Vinyl isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cellular protection. But that’s about to change. Though most people aren’t aware of how well it can fit over smartphones and defend them against daily wear and tear, one day they will. It’s the perfect addition to slim devices like the iPhone 7 that can’t handle the unnecessary weight that harder cases always add. Vinyl that’s been processed into the form of thin, flexible, yet durable skins will hug the 7’s curves and keep it looking mint.

Skins, decals, wraps—it doesn’t matter what you call it as long you get a skin for your new iPhone 7 that’s been precision cut with your device in mind from 3M vinyl. This material offers superior protection against the typical hazards your 7 will see. Things like keys, spare change, pens, and other sharp objects it may encounter in your bag or purse won’t be able to penetrate its grime-resistant surface. As a result, the aluminium backing and bezels stay mark-free. Meanwhile it enhances the 7’s already water-resistant surface so it can survive an accidental dip in the lake or a less dignified toilet. But the chances of these spills happening are rare, as vinyl adds significant grip to the phone, making it easier to keep in your hands and away from liquid disasters.

With an iPhone 7 skin you’re protecting all of the features that prompted you to pre-order the phone in the first place. Things like the significantly upgraded 12-megapixel camera, the A10 chip with 64-bit architecture andM10 motion coprocessor, its new static home button, and the enhanced battery.

But it’s not all about protecting its function. After all, this is an iPhone we’re talking about, a device known for its style as much as its processing powers. The way the vinyl looks is just as important as it performs, as you can’t expect to wrap up the 7 in something that smothers Apple’s original designs. Luckily there are skins that let the foundations of its design shine through. You can find carbon fiber iPhone 7 skins that highlight the fact that it’s an Apple phone. The color or texture of its signature apple logo can take on a totally different look from the rest of the skin so it stands out and broadcasts to the world that yes, you’re one of the lucky ones to have the brand new 7.

Of course, you can always cover up the apple in a design of your own making if you prefer. That’s the advantage of choosing vinyl to protect your device. Its flexibility is just as important as its tailor-made fit and durable material. It’s the whole package: customization, protection, and functionality. And that’s why vinyl will soon become the obvious choice when it comes to cellular protection.


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