Source: Wikimedia Have you ever been to an ostrich race or a Fierljeppen or Yukigassen? If not, you are missing out on some great & weird sports in life. In ancient times, sports were not only a source of entertainment but the training of young men for the battlefield. Wrestling, archery, boxing, and other such sports taught physical and mental prowess to young men. Although physical and mental fortitude is still part of the sport, sports now serve one purpose: entertainment. With fun and competition being the prime motive, several unique, thrilling, and so-called weird sports have taken over. From Buzkashi of central Asia to Picigin of Croatia, people have developed unusual means of playing sports. There are several popular sports, but weird sports have their own charm. They are present from around each region of the world. There are also those super popular and fun but very weird kinds…

There are many strange constructions that the world has experienced and some of the most interesting ones are listed below: 1. The Crooked House at Sopot, Poland: This house has been built since January 2003 and got completed by the end of the year. This finished architecture got based on Jan Marcin Szancer, the famed Polish drawer with children’s book illustration as a part of the inspiration. The House has been constructed on the illustrations of a Swedish painter who is also based at Sopot. It is a much-celebrated twisted looking house with pictures and paintings of all kinds being placed there. Photo by abhijeet.rane 2. Forest Spiral, Hundertwasser Building, Darmstadt, Germany: This is another house that is unusual and is rightfully named, “Forest Spiral”. This building was built in Darmstadt between 1998 and 2000. This was made by the famed architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser who is also an Austrian architect…

Have you ever been called weird for eating chalk in your childhood? Wait till you hear people doing the weirdest things and getting away with it. You may have some weird obsessions that you keep hidden from the world not to get judgmental stares. If so, you are not alone because half of the world is guilty of pulling off strange stunts. We made sure to look in every nook and corner to find our people’s weird addictions. You will be shocked by some revelations, to say the least. After reading this article, if you have been questioning your sanity for doing crazy stuff, you will question people’s sanity even more. So, let’s get the fun started! Strange Addictions that are Too Weird to be True Some people have a weirdly obsessive nature to the point where you think they aren’t normal. Fun fact, most people are addicted to something…

When we make any travel plans, we usually make checklists and go through the map and other important info about the place we are visiting but if you are a traveling freak and love to travel all around the world then you must know the traffic rules/laws of the country you are traveling to because there are some countries with some of the weird traffic rules where you can encounter hitches if you are unaware of their traffic laws.

The primary objective when building a house is comfort and luxury, right? But as you lay your eyes on the houses in this article, you’ll wonder what were the owners thinking? The reason behind the highly unusual designs of these buildings varies from one to another. Some are spite houses, meticulously and painstakingly designed to annoy, while others are creativity gone bizarre (that’s the only thing that comes to mind). So, without further adieu, let’s kick start the list:

1) Ken Block Gymkhana 3:

There are a lot of reasons why the Gymkhana stunt videos by the racer Ken Block are totally amazing and spectacular. If you are looking for precision driving, and truly very close calls then this is the video you should be watching. This video on YouTube was shot at racecourse in France. This is far less rigid and definitely much wilder than a lot of other videos shot within a city. What you would love is the breathtaking drifts at high speeds and some unbelievable slow manoeuvres.