Trees are an integral part of the ecosystems. They are very beneficial to us. They cause rain and also play a vital part in eliminating global warming. As the earth is facing the most important threat from the phenomena of global warming nowadays. Because of this threat tree risk assessment is also of utmost importance. Tree survey frequently uncovers some issue with the plants around springtime.

Tree Survey is a type of research that is made to get useful information. Such a survey is also conducted on the public as well as private properties. With the help of this survey, the potential outcome is used for two purposes. These areas under:

  • To know the types of species with their respective biological name and features.
  • Some trees are harmful to human. To make a list of such trees with their main characteristics.
Importance of Tree Survey
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7 Important Reasons to Get a Tree Survey

All these in formations are worthwhile at individual and government level as well. Some of the Important reasons for conducting a tree survey is as follows:

1. Protection:

There is no second opinion about the importance of the trees. Trees provide food and shelter to us. Moreover, they make our environment clean. Keep this in mind that survey for trees is also done on a professional and non-professional basis. Both types are equally important.

The major element of conducting tree survey is to get an estimate of the life of trees. Some of the trees have expected to have a long life. While the others have not. With the help of these surveys, you can also estimate the expected life of trees. This useful information can then use in precautionary measures for the protection of trees having less life or they have a threat of vanishing.

2. Diversification:

You need to know the diversity element of trees. This diversification is the beauty of this natural asset. But if we are unaware of all the types of species then we cannot grab their problems and diseases. Also, we will be unaware of the benefits and characteristics of the plants.

3. Classification of trees:

You need to classify each species of a tree according to its requirement of growth. These requirements vary species to species. Each tree has its own requirement of soil, sunlight, moist sand, water, pesticide, weather, and atmosphere. These surveys prove helpful in this regard.

4. Pest Problems:

These surveys provide very useful and worthwhile information. Moreover, it includes the pest problems that trees of specific areas are expected to occur. Sometimes at the individual level, the landscape owners are unaware of the types of pests that can harm their assets. They even do not know about the effects of such pest attacks. Surveys help them a lot and prove to be informative for them.

5. Maintenance of trees:

General maintenance of trees is very important just like special precautionary measures. It should not be ignored. Moreover, Surveys help a lot in conducting schedules that represent the maintenance of tree with their special needs.

6. Maps Development:

In case if you have to draw a map of the specific region then you should be aware of the nearby forests or areas having trees. However, Surveys will provide you this sort of information.

7. Suggestions for Shifting:

A beneficial trees survey is one that provides detailed information about trees. It should also be replaced by some other species that can grow rapidly as the land is in accordance with their growth. It may also include information about soul compatibility.


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