Cyber security has quickly become not only a national topic but a worldwide one that has caused people to really sit up and take notice of their own personal risks, as well as business risks. With that said, a whole new industry has been born and is now growing fast. If you’ve been considering getting into the industry and starting your very own cyber security company, then you’re going to want to read on so that you can be that much better prepared.

What Exactly is Cyber Security?

Cyber security refers to the practices, processes, and technologies that are used to protect a person’s computer and data from unauthorized access, damage, or cyber-attack. Both individuals and companies can be a victim of a cyber security breach.

By the year 2020, the cyber security market is expected to hit an incredible $170 billion, which means it is a growing and in-demand industry. Cyber security isn’t just a national matter though; it affects people all around in the world. In fact, it’s quite common for the breach to occur from outside the person’s home country.

Would it Be Best to Go Back to School?

Whenever you’re thinking of changing career paths, starting up your own business, or even working your way up from your current position – getting more education is always wise. If you plan on starting your own cyber security business, it could be well worth your time to enroll in a masters in diplomacy. To make this option even more attractive, you can take the course through the online MDY program, which means you won’t even have to attend school in person. It also means the program can work around your current schedule and commitments.

In this program, you will learn all about the practices and theories that affect political science, international relations, and the international system in general. There are four different concentrations within the program, one of which is cyber diplomacy. Within this concentration you will learn about current events and the issues facing today international community in terms of cyber diplomacy and cyber security.

Educate Potential Clients

Another tip is to work hard at educating potential clients and customers. According to statistics ransomware and malware are both on the rise. Malware alone is affecting an average of 200,000 people each day in 2016, and that number is expected to be larger by the end of this year. It’s important that people understand they are vulnerable unless they take the proper precautions.

If you’re looking for ways to educate people and get the word out about your business, you’ll want to start being active on social networks. These are perfect venues for blogging, where you can discuss all the issues affecting today.

People are Catching On

As these cyber attacks continue to happen to individuals, large and small businesses, and even governments around the world, people will continue to catch on and realize they have no choice but to protect themselves.

Strategic Advantages To Home Security Solutions

There are many different cost-effective ways to increase property value. From green alternatives to attic remodels, bathroom upgrades, and deck installation or kitchen reimagining, you can certainly earn back your remodeling investment several times over through the subsequent value hike your property will gain.

Additionally, there are other cost-effective ways of maintaining property you may not have considered. For example, pest control. Even the finest properties will have pet difficulties regardless of their upkeep. Some can be taken care of by the owner, others require the assistance of a professional. Regardless, controlling pests is essential.

But something that many fail to consider as an addition to property value is home security. Especially considering the recent spike in crime rates, considerable increase in value can be gained from a security system which already exists on a given property. Especially if it doesn’t require the new owner to source other protective measures. offers many wireless home security camera systems and even a professional endorsement of the best amongst them. Also, the company “…compared eight of the best home security monitoring systems in various categories. Clearly, LiveWatch offers the best overall package when it comes to home security.”

Going The Top-Tier Route

It’s definitely worth your while to install the best security system which can be sourced. Cost consolidation is integral, but if you are too thrifty when it comes to home security, then either the system won’t work as advertised, or the agency installing it may not be as trustworthy as it should.

With all these things being said, a property with an active, trustworthy, top-of-the-line security system is not only safeguarded against underhanded theft, but it also experiences an increase in value. Even if that increase is only several thousand dollars, it often covers the cost of the security system.

Today’s economy is very uncertain. Though there have been some spikes on the Wall Street since the 2016 election, there are many economic analysts who predict that a synthetic profit bubble has been created which will implode within the following several years. It could just be naysayers talking, but, nonetheless, they could be right.

smart home

Fighting Back Against Increased Crime Rates

Regardless, even neighborhoods in the “fly over” states known for their lack of crime are experiencing increased criminal instances like theft. The world is facing a huge drug problem right now and, as the population increases statistically, so do people who use it. It’s a strenuous problem that won’t likely be solved immediately.

What’s worse, when there are a ubiquity of addicts out there who have been demoralized and desensitized by the substances that now control them, it’s very conceivable to expect a hike in crimes like breaking and entering.

A neighborhood that fails to take this into account is going to see increased theft rates. Especially when it’s a well known fact that as the economy declines, substance use increases.

Critical Considerations

Security systems aren’t a complete panacea, but they definitely help decrease the danger of modern times. And a neighborhood that is gated, and has homes which are equipped with home security systems, stands to improve the neighborhood’s security as a whole. Thieves know not to go there.

This is especially true when you take into account the technological advancements in home security during the last twenty years. There are mobile and landline alerts and notifications. Cloud computing and IoT (the Internet of Things) are making it possible for users to activate or deactivate their systems with the swipe of a button on their smartphones.

If you haven’t considered home security solutions, advantages include an increased property value, an increased home security, an increased convenience through modern technology, and the possibility of bettering your own neighborhood.

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Organizations are well aware of the threats posed by cyber insecurity, but many of them do not really understand the great danger that comes with some of these threats. One of the most advanced forms of malware that businesses face today is ransomware.

This is malware that gets hold of your data, locks it up and demands payment for it to be released. This may sound a little bit crazy, but this act alone managed to extort $ 1 billion from businesses and companies in the year 2016. As you can see, figures do not lie, and it goes all the way to show the financial implications of ransomware.

How Ransomware Work

Ransomware always come disguised as exploit kits, adverts and campaigns among many others.

Humans are not like machines, and they tend to fall victims when they click on them unknowingly. Despite the widespread knowledge of malware tech, about 71% of organizations that are targeted by ransomware get infected. When the ransomware is delivered into your system, it will either deny you access to your computer, block access to your files or most commonly encrypt your files using strong encryption algorithms.

Once this has happened, you are notified about it and instructed on how to pay the ransom to get your files back. Many victims choose to pay the ransom to regain their files, but it is also a risky undertaking given that there is no guarantee that you will get them back.

The Current State Of Ransomware

Ransomware continues to be one of the biggest security threats facing individuals and businesses today. The future is even bleaker because the ransomware tech is highly evolving and the threats are becoming bolder day by day.

This malware used to be delivered largely indiscriminately meaning that anyone could fall a victim. This is still the case, but criminals are starting to target large organizations and big payouts. It is also likely that these attacks will become personal whereby criminals will threaten to expose personal information in a destructive way.d

When it comes to ransomware protection, there exist tech solutions that can help you to detect and fight ransomware. The problem is that attackers are using strong encryption that makes it hard to find decryptors of specific types of ransomware easily. Even when decryptors are found, the attacks are disguised so much that they escape detection.

Ransomware Statistics

Ransomware statistics from various studies done by institutions like IBM, Osterman, Datto, Symantec and others for the year 2016-2017 are so alarming. This is because ransomware emails increased by 6000 % as 40 % of all emails had ransomware (IBM). Osterman Research found out that 59% of infections used emails as a delivery method whereby there was either a link in the email directing users to a malicious website or malicious email attachments.

Ransomware attacks in the year 2017 are expected to double that of 2016 with financial services and health industry expected to be hit hard. Ransom demands are also getting higher with 20% of enterprises paying more than $ 40,000 with the average ransom demand being between $500 and $2000. With 70% of businesses paying the ransom and 25% of the attacks going unreported, the financial implications of ransomware are crystal clear.

Ransomware attacks are huge (4000 per day in 2016), and while many people are aware of risks associated with clicking on unknown emails, they end up clicking on them anyway. Solutions like using ransomware protection tech solutions, offline backup, and good email practices can significantly reduce ransomware infections if individuals, businesses, and organizations could take ransomware for what it is: a big security threat.

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Government Suggestions For Computer Security

The United States government probably thinks more about computer security than any organization on the planet. After all, it has to protect information about military operations, citizens, and institutions that form the country’s foundation.

The government doesn’t share all aspects of its computer security policies, but it does release some information that can help make your company more secure.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

In 2015, a string of hacks attacked computers owned by the Internal Revenue Service, Office of Personnel Management, and other federal agencies. The government clearly needed to take a better approach to protecting information from foreign and domestic hackers. Multi-factor authentication became one of the ways the government fought back.

Multi-factor authentication doesn’t eliminate security concerns, but it presents a much bigger challenge to those who want to steal sensitive information. With this type of authentication, users must provide more than simple passwords to access their accounts. They also need to answer additional questions, use a registered device, or provide biometrics like fingerprints or iris scans.
By adding one or two extra layers of security, your company can most hackers from infiltrating your system.

Increase Your Cloud Computer Security

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Cloud technology offers just as many benefits to the government as it does companies. Like most private businesses, government agencies use the cloud to lower technology costs and make it easier for authorized employees to do their jobs.

The cloud offers plenty of benefits, but it can also create security risks. This has been an especially difficult problem for the government, which spends 75 percent of its IT money maintaining legacy systems instead of investing in new technologies. A lot of companies face similar struggles as they make the transition from old platforms to the cloud.

The government responded to this problem in 2014 by creating the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA). FITARA provides a list of guidelines that will help federal agencies adopt secure policies as they move to the cloud. Not all of the guidelines apply to private businesses, but many of them can point you in the right direction. By increasing your cloud computer security, you prepare your company for the future.

Choose Reliable Partners

The federal government doesn’t develop all of the technological tools that it uses. Like most businesses, it relies on applications developed by other companies. Choosing reliable partners, therefore, has become central to the government’s plan to improve security.

Government agencies partner with a lot of independent corporations, including Google, DropBox, and Visa. These companies already have extensive experience with security issues like encryption and multi-factor authentication. By teaming with these companies, the government gets to learn about advanced security features without spending money unnecessarily. Someone else has probably already solved the security issues that you face. Instead of doing the same work, you can make them your partners.

It’s hard to stay ahead of computer security risks because technology keeps evolving. By paying attention to what the government does to protect its interests, though, you can get a good idea of what standards will benefit your company.

Workplace Safety

Integrating safety and security inside your workplace goes beyond normal support. This goes by saying that there are a couple of things you need to cover to ensure that you have the right resources and knowledge when it comes to protecting your business from the dangers of everyday exposure.

Why is this so? Having ensured the improvements of your office safety requires you to; first, utilize technology such as CCTVS, smoke alarm, and/or body scanners. Such gadgetry is very expensive considering its quality and maintenance. However, no matter how expensive, brand new and highly recognizable, there are some safety precautions that can’t be seen by these bigger machines, so to be safer you can install a visitor management software. To be successful in a business you have to be careful from every aspect, right from your business safety, employee safety or data safety. You can also install

1. Take note of your finances

The first thing you have to remember is making sure that your profit, income as well as expenses are not an issue. Big companies still monitor their accounts. The loss of money, no matter how big they are or how small the amount is, it’s still part of their company. Hire an accounting or bookkeeper who is transparent and very experienced in this field. Why so? Because this is an individual that you can trust all your money to.

2. Annual inspection is a must

Here’s the thing, you have to see to it that you’re taking action of what’s going on around your company. Whether or not you’re the owner, you have to take initiative. If it means that you should count the pennies yourself, make the reports, or constantly check areas round, let it be. Inspection is your way on seeing things, not just from the information you get from papers. It is through it that you’ll know if you need to improve your office or replace your resources.

3. Hire the right people

Their credentials might be good and they may have good experiences as well. But the one thing you should always remember is hire the one that can do well with work and can have a good relationship with the other workers too. it doesn’t mean that they are the perfect candidate that they are highly good with others. It is better that you get individuals that have a good attitude than those that have perfect grades but lack in the good morals department. Hiring such individuals might bring you problems in the long run because their feet are on cloud nine.

4. Worker safety

This is by far the most important angle you should also concentrate on. This is where you implement a yearly drug testing for you and your workers. Making sure that your workers are not using illegal drugs is the best way to make sure that you’re not subjecting them to danger. This should be an essential action on your part especially if you have employees that drive big trucks. It will help you prevent any incidents that will cost you loads.

The much criticized and major purpose of any surveillance system is to monitor, though the reasons for doing so might differ. It could be for simple security purposes or for complex aims such as influencing behavior. For instance, a video-based security system forces a group to conform towards certain social norms and not behave erratically. The benefits of any security system are often unrecognized.

Problems associated with surveillance

The major argument against surveillance has concerned itself with the issues of privacy. It is posed by people who argue towards civil liberties. However, its impact on increasing the potential for security cannot be denied.

24/7 security

Surveillance systems are and remain operative nonstop, except for certain technical reasons. Moreover, it is not limited to monitoring. The entire system can also be accessed through preferred locations and time. Taking the example of a CCTV security systems – this system has probably been the most effective one. The way these devices operate is by the means of deterrence. Just their presence can enable or disable certain actions. They remain operational at all time generally, and also the information can be accessed from a range of sources.

The types of surveillances

1. Computer-based: This system would involve monitoring of data and the nature of traffic on the internet. There are highly complex algorithms and sophisticated softwares through which certain patterns are searched online. These systems scan through emails, web traffic, instant messaging etc. There would be certain trigger words that ring an alarm on the mainframe system and make people alert.

2. Telephones: This is similar to what is popularly known as telephone tapping.

3. Cameras: Typically a video camera is used for the purpose of observing a geographical space. These cameras then through a system of wires or a wire-free network, using an IP address, sends the images and videos captured to a particular server. These are the most commonly seen surveillance devices.

4. Biometric: It is through this technology that human characters (physical or behavioral) are analyzed for the purpose of authentication and identification purposes.

5. Aerial: The most visually prominent form of aerial surveillance is going to be through the drones. Otherwise, it has been performed by helicopters, or spy planes etc.

6. Human operative: Under this form of surveillance, a certain human trained in espionage infiltrates and gains access to sensitive information in any given area. These operations are generally for the purpose of intelligence collection.

7. Satellite imaging: This method utilizes specially designed aircraft or satellites.

There are other forms of surveillances as well which involve radio tagging, tapping signals, infiltrating spaces with microphones or inserting chips into the human body.

The benefits of any surveillance system are mostly realized in the time of distress, when due to their presence the crisis is averted. Crime and criminal activities have become far more sophisticated and complex. Now, as a counter to these events, the surveillance systems also had to evolve.

Furthermore, the mere presence of surveillance units and fear of punishment can.

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