Many homeowners long for more space in their home, but believe they are restricted to their property’s size. Yet, they don’t have to be. Thankfully, there are a range of ways you can transform the space. Read about the different options to extend your home.

Extend Your Home

Rear Extensions

Homeowners often turn to property extensions to expand their home’s size and boost the value of their property. Depending on the size, you may have to apply for planning permission to extend your property, which you should discuss with a reputable local builder or architect. Many turn to extensions to enhance a kitchen or dining area, and you can choose between a traditional or modern design.

A Two-Story Extension

Do you have a large budget? If so, consider extending both the ground and first floor. It is the ideal solution if you require more space but don’t want to move out. You can therefore create a larger home that will provide more freedom within the home, while adding a considerable amount of money onto the property’s resale value. Yet, it can be challenging to receive planning permission, which is why you should consult an experienced architect to create a design that will be accepted.


Do you live in a property with rather high ceilings? If so, consider incorporating a mezzanine into your home. The new space could therefore be ideal for a new bedroom, entertainment area or home office. It’s often a cheaper solution in comparison to extending a property and you may not require planning permission unless the property is a listed building; however, the construction must comply with building regulations.

A Juliette Balcony

Boost space and natural light within your property with a sleek and modern Juliette balcony. You could even take the design to the next level with folding full-height glass doors, which will give the illusion of more space while offering unobstructed views.

A Side Extension

Do you have a small back garden? You probably don’t want to impose on the garden’s size more than necessary. It might therefore be a wise idea to add a side extension onto the home. Many properties often feature a long, narrow area at the side, which will provide next to no benefit. A side extension could therefore be an ideal solution, but you will need to apply for planning permission. It’s the perfect option for those wanting to enjoy a seating area or create an open-plan kitchen and dining room.

An Attic Extension

Do you have a loft that is going to waste? Transform the space into a new bedroom, bathroom or home office that will allow you to enjoy a bigger and better home. An attic extension could be cheaper than moving to a larger property, and it can also increase the property value.

Have you successfully extended your home? Are you set to expand on your property? Share your informative advice and stories in the comment section below.

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