This always happens, doesn’t it? Your car works fine all year around. It feels great and everything’s in perfect working order. Then, just as your MOT is about to be due, you notice little things. They seem small, but they might be enough to mean that your car fails the MOT check. For instance, the airbag light might come on and off intermittently. Now, this could point to a problem with the airbag, or it could be a harmless electric glitch. How do you know which is which? You can’t and having your car fail the MOT could be a real pain. You need to get it sorted before it goes in for the service. How can you do this?

A Little DIY?

Option one is perhaps for the bravest out there because it means getting your hands dirty. If you think there’s a problem with your car, sort it out for yourself. Some of the issues are easier to fix than others. For instance, I’m sure most of us know how to replace a car headlight bulb. Or, change a tyre. Be aware that issues with either of these could cause the car to fail the MOT. There might be a low amount of tread on older tyres, meaning it’s not safe to drive on the road. If you’re aware of these issues, you can fix them before the car goes in for a service.

Check All The Lights:

You must make sure that all the lights on your car are working. If they are not, they need to be replaced or fixed before your car goes in. This includes the brake lights. To check these are working, you’ll need help from a friend. Make sure that they check while you press down on the brakes. It is a good idea to check if your brakes are working effectively too. You can do this by performing an emergency stop in a place where there is no traffic. If the car stops within two lengths, the brakes are working fine.

Get The Parts:

It’s possible that some parts of your car might need to be replaced. You should do this before the MOT check, and it’s easy to arrange this. You can have a look online for a company that offers fast deliveries. You’ll find discount brakes and spare parts from various sellers. Adding new parts could ensure that your car passes the MOT with flying colors.

Alert Your Local Main Dealer:

If you can’t fix the issues yourself, it’s best to notify your local dealer for the manufacturer of your car. They should be able to rectify any issues for you before the MOT test is completed. Remember, even little things can cause you to fail your MOT. Fluids need to be filled in the car, and the oil should have been topped up before taking it in. These might seem insignificant, and to an extent, they are. But it is all checked once your car goes in for servicing.

Good Luck with the next rush to prepare your car for the MOT.

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