You should never judge a book by its cover, but we’re all guilty of judging a home from the moment we see the front garden. Both the home and the people living in landscape gardening and tree care specialist des moinesn it is judged by the first impressions, it’s a habit that everyone has.

Making your front garden is therefore a really key part of the presentation of your whole home, inside and out. You can create the impression you want by designing your front garden to suit you. Not only will a stylish front garden give people a little green eye of jealousy, it’ll also add value to your home which is a huge bonus!

Path and Driveway:

Your path or driveway is the area of your front garden that leads the eye straight to the home. Once you set your eyes on a layout such as a long path, you immediately follow the path with your eyes to see where it leads. Transform your path by edging it with a selection of plants that add character to your garden.

By combining a selection of different flowers and plants you can create an aesthetically pleasing look that will catch people’s eyes and stand out beautifully. Your driveway can be emphasized by simply giving it an arrangement of lighting to sit along each side. Not only will this look really good on an evening and enable your home to stand out to passers-by, but you’re adding essential security to your home too.

Flower Power:

Flower Power

It may seem like an obvious choice, but covering your front garden with an arrangement of gorgeous flowers will add great character as well as make it look really good. Whether you’re a fan of Peonies or Roses, you can plant a selection of them all over your front garden and emphasize the fresh, bright feel your home has to offer. Fresh flowers give an instant, welcoming feel and they also add a gorgeous aroma to your garden too.

Keep things Private:

When your front garden leads onto a road or street the one thing you want to try and incorporate into your garden is some privacy and security. Whilst security is essential in any home, privacy is not always an instant option. If you feel your front garden is a little exposing or open, introducing features such as a drystone wall or some wooden fencing will add that little extra privacy without shutting your home off from the rest of the world. Adding a matching gate will enable you to enter easily whilst giving your home that extra privacy. This is also really good for when young children or pets are living in your home, as you can keep them in your garden without worrying about them running out into the road.

Personal Touches:

Your front garden is seen by many people every day, so adding a personal touch will show off your personal style and highlight what the rest of your home is like. Keeping your front lawn neat and tidy is a great place to start. Planting a few brightly colored flowers into some stylish. Bold pots will also add a heap of personality to your front garden. You can choose all kinds of styles that suit your home and make it that little more appealing. You could also look at introducing some cute items such as house nameplates or numbers to not only make it easier for the postman but also give your home a little something extra!

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