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Top 7 Best Productivity Apps for Mac

Your new Mac only comes with a few basic OS X system apps that do not seem to offer much usefulness. To increase the productivity of your Mac, you should install some useful apps that can improve your workflow for your personal purposes or professions.

There are a number of free Mac apps that can increase your productivity. It can be overwhelming as to which app to install since your Mac has limited disk space. Not all apps are good so you must know how to pick the right apps to install.

Best productivity apps for mac

Best Productivity Mac Apps to Enhance Your Work Performance

The following are the top 7 productivity apps that you can install on your Mac.

1- Airmail

Airmail is an email client that allows you to conveniently check the inbox of your email accounts on Mac. It supports significant email services such as Live.com, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and AOL Mail. It integrates with the calendar on Mac as well as other third-party calendars. It also integrates with other apps like Evernote. You can set up folders to organize your email. Filters can be used to perform a search on the emails in the inbox.

2- 1Password

1Password is an app used for storing all your passwords. It features a Watchtower service that reminds you when you need to change your password. It displays the logo of the website on which you store passwords. The password is encrypted on your computer rather than on a server. You can also use the app to store important data such as credit card details,

3- Tweetbot

Tweetbot is a Twitter client that allows you to keep track of what’s happening on your Twitter profile. The Activity Tab is where you will find the notifications on new followers, someone mentioning you in their tweets, retweets of your posts and liking your tweets. Tweetbot is advertisement free because Twitter has banned displaying ads to third-party clients. It is able to display photos streamed from your Instagram account.

4- Transmit

Transmit is an app that you can use to transfer files to your server or file-sharing services like Amazon S3, WebDAV and cloud storage. It supports both FTP and SFTP servers. The transfer manager features a two-pane view and you can access your folder with just one click. You can upload multiple files at one time. The file transfer can occur quickly, with the latest version being able to transfer files as fast as 25 times faster than the previous version.

 5- Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro is an app that allows you to set up macros. It features a three columns macro editor with the first column listing the macros groups. When you select a group, the macros in the group will be displayed in the second column. The third column provides information on how the macros can be triggered and what actions they will execute. You can edit the new macro that you have created in the third column.

6- Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac is a screen capture software designed to operate in the latest versions of Mac OS X. It features a fully resizable recording frame that can be resized to exactly fit the size of the area that you want to record. There are 4 types of screen capture resolution you can choose from the drop-down menu including Full Screen, YouTube, Standard and Widescreen. It is able to record input from any external audio systems connected to your Mac computer including audio speakers, and a microphone.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac includes a video editor for convenient editing of the video. For example, the video editor allows you to make some changes to the video, for example, cutting off parts of the video where it records the online video buffering and not loading properly. You can add blocks of text to the video to point out something to the audience.

The interface language is English by default but you can change it to your own native language in the program settings. In the program settings, you can also set it to automatically check updates. You can also specify the default folder where all the screen-captured videos will be automatically saved. This prevents you from having to set the destination folder each time you record a video.

You can change the size of the recording frame in three ways including dragging the corner of the frame with your mouse cursor, selecting one of the preset resolutions from the drop-down menu, or manually typing in the width and height of the resolution in the fields below. Movavi Screen Capture Studio offers 4 types of screen capture resolutions including full screen, YouTube, Standard and Widescreen. The Select Capture Area drop-down menu can come in handy if you want to record a screen on Mac at a specific screen resolution. Still, you are not able to adjust the recording frame to the specific resolution you want with the mouse cursor.

7- Google Drive:

Google Drive offers free cloud-based storage that allows you to store up to 15GB of files. You can store all kinds of files in Google Drive including PDFs, photos and videos. It features a search function that allows you to search for the files with a keyword for example a file name. There are 3 sharing permissions for the files on Google Drive including view, comment and edit. It will show the details about the files and let know what kinds of activities have been performed on the files. You can also browse the files offline on Google Drive.

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