Two Classic Car Pranks

Two Classic Car Pranks
18 Aug 2016

For this article, we thought we’d have a little fun. We asked the folks at Performance Dodge if they had any good automotive practical jokes to share. They didn’t disappoint and told us a couple of famous ones.

The Impossible Gas Mileage Trick

This prank was retold by a technician at Performance Dodge of Woodbury, NJ, a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram dealer, who worked at another dealership in the 1970s. As the story goes, the shop foreman at this other place decided he “had enough” of vehicles that got “poor gas mileage” and decided to buy an ultra-thrifty Fiat 1500. This, of course, gave him tremendous bragging rights and he used them liberally.

So, the rest of the mechanics at the dealership decided a two-part prank was in order. The first part was to get this new Fiat 1500 to deliver some really stunning gas mileage. Here’s what they did. Every few days one of the mechanics would go out to the shop foreman’s Fiat and add some gas to his gas tank. They continued this for several months with the result that the foreman was getting close to 80MPG in his car. As you might imagine, he let everyone in sight know about this.

The second step was to simply stop adding extra gas. Then the foreman’s mileage quickly dropped from “80MPG” back down to 35MPG and the poor guy kept on bringing it back to the Fiat dealer for evaluation. He insisted that he was getting 80 MPG before. The Fiat Dealership thought he was a little loony but patiently check out the new Fiat for any “problems.” They, of course, never found anything. Eventually, the secret slipped that he had been duped by his co-workers and, let’s say, he wasn’t too happy about it.

The Leaking Car Trick

This prank allegedly occurred at a large manufacturing plant in the South. As the story goes, the head of the Quality Control (QC) department was a particularly condescending guy, especially with many maintenance guys he worked with. So, one day, Mr. QC rolls into work with a beautiful new Corvette and parks it in his designated parking spot. The maintenance guys noticed this right away and decided a nice prank was in order. This is what they did:

Every day, one of them would slip out to the parking lot and pour a half a pint or so of motor oil under the motor of his new Corvette. Good prank, eh? No, it gets even better. One of the 2nd shift maintenance guys lived near Mr. QC and every night when he got home from work (in wee hours of the morning) he would go to Mr. QCs house also pour a little oil under the car there too.

After many trips back to his local GM dealership (which you can just imagine were quite confrontational), Mr. QC decided he couldn’t take it anymore and sold his prized Corvette. In fact, as the story goes, he never bought a GM car again. Rule of thumb for those in management: don’t irritate the maintenance guys.

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