Everybody knows the importance and utility of undergarments and their wearing always makes one feel comfortable and mentally relaxed. Normally, women wear simple looking undergarments in their day-to-day life, but they tend to wear specially made undergarments befitting with their fine dresses while going to some party, function, wedding ceremonies, etc.

Women Undergarments

Undergarments are of various types based upon their shape, feasibility and the quality of stuff of which they are made. So, one has to be pretty careful while selecting the best undergarments, say an underwear, for oneself. Here are detailed some of the best undergarments every woman needs in her closet.

Full Slip

Owing to the popularity of sheer clothing and fabrics, a knee-length full slip is a fantastic solution, though an old idea. You always need to keep your modesty intact and a full slip is your best friend in this regard. Good brands are sending the right tonal silk slips with their see-through dresses so that their customers do not have to face any embarrassment and botheration whatsoever. Always select an unfussy, bias slip which may cover your bra on top and reach your knees. It should also be in complementary colours in order to be blended in with the dress rather than to overpower it.

Shaping Slip

The shaping slip and the classic slip are contradictory to each other. A good shaping slip makes you look slim and smooth by refining your silhouette when you are wearing a fitted top and skirt. An accurate and befitting shaping slip always disappears under your dress and makes you look one or two sizes smaller. Your waist, tummy, hips, bum and thighs are the areas which need a shaping slip to sculpt them. So always try to have it in your wardrobe.

T-Shirt Bra

It is always inviting and important that your undergarments especially a bra be totally smooth and seamless so that no lumps or bumps may get in the way. A smooth modeled cup bra covering the entire bust line is much more preferable to the padded versions unless you need a little extra lift. It will give you a clean, natural look with no lace or embellishments.

Convertible Bra

A low-back dress or a top one sleeve does not suit anyone without a convertible bra. Try to pick a supportive, strapless bra with demi-cups, low-cut sides and convertible straps to keep you well-covered whether you wear one shoulder, cris-cross, halter or strapless. A bra with thin, slightly sticky silicon strips inside its top and sides will adhere to your skin and keep your breasts in place even if you are going strapless.

Plunge Bra

A low-cut top makes it very challenging to find a right bra to cover the flattering low necklines. A plunge bra always sits low at the bust due to its curved cups and, hence, presents an ideal solution for the tops with low necklines.

Underwire Bra

An underwire bra, if it snugs against your skin properly, proves so comfortable and smooth that you do not even feel it. This bra endows an excellent shape and support to your chest throughout the day and you start feeling at least ten pounds lighter with it. There are always very bright chances that it may become your first choice straightforward. Be conscious that the underwire bra sits under your chest without a gap and does not slide up all the day.

Camisole with Bra Cups

A camisole with a built-in bra cups is an excellent solution for a number of ladies who prefer to wear a bra under a blazer. Low-cut and sheer blouses and oversized cardigans also require a camisole with bra cups to be used under them. Here, one thing must be made sure that the cups fit your breasts fully well.

High-Waist Panty

The type of panty you wear is determined by the type of dress you select. Swing dresses often tend to humiliate the wearer especially on a windy day and the best solution is to wear a high-waist panty. Wearing it will relax you to a great extent.

Nude String Thong

Tight fitting knit, skinny dresses, leather jeans or other skinny pants require this little triangle of fabric which goes virtually undetected. With your stockings and tights on, this nude string thong specially matches well and never feels clumsy or bulky like a panty.

Long- Rise Thong

Long-rise thongs always sit comfortably on the low hip because low-waist trousers and jeans are very much in vogue nowadays. These sexy and modern dresses can be easily coped by the wearer with the help of a long-rise thong. So, always make sure to keep one in your wardrobe.

So, all the above said undergarments are the need of all the women in their daily life.

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Dancewear: More Than Confetti

The Russian word for “candy” is “Confetti”, transliterated, “Konfety”. It’s an appropriate term from an allegorical sense, isn’t it? If confetti, useless colored bits of paper meant to enhance decorations, is present, it enhances a celebration. If it’s not, that doesn’t matter. Candy is the same thing for your diet. It’s not necessary, but it’s fun.

So confetti conjures in the mind ideas related to celebration, and partying. It has a psychological effect of a subconscious kind. But though it is an enhancer, it is not strictly necessary. As confetti and candy are able to demonstrate, this concept shows up in places besides decoration. Ergo, it makes sense to apply the same “Occam’s Razor” of truth to other areas.

Hubcaps are vehicular confetti. Glitter is costuming confetti. But certain aspects of a costume or wardrobe end up becoming essential quotients of a given performance, and this is especially true in artistic mediums like dance.

The costumes dancers wear stand to effect and affect viewers a certain way. If the colors are bright and whimsical—yellows and light blues, pinks and summer greens—then the performance will likely be light, springy, celebratory, and gently happy. Meanwhile blues, purples, deep reds, and black represent depression, sensuality, and lust.

As these colors become combined in a costume, they visually communicate a certain reality. The ballet dress evokes weightless elegance. The tights beneath help emphasize the form—think about the dandelion dancers from Disney’s Fantasia. It almost appears as though they’re wearing traditional dance costumes, and that’s the comparison artistically intended.

Costuming Helps Communicate A Performance’s Message

If you want to properly communicate the concept behind your performance, you are definitely going to need the right costuming. But you can’t only source that which “looks” right. You may be doing some number emphasizing the “greaser” motif of the fifties vis-à-vis the movie and musical Grease. But those leather jackets can’t just be normal leather jackets.

If you do merely buy them from a secondhand store or something of that ilk, they’ll have the proper appearance, but they won’t have range of motion incorporated into their design. This means they will constrict motion or give in to the strength of the human who wears the jacket and rip. Either way, it will cost the performance in terms of budget and rehearsal time.

What you need are clothing items like jackets, shoes, dresses, and tights from a purveyor of dancing accoutrements who is informed by their own passion for the artistic medium, and who has accordingly designed their costuming solutions to exhibit proper range of motion, aesthetic, and physical support.

Finding Appropriate Dance Solutions, a purveyor of tights for dance, among other things, points out that: “Ballet tights, in addition to providing a superlative range of freedom and movement, hug the body tightly and help dancers stay warm.” This is a prime consideration. Often dance performance spaces are very cold. Rehearsal warms the dancer, but performance is swift.

Where a particular number may be rehearsed forty hours a week for a month straight, the performance being practiced may only last two hours or even five minutes. The body has time to warm up slightly, but not at the traditional levels of a day long rehearsal. This can inhibit performance should improper costuming solutions be sourced.

In order to convey the artistic vision you intend on a conscious and subconscious level, as well as give dancers their fullest range of movement, physical protection, and appearance, you’ll need to source your dance outfits from professional purveyors who have passion in the art.

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Personal Style

Are you stuck in a fashion rut? All too often women stare into a closet full of clothes and proclaim that they have nothing to wear. Does this sound familiar? Shopping just to shop, or retail therapy as it’s often referred to, does result in a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. Follow these suggestions from personal stylists to ramp up your personal style. The most important this to wear each and every day is a quiet self-confidence and genuine smile. Layer that with your own unique fashion sense. Don’t fall prey to every new fashion piece that emerges in stores and magazines. The easiest way to update a classic outfit is with accessories.

Anchors of your Wardrobe

Select quality pieces that flatter your figure and layer from there. Remember that quality always trumps quantity. Well-tailored pieces from quality fabrics that have a quality drape will last longer than most disposable clothing purchased at lower end department stores. A well cut pair of black trousers and stylish jacket or blazer for layering should be the anchors of your wardrobe.

Add pizzazz with accessories. Avoid the temptation to purchase single items if you’re not confident that you have a piece in your closet to pair it with. If you bring your purchase home and it doesn’t combine well, commit to returning it.

Keep it in Perspective

Another great way to ramp up your personal style, is to rethink your hair style and make-up routine. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and check out the huge variety of make-up and hair care products offered at ULTA. Book a consultation with your hair stylist and let them know you’d like a new, low maintenance style that is more up to date. This won’t necessarily involve a dramatic new cut, but can just involve new styling techniques. Naming a baby is a big decision, selecting a new way to style your hair isn’t.

Trust your Instincts

Wear what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. If you have more of a feminine-meets-classic style, like Lauren Conrad, wearing edgy pieces is going to look unnatural. Similarly, if you align with Rihanna’s tough-meets-glamorous looks, a twinset would look downright funny. You’ve likely already got a sense of killer style, so embrace it, and refine it, don’t fight it.

Between updating your wardrobe following these suggestions and stepping out of your comfort zone with a new hair style and make-up, you’ll be on your way to ramping up your personal style. Good luck to you!

Human Hair Extensions

Since the sale of relaxers has been on a steady decline, it would seem that the sale of hair extensions has been on an incline. Women with textured hair prefer protective styling such as extensions. If you perform a simple search on Google, the number of vendors selling hair extensions will overwhelm you, but you will find very little information about the origin of that hair.

What is virgin hair and Remy hair?

Because the hair industry is not regulated, different terms usually mean different things to different vendors. Virgin hair usually means 100 percent human hair that is unprocessed. On the other hand, Remy hair means that the cuticles are all facing the same direction.

Is there a difference between hand-tied and machine weft?

Machine weft hair is usually sewn together with several thread strands to create a weft. When you buy this hair, it can be installed as a clip-in or sewn-in weave. Hand-tied weft hair, on the other hand, is made using single threading method and is a lot thinner than the machine variety.

How is the hair harvested?

Many vendors in the hair industry are usually frustrated because the industry is not regulated, thus allowing foreign vendors to market and label their extensions as they like. If you really want to know how your extensions are harvested, you need to see it being done. You can tell if the hair is top quality by checking its consistency.

What are the benefits of using virgin hair?

If you are using extensions for the first time, you will come across ‘virgin hair’ quite often. This means that the donor grew the hair without ever dyeing or treating it with chemicals. There are several benefits of using virgin hair, including:

Improved styling options – when hair is treated chemically, it becomes more difficult to work with, and stylists struggle with it. For instance, it might not accept new coloring as easily, making the color look weird.

Moreover, your stylist may have a hard time straightening or curling it. For this reason, people opt for virgin hair because it provides a better result and styles more easily.

Overall better quality – when hair is chemically treated or dyed, it becomes weaker and is damaged. With every dye treatment or chemical processing that it undergoes, the hair becomes increasingly damaged. Virgin hair is not usually damaged in this way, making it a high quality product.

What are the benefits of using Remy hair?

High quality – Remy hair extensions are natural looking because they are made from natural human hair. Moreover, the strands usually blend in better with natural hair and can be subjected to different types of treatments. Remy hair has a sheen and texture that improves your chosen hairstyle.

Versatility – because this hair can be treated, you can style it in many different ways. If you prefer a drastic color change, this hair extension makes it possible to change colors. In terms of heat, you do not have to restrain yourself because Remy hair can withstand high temperatures, just like your hair.

Strong – this hairstyle enhancer is a lot stronger than other types and lasts longer as a result. Each piece is made skillfully and meticulously to ensure that the consumer gets the best hair. Therefore, you would be spending your money on a top quality product.

Are you thinking of changing your look today with natural human extensions? If you do not know anything about human hair, you should consult your stylist. He or she will give you advice about top quality brands and recommend the best hairstyles for your hair texture.

For decades, the fashion industry as a whole, and modeling specifically, have been skewered for promoting images and standards that simply were impossible for the average woman to achieve. They produced models that were so emaciated that they looked as though they could fall through cracks in the floor. Once technology advanced, they began manufacturing images of women that were clearly airbrushed and photo-shopped in such a way that the women looked more like dolls than human beings. Eventually, the media began to catch on and TV shows began to mock the fashion industry for their dishonest practices.

Today, the fashion industry has begun embracing women who are considered “plus size” — which traditionally means size 8 to 34.In reality, these women are actually just average women that appeal to the typical customer who isn’t a model. You may not know it, but the average size in America is a 14! These new practices have given new life to women in such a way that encourages them to feel positive and embrace their bodies instead of aspiring to achieve the impossible which would encourage unhealthy and even dangerous habits. Instead of perpetuating a culture that would encourage anorexia and bulimia, women such as Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday have produced attractive swimwear for the average woman out there. Ashley has teamed up with online retailer swimsuitsforall to offer an exciting new line of plus size swimsuits that combine comfort and confidence. Visit to see the breezy, beautiful new line for yourself or to order that much needed tankini, skirtini, or swimdress for this year’s tropical getaway.

While the industry has embraced plus size women, it will take some time for popular clothing and swimwear to show up in your typical department store. Styles take time to change, and even after innovation, it takes time for clothing to reach the shelves. Your best bet is to hop online where the trendy fashions first become available. All of these popular brands and companies that manufacture specifically for plus size women post their clothing online. In addition, many times you can view what the clothing would look like on an actual plus size model — often in 3D — to see what each swimsuit looks like from all sides. Online retailers allow you to quickly and easily find that perfect bathing suit for your next vacation or cruise, whether it’s winter or summer.

It’s important that women have flattering and trendy plus size swimwear instead of trying desperately to fit into clothing created for an unrealistic standard. Currently, high-wasted bikinis and tankinis are very popular because they offer adequate coverage yet still leave something to the imagination to optimize sex appeal. This allows people to see women in their most positive light.

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone, not just models, are free to show off whatever they feel is appropriate. In fact, you can read about Tess Holliday and what she’s done for plus size women if you’re looking to be inspired. The industry has finally caught on to this idea, so take advantage and make yourself look better than ever!

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