Tehreem Khursheed


Did you know that peaches could be peeled using a microwave oven? What? Don’t believe me? But, you surely must have heard about the boiling water technique! Well if you haven’t, then let me tell you there are many easy and fun ways to shave peaches. Exfoliating fleshy fruits can be a little tricky because they can easily get bruised or damaged. If you don’t carefully peel off the skin, the flesh can come along with it. And that can be disastrous for some recipes. So here are some creative ways to peel the peaches without using a knife. Now decorate your favorite smoothie, add in salads or pies to make delicious desserts with perfectly peeled peaches without any worry. All of the tools are already in your kitchen. Peaches are the Perfect Fruit for Summer Peaches are the refreshing summer delight that is used widely in making jams, pies,…