Staying Safe: Ten Ways to Make Your Business More Secure and Sustainable

Your business is very precious to you, so you will need to do everything possible to keep it secure. The variety of threats it faces on a daily basis is huge, however. It makes your job as the owner of the business that little bit more difficult. That’s not to say that your mission is impossible though. It’s definitely possible to make your business more secure and put in place new ways to battle new threats. Keeping your business safe has never been more important than it is today. If your business is small and the profit margins it achieves are not huge, even a minor problem can have big consequences.

Many business owners decide to bury their heads in the sand when they’re faced with unfamiliar threats. Those threats can come in the form of new criminal practices, data loss or modern fraud attempts and scams. You have to be on your toes at all times if you’re going to stop your business getting taken advantage of by those that wish to do it harm. By taking a proactive approach to mitigating these threats, you will put your business in the best possible position. Now is the time to take action rather than pretend that everything can go on as normal. So, here are ten ways in which your business can become more secure and sustainable right now.

1- Update the Locking System in Your Office:

The way in which you secure the physical structure that is your office is vitally important. These days, there are so many security threats that businesses face. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop taking notice of the things that have always been important in terms of security. Just because criminals can now use the internet to target your business, that doesn’t mean the old threats go away. There are still plenty of commercial properties that get broken into each month. And you don’t want your business’s premises to be part of that problem. So, use new deadbolts to secure the exterior doors of the property. And consider installing a smart system for the internal doors. High-security doors can be installed and then only people with a key card can gain access.

Locking System
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2- Forecast Future Financial Problems:

Not all the ways in which your business can become insecure are to do with outside threats. Some of them come from what’s going on inside your business. So, you need to make sure that the business’s finances are as strong and secure as they possibly can be. Making forecasts for the business’s future performance can be a good idea. It allows you to get to grips with how your business is performing and how things might change in the future. Managing cash flow and ensuring that you can deal with seasonal sales patterns are things that are important too. If you know what kind of problems lie ahead for your business, you can start to guard against them right now. You can learn more about doing this by visiting

3- Keep Training and Retaining Staff on Security Practices:

Having secure doors and other security features in place is pretty much pointless if your staff members aren’t trained. They need to know about the latest security practices that you want to be implemented in your office. If you can’t get this right, your business will face all kinds of problems. You should keep training and retraining your staff whenever a new security feature or practice is being put in place. You can’t expect your employees to be able to keep your business safe if they haven’t been given the right training and directives. They will only perform as well as their training allows them to. So, all the responsibility for this is on your shoulders. Teach them about all the potential threats they might encounter in the office and how they should be handled.

4- Introduce an ‘Appointments Only’ Policy in the Office:

All businesses have people visiting them from week to week. This should be handled properly if you want to prevent unauthorised people gaining access to your business. The simplest and quickest thing to do is to introduce an ‘appointments only’ policy in the workplace. If you can do this, you will find that visitors become much easier to handle. And the risk of criminals or rival business representative accessing your premises will decrease. Corporate espionage is a real problem that has to be contended with by anyone who owns a business in a competitive sector. You can eliminate the problem with the right steps though, and this is the first one that you should take.

Appointments Only
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5- Make it Easier for Customers to Trust You with their Sensitive Info:

When your customers come to your business, they expect their information to be handled in a manner that’s safe and sensible. They don’t want to be worrying about their payment details being breached or leaked in any way. So, you need to make it clear to customers that they can trust your company with their sensitive details. You can only do that if you put the right steps in place. The best thing to do is change the way in which you handle payments. If you don’t know how to create a checkout process that uses SSL certificates, it’s best to use an existing payment platform. There are many of them out there, Paypal being the most widely used. They offer real security without your business having to do anything at all.

6- Mitigate the Risk of Insider Operations:

No business owner likes to think about the risks presented by insider activity. But this is a real threat that can’t be ignored. For those that don’t know, insider operations refer to any activity that undermines the business from the inside. It could be employees committing acts of fraud or passing on information to other companies for money. So, you should build trust and make sure that there are safeguards in place to ensure that every employee is accountable for their actions. In offices where there is less accountability, it becomes so much easier for certain people to defraud the business they work for. Give this some thought and put more checks and balances in place.

7- Encrypt Sensitive Communications:

Encryption can be a real life-saver when you run a business. You don’t want its details to be leaked. It’s often impossible not to send detailed plans and information about your business via email. This is the primary way in which many of us communicate with colleagues and associates. So, you have to think about how you can protect those emails. Encryption is always the answer because it means only you and the person you want to read the email can access the information in it. You should do some research and learn as much as you possibly can about encryption and how it can be used by your business. It’s one of those safety measures that is already becoming commonplace in the corporate world.

Encrypt Sensitive Communications
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8- Carry Out a Systems Audit:

Every business has IT infrastructure in place. This is the framework that makes it possible for your business to use information and data on a day to day basis. That infrastructure can become inefficient and out of step with the needs of the business over time. When this happens, you need to be sure to make changes to the system. Before you do that, however, you’ll need to carry out a full systems and security audit. This will examine all the controls and workings of your IT system. When you know where the faults and gaps are, you can fix them and plug them. Not only will this make the system more efficient but also more secure and resilient. It’ll be more difficult for the system to get breached. You can learn about this kind of auditing at

9- Dispose of Old Computer Equipment Carefully:

When you get rid of an old computer or hard drive, you should be sure to erase it completely first. You don’t want the contents of those hard drives to be accessed. They could store details or financial information that you don’t want unauthorised people to access. But they could easily do so if you’re not careful. Never simply throw a hard drive in the bin without completely wiping it beforehand. If you do this, you’re asking for trouble and security problems that are best avoided. Get help from computer security advisors checking business directory at

10- Secure the Office Network:

Securing the office network is one of the easiest things your business can do. But there are still so many offices where the network is not secured at all. This presents a big problem and it simply can’t be ignored. When someone outside the business has access to your business’s wifi network, they are only a step away from accessing your data. All the data going in and out of your business via that wifi connection will be vulnerable if the right security measures are not in place. You should put passwords in place and restrict access for devices outside of the office.


Office Network
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