal drugs and focuses on the healing of the body using natural ingredients, such that your body does not have to face any side effects.

3. Digital Radiography:

This quick and resourceful technique enables a holistic dentist to obtain a radiograph of your teeth within seconds without having to expose you to high levels of x-ray radiation and the use of harmful chemicals, required to develop the x-ray film.

4. Discouraging Fluoride:

The use of this chemical is vehemently opposed by holistic dentists, due to its toxic properties, and efforts are made to avoid its use in any dental practice.

5. Modern Techniques:

Techniques such as high magnification dental operating microscopes allow the detection of the smallest of cavities such that they can be treated at the primary level.

6. Fresh Breath treatment:

Through a thorough evaluation of the sinuses, oral cavity, and digestive system, the cause of your bad breath is determined and treated in one setting through extremely effective and stress-free methods.


Holistic dentistry is still practiced on a small scale and is widely criticized by the traditional medical community. According to them, the methods and ingredients used by a holistic dentist have no scientific backing, and this is not a form of dentistry, blurring the lines between bodily health and oral care.

Holistic dentists have met this criticism with solid comebacks, including the fact that the courses and degrees required to become a holistic dentist are the same as that of a traditional dentist, and therefore, they do not have any less knowledge than regular dentists do. They argue that the only difference they hold as compared to conventional dentists is that holistic dentistry cares for the well-being of the patient entirely rather than just their teeth.

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