Traveling, having fun and dining out are all experiences to explore the world’s horizon. No matter you’ve been to some beach several times before, every time it’s a new feeling of fun, relaxation and excursion! All continents have their own culture, unique taste and many exciting things to visit. Let’s have a glimpse of world’s 3 most famous travel destinations in a nutshell:

Great Britain Parks:

Great Britain is a land of rich history and most fascinating tourist’s hub. It has got 15 National Parks as well as many local recreational areas in each county. Loch Lomond is the largest lake having about 50 streams in its main park. If you’re a daring hiker, Cairngorms National Park is the one you should visit. Scotland’s five highest peaks are located here. Besides, a beautiful representation of Victorian and modern architecture are the “Home at Lake District”. It is believed that the famous poet, William Wordsworth, was a regular visitor of this lake, which is surrounded by eye-catching sights blessed by nature. Apart from these places, Great Britain has much more to offer, just hire your London car service to take you to any place in the country.

Britain Parks

2) Italian and English Opera Houses:

Italy is the birth place of Opera Houses, having a number of outstanding operas built centuries ago. Milan’s Teatro alla Scala is one of the remarkable constructions of the 18th century with amazing wood flooring and four tiers. Teatro di San Carlo, the world’s oldest theater is also in Italy. It was built by King Charles of Bourbon and the entire ambiance is red and golden with amazing architectural add-ons.

England also prides to have the world’s best Opera Houses, which delight tourists and natives with traditional premiers since long. Top of the list is “The Royal Opera House” located at the Convent Garden. George Handel gave birth to this amazing piece of art and performed until his death.

3) Scottish Islands:

The fact that nature’s true gift “Scotland” consists of more than 790 islands distinguishes its demography, giving its tourism industry a boom. Lewis and Harris is the largest one among all islands of Scotland. Isle of Skye is another eye-catching tourist destination among Scottish islands. The 50 miles long isle of Sky contains a number of villages with a rich history that entails topics like Dinosaur Fossils, Clan Warfare, Highland Clearances and the infamous ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ and the Jacobite Rebellion. If you are a wildlife lover, you must check White Tailed Sea to watch the most fascinating birds. Apart from that you can also spot Otters, seals, whales, dolphins and red deer. The place also has a lot for walkers and climbers with places like ‘Cuillin Range’ and ‘The Trotternish Ridge’ top on the climber’s list.

Places discussed here are just a glimpse of these huge world’s top destinations. The list can have infinite beaches, summer lodges, gardens, hideaways, cinemas, islands, museums, galleries and so on. As beautiful the world is, as amazing the places there are. In fact, one can never claim to be a visitor or explorer of entire horizons from north to south and east to west!

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