About Kia Cars?

Kia Cars are very quickly becoming a staple in America. It could be because they are top rated in safety and are made in America. So let’s take a look at some facts about Kia Motors. You are sure to learn something interesting and you may even find your new favorite car in the process.

Kia Cars Come From Humble Beginnings

The original idea of Kia came from Korea. The company originally produced bicycle parts and tubing. They even created the first bikes in Korea. It was in 1952 that Kia actually became Kia. They joined up with other car manufacturers and exported cars for many years. It was in 1994 that the began to sell from Portland Oregon. In 2009, they opened the first manufacturer in America. In 2012, they opened a second one. In 2016, they were rated number one in the non-luxury range. Not bad for a company that started out making bicycle parts, huh?

Kia Cars Are MultiNational

You can get a Kia worldwide, where you go. Australia, Europe, and Asia are right behind America in there love for Kia Cars. They are available in many models that will have you in love with them. You can get them in right hand driving, just not in America. You can even get them for your entire fleet, all you have to do is contact the dealership. In fact, Kia now has facilities in Mexico, China, Slovakia, Vietnam, and America.

Kia Cars are for the Future

Kia makes it the priority to always strive to move forward. They want to make advancements that will bring Kia to the top in the future. They want to be reliable and safe because they know that is what truly matters. They have one of the best warranties that you can get for a new car. They have a strong history of safety, reliability,and even comforts. You aren’t giving up luxury. You aren’t giving up comfort. The only thing you are giving up is the high price tag that goes with the other cars.

Kia Cars are for Budgets

Here is the best thing about Kias other than the expensive cars. You can get every feature that you want and still save thousands. Even if you are a first time buyer, you can find the perfect Kia for your budget. There is no reason why you can’t have a car that you can trust and still have money for groceries. If you really want to get a great deal, you should try leasing a Kia. The ability to lease means that you can save money on your car and you can get a new Kia every few years. It is always an option that will bring you new opportunities and the ability to find the perfect Kia for you. So, now go check out all the models of Kias. You will find the perfect car for your needs at Purple Cow Cars. They will be a Kia that you will have fun driving. After all, everyone wants to love what they drive.

If you are planning to settle in the U.S permanently and the process and expenditures are too extensive that your plans seem to have minute chances to be accomplished. So, in order to pursue your American dream, you have to legalize yourself as a U.S citizen because as an immigrant you cannot fully enjoy the facilities provided by the government.

What is An ITIN?

In pursuance to get legalized you need to follow and fulfill all the legal formalities i.e. you need to follow all the laws and regulations of the U.S like paying the taxes, bills etc on time. But as an immigrant you cannot have a Social Security Number (SSN) like other U.S citizens, then how can you be sure that the heavy taxes you are paying are getting on official record? For this purpose the U.S government has introduced an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) for all those persons residing in the U.S who don’t have an SSN. Because if you don’t pay your business taxes on time; it can result in some serious legal actions against you. Being an immigrant, you must always act as you’re under surveillance.

ITIN a key to legalization:

For non residents of the U.S, it is as important to have an ITIN as it is to have your passport with you. It facilitates us a lot and is definitely our key to get legalized because after acquiring ITIN you become a part of the American tax system. ITIN facilitates the government as well as the individual; you can easily file your tax returns, open a bank account and apply for credit etc.

How to get ITIN:

You can forward an ITIN application easily. For this you are required to file form W-7, which is an application for IRS individual taxpayer identification number along with your other identification documents. This will help you get your ITIN which works as your temporary tax identification number . After processing all your details and if you are eligible, the IRS will issue your ITIN number through mail.

Where, when and why to apply for ITIN:

You can apply for ITIN by any of these methods, whichever you find more convenient,

  • You can either Mail your documents i.e. W-7, tax return, proof of identity, and foreign status documents to:
  • Internal Revenue Service,
  • Austin Service Center ITIN Operation,
  • P.O. Box 149342 Austin, TX 78714-9342. You can only file a tax return to the address above one time, when you file Form W-7 to get an ITIN. In upcoming years, when you have an ITIN, you will file your Form 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ as directed in the instructions given in the form.
  • Another option is get help of an expert you can also file for your ITIN number by using the services of an authorized IRS agent.
  • Or you can directly take an appointment at any nearby IRS taxpayer assistance center.

There is no time restriction to apply for an ITIN number; you can apply at any time of the year. You just need to complete your documentations and send in the W-7 form.

When we make any travel plans, we usually make checklists and go through the map and other important info about the place we are visiting but if you are a travelling freak and love to travel all around world then you must know the traffic rules/laws of the country you are traveling to because there are some countries with some of the weird traffic rules where you can encounter hitches if you are unaware of their traffic laws.

Preparing for your first hunting trip is an exciting process, but before you start dreaming about that glorious trophy that will soon adorn your study, keep a few of these best-practices in mind.

Hunting Trip Preparation

Get in Shape

While you may think hunting is mainly kicking back in a deer blind and waiting for the game to come to you—well, okay, you might be a little bit right. However, while waiting may be a big part of hunting, depending on the type of game, there’s a good deal of hiking and maneuvering difficult terrain as well. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a prize animal because you’re not able to get yourself where you need to be. Aside from hiking and jogging, crouching for long periods of time can also be physically challenging. If you haven’t already, start putting in some training time. Schedule a weekend hike with a pack, walk during your lunch breaks, take up jogging or try lifting weights a few times a week.

Make Sure your Equipment is in Working Order

This is one of the most crucially important things you can do to prepare for an upcoming trip. Before you head out you’ll need to make sure that all your guns, crossbows and other hunting tools are checked, cleaned, recalibrated, restrung and repaired if necessary. Maintaining your tools will not only affect performance, it can affect your safety as well. Neglected guns in particular, especially those containing rust or buildup, could result in a deadly or damaging backfire.

Bring the Right Supplies

If you plan on camping or going on a multi-day trip it’s crucial that you bring enough food, water and other necessary essentials, such as flashlights, maps, GPS, insect repellant, and the like. Pack appropriate clothing, and when in doubt, prepare for the worst. Always remember: safety first—don’t forget to pack your orange hunter safety clothing. If you’re unsure, a good hunting guide will be able to tell you what type of camouflage as well as how many changes of clothes you may need for your trip. For colder seasons especially, you’ll want to pack extra layers and heavy duty jackets in case evening temperatures drop lower than expected. You’ll also need to keep a sustainable menu in mind. If you’re camping make sure to bring foods that are both easily portable but nutrient dense as well.

Practice Makes Perfect

This may seem like a no brainer, but whether you plan to use a bow, rifle or handgun during your hunting trip, you need to practice with the tool you plan on using in the field. Shoot from a variety of positions and create practice situations that require you to perform under pressure. Practice again and again, and when you think you’ve got in all the practicing you can muster, then practice some more. Make sure to also practice sound safety techniques as well as good post-range gun cleaning habits.

Know your State’s Regulations

It’s your responsibility to know the specific rules and regulations as they pertain to hunting in your state. Before you plan a trip, make sure to contact the appropriate local, state and federal agencies for information on general hunting regulations as well as regulations on the particular game type, season and locality you plan to hunt within. These agencies should be able to tell you what types of licenses and fees apply. Additionally, most states require hunters to purchase special stamps. Others require hunters to put their names into a non-resident lottery drawing system in order to acquire a hunting permit. Whatever the particular state regulation is, most states will accept hunting applications until spring.

Educate Yourself

Make sure to do all the research you can. You not only want to understand the type of game you’re hunting, you also want to understand the region. Consult, maps and other topographic resources, or get in touch with experienced hunting outfitters. Go online and consult sportsman around the world through communities like Guidefitter, which connects hunting enthusiasts, guides and outfitters on a platform that shares tips, insight and other useful information.

Modern architecture of today has gone through many phases to attain its current look and feel. The styles of buildings nowadays can be described as an intricate combination of modern and early age designs, borrowing the best aspects from both. Interior exposed beams are one of these aspects that have made a significant come back and are being incorporated widely in house designs. Exposed beams essentially mean that the structure and frame of the roof are uncovered. It gives the room a unique, rustic look with ample room for customization. These beams are accessible in many kinds; the classic wooden roof beam, the modern and futuristic metal roof beam and so on. There are numerous combinations that can be selected depending on the angle, such as fish bone structure or half side. Before even thinking about installing beams on the interior of your home, have a team like Quality Exterior Services LLC check the stability and structure of your roof to ensure your home can handle the weight and pressure of beams.

Listed below are some of the most popular designs right now:

1)  Cathedral Style Roof Beam


No need to tax your imagination about this one. As evident from the name, the interior beams for this bedroom design are inspired from ancient cathedrals. Such structures usually have a central beam extending through the length of the room with secondary beams at a slightly downward angle emanating from it. This design is ideal for spacious yet cozy cabin like bedrooms.

2) Barn Style


It is a rustic and plain design, which has two horizontal exposed wooden beams running parallel to each other through the width of the room. Ideal to incorporate in the master bedroom, owing to its spacious design, the barn style will bestow a unique finishing to the bedroom.

3) Unfinished Oak Beam

Unfinished Oak Beam

Rectangular oak beams exposed to the view carry the rustic ambience of this design to the next level. The oak beams are made to look unfinished, but rest assured they are sturdy, safe and strong like any other contemporary exposed beam design.

4) Steel and Wood Combination Beams for the Living Room


This entry is distinctive on the list as it takes you from bedroom beam designs and ventures into the living room for a change. The combination of steel and wooden beams is used to endow the building with not only structural integrity but also pleasant esthetics. Mostly, the wooden beams are joined together with steel plates and bolts, which create a very interesting contrast.

5) Mid- Century Bedroom with Roof Beams


This design is an import from Scandinavia and was first used in that part of the world. The exposed roof beams used here are of solid dark color running horizontally equidistant from each other through the length of the room. As the name suggests, the design dates back to mid century but when used in a modern bedroom of today, it still looks chic and sophisticated endowing a majestic and amazing look.

6) Unfinished Thick Oak Beams Roof for Kitchen


Like entry no. 4 on the list, this entry also earns distinction for itself by venturing into another area of the house i.e. the kitchen. For this instance, the unfinished thick oak beams design for the kitchen roof is made in geometrical shape to provide support to the glass roof residing above it. This design bestows ultra modern outlook to the kitchen.

7) Inserted Steel Framing Beams Roof


A variation of entry no. 4, this design has horizontal exposed wooden beams running through the length of the living room while resting on inserted steel framing for extra support and durability. This style is also ideal for basement rooms owing to its structural strength.

8) Traditional Victorian Bedroom


Hailing from the Victorian era, this bedroom model has exposed beams in a combination of rectangular and horizontal arrangement. The beams are painted to match the color scheme of the room and give it a polished and welcoming look.

So, which roof beam design you liked the most? If you have some extraordinary roof beam structures to share, please do.

The primary objective when building a house is comfort and luxury, right? But as you lay your eyes on the houses in this article, you’ll wonder what were the owners thinking? The reason behind the highly unusual designs of these buildings varies from one to another. Some are spite houses, meticulously and painstakingly designed to annoy, while others are creativity gone bizarre (that’s the only thing that comes to mind). So, without further adieu, let’s kick start the list:

1) Ken Block Gymkhana 3:

There are a lot of reasons why the Gymkhana stunt videos by the racer Ken Block are totally amazing and spectacular. If you are looking for precision driving, and truly very close calls then this is the video you should be watching. This video on YouTube was shot at racecourse in France. This is far less rigid and definitely much wilder than a lot of other videos shot within a city. What you would love is the breathtaking drifts at high speeds and some unbelievable slow manoeuvres.