Vaping is a safe and smart alternative to smoking, but if you’re an avid vapeur, you know that the habit comes at a price. “Quality” vape pens, by vaping connoisseurs’ standards, can cost as much as $95 before accessories. If you’re like the average joe, a $95 vaporizer is unrealistic. Fortunately, the vape connoisseur doesn’t always know best. You CAN find a high-quality vape pen such as Ald iKrusher and CCELL Dart with a little bit of due diligence and by knowing for what to look.

Know Battery Limits

Too many brands claim to use temperature control technology, but the truth is that batteries that truly can ensure temperature specificity to within a few degrees are tricky and expensive to manufacture. Ideally, a good battery should cost as much as the pen itself, if not more than the pen. For instance, you can buy a CCELL Dart pen for less than the batteries. The pen is disposable, but the battery, if made well, can last you for several years. That said, both the battery and pen should not cost you even half of the $95 high-end mark.

Look for Pure Titanium

Vapes that utilize pure titanium are tested and known to be safe for use. You will know if a pen’s components are pure titanium if the pen coil is labeled with the titanium grade. If it does not contain the grade, chances are it’s titanium alloy and therefore made of untested materials. Pure titanium is more expensive than titanium alloy but, like with a good battery, not so expensive as to break the bank. For instance, the Flowermate 510 is less than $20 but made of the best materials.

Check for the Non-Existence of Teflon

When vaping first started to become popular, manufacturers used Teflon in their parts. It quickly came to light, however, that Teflon melts when heated and can put off harsh gases and chemicals. Reputable brands have stopped using Teflon, but cheaper brands continue to make products with it. If you find a unit that’s the price is far below industry average, be wary.

Quality vape pens don’t have to be expensive. Whether you’re looking for where to buy a Jupiter vape pen, CCELL, iKrusher or other quality pens for less, a quick online search can yield the results you seek


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