The way we think about content is changing. In the past, when a team created an advertisement for TV, radio, or a newspaper their work ended after the content had been published. The given ad would run for a period of time –– a few months, a year –– and only after that time had elapsed would a company create a new ad to replace it. Now though, digital advertising requires constant attention and almost daily alteration.

Optimize Digital Ad

Indeed, businesses that merely “set and forget” their paid advertisements online are practically throwing money down the drain. Here then are three ways you can make sure your ads are firing on all cylinders:

Invest for Success

Online advertisements can prove an extremely cost-effective measure to increase leads and generate sales revenue. However, that doesn’t mean a business should penny-pinch when it comes to supporting their digital ads. In fact, just the opposite is true. Since most platforms like Google AdWords operate on a bidding system (where the highest bidder for a keyword gets top ranking) it’s essential that you spend enough money for your ads to achieve an acceptable level of visibility. Obviously, the higher you can reach, the better, but seizing top spot isn’t always required to launch a successful advertising or SEO campaign.

Match Content

Developing an online brand takes time and effort. In order to construct a marketing identity, a business needs to create content in a consistent manner for some time. One big problem inexperienced business owners deal with is a lack of continuity between their ads and the landing pages they link to. For instance, if you’ve created an ad that promises “pharmacy point of sale solutions,” the landing page it links to should then direct the viewer to browse associated products or call a salesperson directly. Linking to your home page –– or a page that doesn’t relate to your ad at all –– is likely a waste of ad capital and will negatively affect your conversion rates.

Embrace Change

Online marketing is an ever-shifting tapestry. No work is ever “done,” and every piece of content –– no matter how effective it proved in the past –– is immune to modification. As such, you should monitor your ad performance closely and be willing to tinker and adjust keywords, phrases, and budget accordingly. Failing to stay on top of your ad content will lead to a decrease in viewer engagement. Plus, there’s nothing worse than running a time-sensitive ad for too long (e.g. offering “summer sales” in October). At the end of the day, dedicating time and energy to your ads will help ensure your marketing budget attains its maximum potential.


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