Hanoi can indeed be unique and intoxicating every time! No matter how many times you have visited the city, it is hard to shake that excitement off once you step into this great city. After all, there are hundreds and thousands of things to do in Hanoi and as many sites to explore. Thus, each time you go, you come back with a new experience.

Time to Visit Hanoi

With Hanoi, you enjoy that special option of creating your own adventure and in our own unique way. It is because of those offbeat places to visit in Hanoi and exciting new things to do. Look for Hanoi private tour for the best experience before you get lost in that labyrinth-like captivating city. Make the most of your trip every time under the guidance of a local expert in Hanoi.

Here are some of the offbeat places to explore in Hanoi for that unique experience!

1. Visit Hỏa Lò prison

Also known as Maison Central, the prison house is notorious for being the site of a century of torture. The Vietnamese knew it as a fiery furnace that opened in 1886. Most of its prisoners were political agitators under French colonial rule. Thousands of prisoners lived here, chained to walls and in squalid conditions. Hỏa Lò prison is a reminder in history for France’s oppression of Vietnam.

2. Explore Blacksmith Street

Blacksmith Street is fast becoming popular among the locals as well as the tourists. Here you will find some of the smallest shops ever seen. The blacksmith tools rocked the town at one time, and today it has shrunk to this tiny street that once covers an entire block of the city.

3. Visit B-52 Wreckage memorial

B-52 Wreckage is a reminder of the Christmas Bombing or Operation Linebacker II. The US bombing campaign targeted densely populated areas around Hanoi and compelled Vietnamese leaders to sign a peace agreement. More than a thousand civilians were killed in the bombing. You will find an artifact from this last outburst of violence the quiet and peaceful neighborhood of Ngoc Ha.

4. Join Hanoi Cooking Class

The best way to understand a city and its culture is through its cuisine. Hanoi boasts of some of the best food in the world, and nothing could be better than learning how to prepare those locals delicacies. So. join a Vietnamese cooking class and learn how to make those traditional liquors, creamy soups, and spring rolls!

5. Enjoy Thang Long Water Puppet Theater

One of the most unique highlights of the city is the ancient art of water puppetry. More than a thousand years old, Thang Long Municipal theater keeps this unusual art form alive. Enjoy those mesmerizing performances as the puppeteers stand in the water and run the puppets that seem to move across the water. Do not leave Hanoi without enjoying the water puppetry that portrays historical legends and folk tales.

6. Visit the Hanoi’s Train Street

Get ready for an unusual sight as the train speeds past through a congested residential neighborhood. Watch the children taken indoors and bikes pulled to the side as the locals make way for the train that inches through the narrow streets. It is indeed a startling sight for many tourists. The train passes just inches away from the doorsteps of those houses.

7. Explore the huge Motorbike Market

If you love bikes of all shapes and sizes, then it is a must to explore the motorbike market. The sheer number of motorbikes here and the variety is sure to leave you astounded. You will come across thousands of bikes, every make, and model. If you love looking at bikes or want to buy a used bike, then it is a must to come here.


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