The primary objective when building a house is comfort and luxury, right? But as you lay your eyes on the houses in this article, you’ll wonder what were the owners thinking? The reason behind the highly unusual designs of these buildings varies from one to another. Some are spite houses, meticulously and painstakingly designed to annoy, while others are creativity gone bizarre (that’s the only thing that comes to mind). So, without further adieu, let’s kick start the list:

1) Ken Block Gymkhana 3:

There are a lot of reasons why the Gymkhana stunt videos by the racer Ken Block are totally amazing and spectacular. If you are looking for precision driving, and truly very close calls then this is the video you should be watching. This video on YouTube was shot at racecourse in France. This is far less rigid and definitely much wilder than a lot of other videos shot within a city. What you would love is the breathtaking drifts at high speeds and some unbelievable slow manoeuvres.

This is a lake being located at the end of northern valley that is also known as the Kaghan Valley. It is located near Naran which lies at the east of Manshera District. The east district of Manshera is the North-East Froniter Province of Pakistan as well. This lies at an altitude of 3,224m above sea level. This happens to be one of the highest lakes in Pakistan.

The lake is right over 14 km from the road from Naran. This location can be reached while starting from Manshera, and then crossing via Balakot and Kaghan. Trekking through a foot from Naran there are clear lakes that take about 4-6 hours to cross. The summer months stay really great in weather with the water being quite clear. The sunlight actually brightens up the whole atmosphere in summer with the clarity of water being the highest.

This is the 9th highest peak in the world. The literal meaning of this peak is “naked mountain”. The etymological root of this mountain is in Sanskrit. It is derived from the words: “nanga’” meaning naked or bare and “parvat” meaning mountain. Due to its bare rugged structure it is being named so. It is also known as the Killer Mountain. It has been one of the deadliest mountains to climb so far and thus the name. It is not only very high and rugged but also intense and dangerous with its differing peak surroundings. The overall terrain is quite rugged. The western anchor to the Himalayas, this mountain is one of the highest peaks being one of the eight thousanders coming from the Himalayas. The Indus River lies in the right south of this range. It is located in the Astore District. The North of Pakistan in Kashmir is…

These happen to be the voted top ten inventions that the world has ever received. They have definitely influenced the shape and stature of the world in differing ways. Without these the world would not have had half the fun it has now.

1. Popsicle:

This got discovered by Frank Epperson who was indeed making the soda pop with the mixing of popular drink with soda water powder mixed in water. As he forgot midway and left the soda out on the porch all night, he found out the next morning, the frozen soda pop sitting on a stick.

This was the accidental invention of the first icicle as reported. 18 years later he started selling them with patented name to it. This was then known as the Eppsicle.

There are many strange constructions that the world has experienced and some of the most interesting ones are listed below:

1. The Crooked House at Sopot, Poland:

This house has been build since January 2003 and got completed by the end of the year. This finished architecture got based on Jan Marcin Szancer, the famed Polish drawer with children’s book illustration as a part of the inspiration. The House has been constructed on the illustrations of Swedish painter who is also based at Sopot. It is a much celebrated twisted looking house with pictures and paintings of all kinds being placed there.

2. Forest Spiral, Hundertwasser Building, Darmstadt, Germany:

This is another house that is strange enough and is rightfully named, “Forest Spiral”. This building was built in Darmstadt between 1998 and 2000. This was made by the famed architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser who is also an Austrian architect as well as painter. He is renowned for his revolutionary as well as rich and colorful designs that created stirs. There are different kinds of organic forms of shape and structure coming through this form that brings about the interesting sides and edges to it. The incorporation of inordinately unshapely patterns brings a living edge to the whole style. There are about 105 apartments, a total and widespread landscape as well as courtyard for the running stream that is within. There is a turret and even a restaurant at some corner of the cocktail bar.

We can not deny the fact that Human Imagination has endless boundaries and is free from any limitation. Modern technology has made it easier for us to express our imaginations in a viewable format, by introducing photo editing software. With the use of Photo Editing Soft wares, we can modify, edit and make changes to a snap of any object. Also, we can not deny that nature has its own ways to show its presence, it can be in any form. There are so many things in this world in living form and non-living form which shows the creativity of the nature and amazes the human mind.

Shown below are 20 weird looking animals which exist in this world of full of surprises. You might think these pictures are a good work of photo editing, but they are 100% real. Some of them you may find cute, amazing or shocking.