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How to Landscape your Front Garden in 2023?

You should never judge a book by its cover, but we’re all guilty of judging a home from its front garden. If the front yard is neglected and overgrown, we see the owners as lazy. If it’s mowed well, we view them as responsible. However, if the front garden is full of beautiful plants and flowers with birds and butterflies fluttering about, our perception of the homeowners takes on an entirely new meaning! Therefore, making your front garden beautiful is a key part of the presentation of your whole home. You can create any impression you want by simply designing your front garden. An attractive front garden will not only give people a little green eye of jealousy, but it’ll also add value to your home. So, here are some of the best-kept front garden landscaping secrets to transform your barren courtyard into an idyllic heaven in 2023!

Best Ways to Beautify your Lawn with these Front Garden Landscaping Secrets!

Having a beautiful front garden can bring immense joy into your life. Therefore, it shouldn’t be an afterthought. Whether you’re building a brick house or remodeling an old home,  you need to plan and visualize your garden early on. Here are some landscaping techniques to beautify your front yard in 2023.

1) Enhance curb appeal by using variegated plants to line your walkway 

Your path or driveway is the area of your front garden that leads straight to the home. Once you set your eyes on a long path, you immediately follow the path with your eyes to see where it leads. It can be the center point of your garden. That’s why try edging it with a selection of eye-catching plants. Variegated variety of many plants such as hosta, boxwood, snake plants, etc. looks super attractive. By combining a selection of different flowers and plants you can create an aesthetically pleasing look that will stand out beautifully. 

Moreover, landscaping pros recommend using interesting materials to line your walkway. You can go for a classic cobblestone look, or pave them using flagstones, bricks, etc. The choices are endless. Just keep in mind the overall theme and look of your front garden because it will contribute significantly to it. Your driveway can also be emphasized by simply giving it an arrangement of lighting to sit along each side. Not only will this look stunning on an evening and make your house stand out to passersby, but also add essential security to your home too.

2) Flower Power! Fill your garden with an assortment of flowers

It may seem like an obvious choice, but covering your front garden with an arrangement of gorgeous flowers adds great character as well as make it look charming & idyllic. Whether you’re a fan of Peonies or Roses, you can plant a selection of them all over your front garden and emphasize the fresh, bright feel your home has to offer. Fresh flowers give an instant, welcoming feel and they also add a gorgeous aroma to your garden too. Furthermore, they attract bees, birds, and other insects which promotes pollination leading to more growth and diversity in your garden. Plus, hearing the birds chirp and sing creates such a peaceful atmosphere that will attract everyone to your pastoral heaven. Undoubtedly, flowers have numerous positive benefits for everyone!

3) Shrubs and hedges provide privacy without claustrophobia

When your front garden leads onto a road or street, you’ll need to incorporate privacy & security into your garden. Whilst security is essential in any home, privacy is not always an instant option. If you feel your front garden is a little exposed or open, you can introduce features such as a drystone wall or some wooden fencing during a home remodeling project to get some privacy.

However, having a wall or a fence, especially if you have a small front yard, can be claustrophobic. Not only can it reduce your gardening area but also shut you off from the world. A better option is to use shrubs and hedges to line your outer boundary. Even better if you use flowering shrubs. This way, you can improve your garden landscape without turning it into a claustrophobic space while also getting all the privacy you need! Truly, the best of all worlds!

Another good idea is to add a matching gate that will enable you to enter easily whilst giving your home that extra privacy. This is also really good for when young children or pets are living in your home, as you can keep them in your garden without worrying about them running out into the road.

4) Create a Patio on the front instead of the backyard

Patios are great spaces for outdoor parties. However, most people tend to make them in the backyard since it is more frequently used to entertain guests and host BBQ parties. Nevertheless, having a small gathering space in the front yard can make it seem more welcoming. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate patio, simply a little space for a couple of garden chairs and a firepit will do. 

If you’re planning on flipping a house anytime soon, we really recommend bringing back the porch. It’s a beautiful place to relax while watching your pastoral front garden, reading a book, or waving to your neighbors.

5) Use lawn mowing to promote biodiversity and healthier plants

Lawn mowers are a necessity when it comes to gardening and landscaping. They are used to trim the grass and keep it manageable. However, most people do it wrong. It is true that regularly mowing lawns reduce weed growth and increases the quality of the grass. Grass tends to grow thicker and better when it is cut regularly.

Nonetheless, people use lawn mowers too aggressively and too frequently. According to a study, it is actually more beneficial for the grass and your garden if you cut the grass longer and mow it at longer intervals. It increases biodiversity, and soil quality as well as reduces pests. Cutting the grass blades too short deprives the plant of taking in essential nutrients and reduces photosynthesis. That’s why landscaping pros emphasize the importance of using the lawn mower properly.

6) Small Garden? Layer it up!

A leveled front lawn is a classic. Freshly mowed lawn with lush green grass looks stunning. Plus, it is easy to take care of and eaves more space for hosting gatherings. But if you truly want to know a front garden landscaping secret, it’s layering it up! The 2023 landscaping trends are in favor of slopes. You can create a layered section in your garden by adding stones, rocks, and a variety of different textures, and colors. The contrast of all these different things will make your garden more lush and abundant. Use plants like salvias, azaleas, euonymus shrouds, and miniature irises. You can also use dwarf varieties of the same plants as well. You’ll have to really get into gardening as a hobby in order to understand plants and bring the best out of your front garden.

7) Add character to your garden by personalizing it!

Your front garden is seen by many people every day, so adding a personal touch shows off your personal style and highlights what the rest of your home is like. A house can embody the personality of its owner. No wonder there are all sorts of unusual houses out there, each with its own quirks. No matter how many front garden landscaping secrets you try to learn, nothing will beat your own creativity and originality. Do what you love. Turn your front garden into a space that reflects who you are; where you can find inner peace, and which brings you eternal happiness and joy. 

Some idea to make your front garden unique is to add bold, antique pots. Basically, you can turn anything into a flower pot. Have a woven basket? Use it as a plant hanger. Got a broken vase? Turn it into a succulent arrangement. Additionally, you can create focal points in your garden such as a water fountain, a vertical herb garden, a lighting arrangement, a stone wall, or any other art piece you want to create. All these things will personalize your garden and make it feel truly your own!

Wrapping up

Having a front garden or a lawn is a blessing. There’s no denying the health benefits of nature. So, instead of going out to look for it, bring it into your home. Turn your home garden into an idyllic heaven with these front garden landscaping secrets. Make it a space where you can find inner peace in solitude and joy in social gatherings. For sure, it will be rewarding in every way.

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