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In mid-March, Facebook faced a major scandal concerning a security breach that allowed data firm Cambridge Analytica to access data from around 50 million of the social network’s users, without their permission. But it was way more than we thought, 87 million according to Facebook.

Facebook Data Scandal

This data was allegedly used to target American voters with political ads to enhance the efficiency of Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign. Psychographic profiles were drawn up thanks to information gleaned by app called “thisisyourdigitallife” created by Aleksandr Kogan, a Russian-American psychology professor at the University of Cambridge.

This personality prediction app helped the company to collect information not only from Facebook users who took the test, but also from their friends. Facebook claims that Kogan told the company he was compiling data merely for academic purposes, while it now seems that Kogan had planned all along to hand his research over to Cambridge Analytica, so that it could be used for political campaigning in the US.

It has also transpired that Facebook knew about this misuse of data 2 years ago, but failed to share this information with the public. The company simply removed the app from its platform and asked Kogan to delete the data he had gathered.

Since then, Facebook stock has been in free fall, losing more than USD 30. But what might affect its share price even more is the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law, which should go into effect on May 25th. The GDPR deals with online privacy and plans to force websites to be far more open with their users on how exactly they collect and use their data. This law should provide more protection to users regarding access to their data and the way it is shared. Fines for companies which break this law could be up to 4% of their annual global revenues.

Tech companies have been hit hard recently by dwindling user trust in many of their most popular products, pushing down the markets. The extent to which Facebook is going to be affected by this latest scandal and the GDPR law is unknown, but serious concerns have been raised about the company’s lack of respect for user privacy.

While many investors are currently selling tech holdings, traders who believe that the current controversy is merely a blip are taking the opportunity to buy leading FANG stocks through global stock brokers that provide financial products and trading platforms. Among the most reliable broker you can use is, which offers CFDs on most US blue chips, cutting-edge trading tools and a range of advanced charts.

Eradicate Racism

The destructive power of racism can be overwhelming, but is there a way to effectively combat this social vice?

There are many ways to eradicate racism, but technology is seen to have the greatest potential to ultimately kick racism out of the world. In fact, scientists are currently exploring how technology can be used to build empathy and minimize tension between various groups of people. For this Transbeam SD WAN blog post, the purpose is to highlight how technology has played an integral in the fight against racism.

Hashtag Activism

Hashtag activism, or social activism, is the practice of fighting for a cause through social media, especially Twitter. It derives its name from the use of hashtags (#), which are normally used to talk about a cause on Twitter.

With this kind of activism, you don’t have to go out in the streets to protest. All you need to do is like share or like a post, or retweet tweets on Twitter. While it is born of a true desire to impact positive change in the society, hashtag activism is not without critics.

However, it has weathered all the backlash and criticisms, delivering real results, especially in the fight against social injustices like racial prejudice. It has gotten people fired. Moreover, people have been charged and laws have been changed.

It is also worth noting that many activist campaigns started on social media have evolved into real movements, creating lasting change. Take the #BlackLivesMatter campaign, for instance. The hashtag simply started as a protest over the of acquittal George Zimmerman who allegedly shot dead Tryvon Martin, an African-American teenager.

The hashtag has since been used over 12,000,000 times. It has transformed from a simple online campaign to an international activist movement, fighting against alleged systemic discrimination toward black people.

better world


Uber is another great example of how technology plays a positive role in the fight against racism. African-Americans have always had problems when it comes to flagging down taxis in the cities. Uber has tried to solve this problem, albeit unintentionally.

Namely, Uber’s primary goal was not to improve the life of any race. Nonetheless, the company accidentally achieved something that no anti-discrimination law, awareness-raising campaign, or social justice advocacy, could have lived to achieve.

While this does not solve the issue of racism entirely, it serves to show that technology is really changing how people of different colors experience the world. It is all the more noteworthy that it was not intended in the first place.

Pen Pals 2.0

Schools across the globe are utilizing digital tools with the aim of helping students work together and develop a cultural understanding with their overseas peers. This is another way that technology helps to entrench tolerance among various cultural groups.

Namely, when students are doing constructive work together, they get to understand that individuals from other countries are not that different from them. While they may look different, they are actually dealing with similar issues. They have the same thoughts and feelings. They have more similarities than differences. Isn’t this an excellent way to eradicate racism using technology?

Final Thoughts

Racism is deep-rooted in the society, in our institutions, public places, and even workplaces. It can be depressing and emotionally draining. That’s why institutions, experts, as well as individuals are struggling to eradicate it. There are many ways to deal with racism, and technology is one of them. The aforementioned are just a few examples of how technology can be used to combat racism.

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Sneak Exercises into your Normal Routine

How many times have you heard that people are not exercising because they don’t have the time? It is probably the most common excuse. All the time seems to be consumed by work, school and family commitments. As we sit back and give excuses, lifestyle diseases are slowly creeping up on us. Studies show that a significant proportion of the population is overweight, including children.

Just as you eat every day, you should exercise every day. Don’t spend your youthful years so busy working with the hope to enjoy yourself later, only to have that taken away from you by diseases. You do not necessarily have to set hours aside for exercise. You can incorporate exercise in the course of the normal activities:


Do you drive to the store for groceries even when it’s minutes away? Look out for a number of places where you drive to yet you don’t have to. You can easily walk there and give your body some exercise while at it. If you have to drive, pack some blocks away and walk the rest of the way. Worried of the security of your vehicle?

There are a good number of experts who offer gps fleet tracking solutions to ensure that you can keep tabs on it even when blocks away. The minutes of walking combined can add up to an hour’s worth of exercise daily. You can also consider cycling around instead of driving.

Be Active at Home

Do not be a couch potato in the house. Move around. Pop up the music if that is what energizes you. Dance around. Jog on the spot. Skip on the corridors have some yoga. Let the energy spread to the house chores. Whether you’re cleaning, ironing or cooking; exert some force in your movement to give your muscles a workout. In addition, your day is bound to be a lot of fun!

Make use of the Office

Let your energy extend to the office. You spend most of your time there anyway. You cannot just slouch on your computer all day. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs. Use the washroom in the farthest corner. Why send emails to colleagues who are just meters away? Walk over to their desk. Get an ergonomic chair which allows you to sit upright. Tense your abs and butt every once in a while. Get up and stretch. You may seem crazy, but you can be sure you’ll not have to deal with backaches any time soon.

Keep a Dog

A dog will force you to exercise even when you’re not in the mood to. He will get so restless when kept indoors for a long time, you’ll have no choice but to go outside and exercise him. You’ll walk, run and play in the process.

Insufficient time does not have to be an excuse. With some creativity you can stay physically active every day. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did.

You should never judge a book by its cover, but we’re all guilty of judging a home from the moment we see the front garden. Both the home and the people living in it are judged by the first impressions, it’s a habit that everyone has. Making your front garden is therefore a really key part in the presentation of your whole home, inside and out. You can create the impression you want by designing your front garden to suit you. Not only will a stylish front garden give people a little green eye of jealousy, it’ll also add value to your home which is a huge bonus!

Path and Driveway:

Your path or driveway is the area of your front garden that leads the eye straight to the home. Once you set your eyes on a layout such as a long path, you immediately follow the path with your eyes to see where it leads. Transform your path by edging it with a selection of plants that add character to your garden. By combining a selection of different flowers and plants you can create an aesthetically pleasing look that will catch people’s eyes and stand out beautifully. Your driveway can be emphasised by simply giving it an arrangement of lighting to sit along each side. Not only will this look really good on an evening and enable your home to stand out to passers-by, but you’re adding essential security to your home too.

Flower Power:

Flower Power
Image by pexels

It may seem like an obvious choice, but covering your front garden with an arrangement of gorgeous flowers will add great character as well as make it look really good. Whether you’re a fan of Peonies or Roses, you can plant a selection of them all over your front garden and emphasise the fresh, bright feel your home has to offer. Fresh flowers give an instant, welcoming feel and they also add a gorgeous aroma to your garden too.

Keep things Private:

When your front garden leads on to a road or street the one thing you want to try and incorporate into your garden is some privacy and security. Whilst security is essential in any home, privacy is not always an instant option. If you feel your front garden is a little exposing or open, introducing features such as a drystone wall or some wooden fencing will add that little extra privacy without shutting your home off from the rest of the world. Adding a matching gate will enable you to enter easily whilst giving your home that extra privacy. This is also really good for when young children or pets are living in your home, as you can keep them in your garden without worrying about them running out into the road.

Personal Touches:

Your front garden is seen by many people every day, so adding a personal touch will show off your personal style and highlight what the rest of your home is like. Keeping your front lawn neat and tidy is a great place to start. Planting a few brightly coloured flowers into some stylish. Bold pots will also add a heap of personality to your front garden. You can choose all kinds of styles that suit your home and make it that little more appealing. You could also look at introducing some cute items such as house name plates or numbers to not only make it easier for the postman, but also give your home a little something extra!

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A lot of new small business owners are trying to save money in their company by not paying for marketing. Instead, they DIY and for many reasons, this is completely understandable. First, we have been taught that you can market a company using the social tools you use in your personal life. Networks such as Facebook and Instagram are now some of the most powerful marketing tools online. Second, marketing through an agency is expensive. It might be too much for a small business owner to fit into their limited budget. Third, we’ve been told that marketing online is easy. This has given us a false sense of security and led us to believe that anyone can use SEO for their business. While it is possible to DIY SEO, people often miss out fundamental details.

Social Media

Yes, you can use social media for SEO and you should. Building up SEO through social media is an organic way to build your online profile. It doesn’t feel forced, and consumers don’t feel like they are being marketed too. At the same time, though, you shouldn’t use your business social network in the same way that you use a personal profile. You need to go a little deeper than that. We can look at Instagram as an example here. Marketing through Instagram isn’t just a case of adding beautiful pictures. You need to create actual ads using something like Facebook Ad Creator. You can learn how to do this online. This illustrates a common misconception. You might be using the same platforms but for business, you utilise them in different ways.

Content Creation

Content for SEO is about knowing what will and what won’t boost your search ranking. Adding a wealth of content will only boost your ranking if it’s of high quality. Poor quality content is just going to earn you a Google penalty, and this is one of the problems with DIY marketing. You can add plenty of content, but can you get it to the same quality level that a professional marketer could. The answer is probably no. Instead, you should focus on low amounts of content that are kept to a high standard. Or, you can encourage user generated content. If you can get effective UGC for your business, the marketing campaign will run itself.

Mobile Responsiveness

Finally, you need to think about mobile responsiveness and the modern consumer. The modern consumer probably isn’t using a laptop to view your site. Instead, they’ll be viewing the website on their phone or through another device. Despite this, the majority of websites online are not mobile responsive. They do not respond to the device that they are being viewed on. For instance, on a touch screen, a pinching mechanism is the most effective way to zoom in and out. Most sites are not equipped to allow customers to do this. If you can ensure your customers can you will have a definite advantage over competitors. But that’s not all. You should also look at unique ways to market specifically for mobile devices. By doing this, you can boost your SEO on a unique platform.

There’s nothing wrong with running your own marketing campaign. You do, however, need to make sure you reach the full potential for your business.

You Haven’t Seen It All

The surface area of the Earth is 197 million square miles. If the entire population of the world lived in a city as dense as New York, it would be the size of Texas. Texas is 268,820 square miles. Even if the whole world were in one spot, there would still be 732+ times that area to explore elsewhere. Considering that, when you travel, you must realize that you haven’t seen it all. You haven’t seen near all there is to see, and new discoveries are just waiting on the open road. Not only will you find new cities, towns, attractions, resorts, destinations and adventure as you travel, but it will never be the same again. You read that right. You can spend a year circling the globe on the same road and never have the same experience twice–maybe that’s a reason so many people in modernity have begun to develop the wanderlust? The fact is, communities develop. They transition, they grow, they change. Some get better, some get worse. Old businesses fold, or they expand, or they move. New businesses take their place, or snag a residence right across the street. That’s not to mention political upheaval or neighborhood developments.

To top it all off, the climate changes. People think of forests all wrong; they believe them to be static entities entirely rooted to one spot. That’s for the short term. In the long term, forests migrate with temperate ecology like a lichen over a shady surface. While the lichen can move so far in a year, it may take a forest a decade to do the same, or even a century. But there’s no denying human development actually can have a hand in positive climate change.

Consider a mountain town in Colorado nestled close against the Rockies. Well, as you travel east over the plains, the ecology transitions into desert. But in the older towns who have had time to develop the area over a hundred years or more, temperate climates yield exceptional moisture uncharacteristic to the region. More trees have been planted, and water has been requisitioned to care for hundreds of thousands of people. This has moistened the climate, making it more amenable to vegetation, and thus increasing the vegetation as more humidity facilitates more regular precipitation cycles. Slowly, the forest comes down from the mountain and meets with the forest of man, and the two become a continuous chain.

Undiscovered Coasts

As the world transitions, new discoveries are made every day. The oceans are being tapped because technology is allowing mankind to plumb their depths for secrets the likes of which confound the highest dreams of science fiction aficionados consumed in building space-castles in the air. A great example is Maryland. You can find cheap hotels in Ocean City, MD that are of resort quality. They’re right on the beach, with palm trees nestling near lawn chairs next to a beautiful surf continuously singing songs of adventure in a gentle, softly swaying way. Especially if you’re traveling for a purpose vetted by a crowdfunding platform, you may be able to make travel profitable.

A lot of people forget about the northeast coast. Seattle and Oregon are terribly beautiful, but Maryland, Maine, Rhode Island–there are some picturesque, temperate, humid, beautiful vacation spots all up and down this area. Cheap hotels are easy to find and often have great deals. All you’ve got to do is get out and travel; the wonders you find may blow your mind. Nigh-infinite discovery awaits.

Social media can be one of the most powerful tools for marketing yourself as a professional. By using pages and profiles designated specifically for your industry expertise, you can engage a large number of people in a short amount of time. This can help you land ideal careers while demonstrating your abilities through the sharing of information.

Enhancing Your Reputation

Building an intricate web of social connections allows you to reach out to a larger number of people. Instead of simply focusing on one social media site, you can attract viewers from additional platforms. For example: While you may engage a lot of people on Twitter, you can also grab the attention of people on YouTube that may not use Twitter on a regular basis. By marketing yourself on various platforms simultaneously, you may enhance your online reputation as an expert and be taken more seriously by those who need your specific talents.

Demonstrating Your Abilities

Creating content that is informative surrounding your field can be a great way to demonstrate your abilities. As more companies are taking to social media to find quality staff, your material could be seen by the right person at the right time. As long as you deliver messages that are informative and less random, you could be viewed as an expert by many. Professionals will often use their knowledge to build a following that can potentially lead to greater opportunities or engage a target audience, such as viewing a Peter Briger slideshare.

Always Active

Your profiles on social media sites are accessible 24 hours per day. This means these social hubs will continue to work for you even while you’re sleeping. The information you share can be read by anyone at anytime from many places around the world. Thanks to email and comment sections on websites, people can contact you at 2:30 in the morning without disrupting your sleep.


A lot of professionals use social media in conjunction with blogs and other platforms to help generate revenue. Ad sharing networks, affiliate advertising and general ads within certain content may help bring in a few extra dollars while marketing yourself for a career. In many cases, monetization of blogs and other profiles has created a steady stream of revenue for some of the most talented individuals on the Internet.

Building Yourself as a Brand

The more exposure you get, the more your name and abilities will be recognized across the Internet. It’s akin to how corporations spread awareness about a product or service. For instance, you can easily recognize the brand for Apple in a wide range of places online. While you may not achieve the same popularity as some of the biggest names in consumer electronics, the process of marketing yourself is similar. You want people to recognize who you are and what you can do regardless of which social site they frequent. It’s all about keeping your skills and talents in the minds of those who may approach you.

Social media has potential to be an incredible asset to marketing yourself as a professional in nearly any industry. By keeping your personal beliefs separate and the content relevant to what you can do, it’s possible to have wondrous opportunities unfold. Use social media for more than just chatting with friends and family. You may create a connection with those that can boost your career with just a message.

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