Natural disasters can affect anyone, but certain states are at higher risk. Texas, for example, has at least one major natural disaster each year. Hurricanes, wildfires, and tornadoes hit the state annually and have earned Texas a top-ranking spot in occurrences. Weather trackers alert residents across the US to potentially disastrous weather-based conditions, but people in Michigan may lead somewhat less concerned lives. Excluding heavy snow, Michigan rests at the opposite side of the natural disaster scale with one of the lowest probability factors and a number of occurrences.

When you finally settle on the idea of an app, it becomes more than just important to know the 5 essential mobile app development process steps. With millions of apps in both stores, you have to come up with a special app to stay afloat in business.

Mobile App Development Process

Every other developer could generate codes for a mobile app over an afternoon or even overnight. It, however, takes much more time and effort to come up with a useful app. The research, planning, design, testing and development processes are simply irreplaceable. These are the 5 essential mobile app development process steps.

1. Research

Before you embark on the development of an app, you will need to conduct some research. This research validates your need to have a mobile app. It also highlights the specific challenges that the mobile phone app seeks to solve. Your app must add value to your potential end users.

A part from just solving existing problems, the research should determine what similar apps are doing and how it seeks to be different. Your research could extend to what end users are missing from the existing apps too. Also, you need to conduct a market research to establish what the market craves.

2. Develop a Blueprint

Right after the research step is the wire-framing step. Here, you outline the various aspects of your app. They may include the various stages of development, components of the app, features and software. Developing a blueprint not only helps you to get a rough idea of how the mobile app will look like but also keeps you on track.

Similarly, the blueprint ensures you coordinate all your development to deployment tasks according to schedule. This stage ensures that vital features, add-ons and suggestions obtained during research stage are applied. The blueprint helps you to fuse all your development ideas into a functional app.

3. Technical feasibility Analysis

Here, you analyze the functionality of whatever is put down on paper. While some ideas may be rosy and futuristic, they may lack in technical substance. In this step, you will have to determine whether the back-end solutions proposed are tenable, applicable and possible, or otherwise.

You will need access to public data via the Application Programming Interface (API) to determine the feasibility of your app’s functionalities. Through sourcing of public API, you also get to know the various requirements for your app depending on the OS and the formats involved. This stage is critical in that it gives developers an idea of what is achievable, what can be improved, and what is outright impossible.

4. Mobile App Design

This is often a more coordinated step than the rest. It brings together all the stakeholders involved in the mobile app development process. While the User Interface (UI) team works on how the mobile app feels and looks, the User Experience Team (UX) coordinate how different elements of the app interact with one another.

With a mobile app prototype on the side, this stage can be a breeze. Depending on the usage, number of users and budget of the client, the mobile app design can be completed in a couple of hours.

5. Development and Deployment

This is the last and perhaps the most essential mobile app development process step. Here, all the research, suggestions, feedback, processes, UI and UX are pieced together. As the developers engage in coding, the core functionalities of the mobile app are tested. Similarly, this step involves cleaning and streamlining of the app’s processes to ensure an interactive end user experience.

Application testing at this stage also includes tests for compatibility, usability, performance, interface and stress. It is advisable to conduct these tests earlier in the development phase to avoid incurring additional costs. Once the mobile app is finally cleared by a selected group of users, and has passed a beta test, your app is ready for the real world!


While it is easy for a developer to write codes of a mobile app overnight and submit it for acceptance into the app stores, it takes procedure to develop a successful mobile app. These 5 essential mobile app development process steps are sure to guide you right from the idea stage to the deployment step.

Whether you need to estimate your household spending and income or company’s financial expectation, you need to develop budget in order to save yourself or company from financial chaos. It is necessary for the businesses to understand the importance of relationship between forecasting, budgeting and performance of the companies. An efficient and clear budget can help the company to optimize their financial position as well as expansion. But creating a budget is not an easy task.

Budget Templates

It can be complicated and nerve wrecking practice for companies or individuals, but availability of budget templates makes it a bit easier for the people. So, if you are serious in making budgets in a short time with low cost, you must read this article.

Budget… A Snapshot of future Financial Expectations

A budget is basically a road map for the individuals or the business about what they have and where they can spend. It provides complete outlook about the financial prospect of organizational future projects or financial transaction. In simple words it helps the people or organizations to keep track on their future revenue, cost and profit. It can also assist the organization to compare their projected and actual performance on either monthly, quarterly or annually basis.

Why budgeting is essential facet for planning and control

It becomes the most essential step for efficient planning and control system of the organizations. A business without planning and monitoring is incapable to grow as well as grasp investment opportunities. Thus, is unable to maximize their profits. While on the other hand a carefully developed budget along with effectual planning and control, a business can easily track their financial position. Strategic long-term planning also depends on performance of the budgets. Moreover, these are important for investors, creditors and employees of the organizations.

Efficient and quick budgeting by Budget Templates

Creating a budget from scrape by collecting and compiling all required information manually is definitely a time-consuming task for every business and individuals. There is a chance of errors and mistakes which will lead the business to wrong decisions, but budgets templates make this process a bit easier and more efficient for the business. You can use simple budget templates to complex one depends on your requirement and need. You can save money and time by taking advantage of free online available budget templates such as business budget templates in Excel, Mint budget templates, vertext42 monthly budget worksheet excel and so many templates out there. Here your task is to choose the one which is the most suitable for your need.

Examples of free Business Budget Templates

Whenever you decided to start a budget planning, you can find many websites which offers you free online business budget templates and with just a single click you can save money as well as time for your future. Here are examples of free business budgets templates

  • Simple Budget work sheet
  • Excel Budget Templates
  • Department Budget Templates
  • Detailed financial projection spreadsheets
  • Budget calculator
  • Small business budget templates
  • Monthly budget worksheet

A budget is a part and parcel step for future projection as well as expectations for both individuals and organizations. It provides a deep insight to your financial performance as well position. Yet, making an effective and efficient budget is not a piece of cake; it required a lot of hard work and careful presentation of information. But budget templates make it easier for their users to manage their business financial expectations and goals with no cost and in short time.

In mid-March, Facebook faced a major scandal concerning a security breach that allowed data firm Cambridge Analytica to access data from around 50 million of the social network’s users, without their permission. But it was way more than we thought, 87 million according to Facebook.

Facebook Data Scandal

This data was allegedly used to target American voters with political ads to enhance the efficiency of Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign. Psychographic profiles were drawn up thanks to information gleaned by app called “thisisyourdigitallife” created by Aleksandr Kogan, a Russian-American psychology professor at the University of Cambridge.

This personality prediction app helped the company to collect information not only from Facebook users who took the test, but also from their friends. Facebook claims that Kogan told the company he was compiling data merely for academic purposes, while it now seems that Kogan had planned all along to hand his research over to Cambridge Analytica, so that it could be used for political campaigning in the US.

It has also transpired that Facebook knew about this misuse of data 2 years ago, but failed to share this information with the public. The company simply removed the app from its platform and asked Kogan to delete the data he had gathered.

Since then, Facebook stock has been in free fall, losing more than USD 30. But what might affect its share price even more is the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law, which should go into effect on May 25th. The GDPR deals with online privacy and plans to force websites to be far more open with their users on how exactly they collect and use their data. This law should provide more protection to users regarding access to their data and the way it is shared. Fines for companies which break this law could be up to 4% of their annual global revenues.

Tech companies have been hit hard recently by dwindling user trust in many of their most popular products, pushing down the markets. The extent to which Facebook is going to be affected by this latest scandal and the GDPR law is unknown, but serious concerns have been raised about the company’s lack of respect for user privacy.

While many investors are currently selling tech holdings, traders who believe that the current controversy is merely a blip are taking the opportunity to buy leading FANG stocks through global stock brokers that provide financial products and trading platforms. Among the most reliable broker you can use is, which offers CFDs on most US blue chips, cutting-edge trading tools and a range of advanced charts.

Is your smartphone outdated? Are you missing out on the latest apps because your operating system is too old for the newest technology? A phone older than two or three years means missing out on a lot of new features, functions, and apps.

Upgrade Your Smartphone

Let’s take a look at new improvements in the world of smartphones.

Updated Look

Thinner and sleeker, new smartphones also offer bezel-less screens using the entire front surface area for viewing texts and images. Improved picture quality, larger data caches, and longer lasting batteries give the users more time on the phone and less time recharging. Plus, you can select from a variety of phones, screen sizes, and colors. Wireless headphone jacks with Bluetooth technology give you a better sound for music and movies, and they get rid of annoying cords. Choose a smartphone upgrade from T-Mobile, the network voted fastest overall by OpenSignal.

True Colors

Images on older phones often lack the sharpness and brightness. With a new smartphone, your picture quality rivals any point-and-shoot camera on the market. Experience vibrant images for photos, movies, and games. The new images make your selfies and other shots stand out from the crowd on Instagram and Snapchat. Don’t settle for the slightly blurry, off-color pictures from an older model phone.

great mobile camera

Great Camera

Smartphones now have two cameras, at least 12 megapixels, and new editing capabilities. The second lens is telephoto allowing clear and sharp images of distant subjects. New smartphones offer better low light shots and truer colors. Some offer a portrait mode that simulates the shallow depth of field effect that happens on traditional cameras with a long lens and a big aperture. Or, try using a bokeh effect that lets you blur the background while keeping the subject of the photo sharp and clear.

Stronger Seals

Water is the number one enemy of mobile phones. New phones are not only splash proof but some smartphones withstand immersion in water up to 3 feet. It’s still not a good idea to swim with your phone, but if it accidentally falls into water, don’t panic. The tougher seal also keeps dust and dirt from reaching components.

Bluetooth Technology

No more headphones or earbud wires. New smartphones use Bluetooth technology when connecting with listening devices. With wireless devices, just plug in the USB adapter and the sound flows through your headphones and earbuds crisp and clear. Plus, Bluetooth wireless speakers let you bring sound to the entire party without a fancy stereo system.

Constant Internet Access

No matter where you go, the internet is as close as your phone. Today’s smartphones connect online without a wireless café or other internet hotspots nearby. If you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, switch your phone to the Wi-Fi hotspot mode and enjoy uninterrupted data. Plus, acting as your own hotspot lets nearby friends or colleagues connect to Wi-Fi through your phone. Next time you’re stuck in severe weather or lost on vacation, just check your phone for tips and maps to get you where you’re going.

Faster Processing

New apps seem to pop up every day. But, if your operating system is old, chances are you can’t load the new software. How fast your phone loads and how well it runs apps, games, and movies depends on the speed of the processing system. Many older phones can’t run new apps and downloading music and movies takes a long time. If you want better streaming quality or play the latest version of your favorite game, you need a new smartphone. As more businesses offer apps for customers and clients, keep your phone up-to-date and don’t get left out.

Manufactures offer new phones each year, but they only have major updates to operating systems once every three years or more. Keeping up with the new software is important if you want your phone to function properly. As phones age, many companies drop tech support for the older versions. That app you use every day might not work as well anymore. Invest in a new smartphone and keep your world running smoothly.

Gadgets are the food for lovers of technology. Whether you admit it or not, gadgets are a part of your life. Are you someone who drools over the latest technological inventions? If yes is your answer, here is a list of the 15 greatest gadgets of the last decade for you. Go through this list and find out which are the stuffs that changed your life in the last 10 years.

Greatest Gadgets

It is amazing to think how technology has changed our lives. Think about it. Could you imagine as a child that you could watch full-length movies on the palm of your hand? Or you could hear the latest chartbusters anytime, anywhere without actually visiting a store? It was also highly unlikely that you could carry all your important details in something as little as your thumb. But all that has been made possible – thanks to technological innovations. There has been extraordinary technological progress in the last 10 years. Take 10 steps back and see which the gadgets of the decade were.

These days, gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and laptops are only increasing in price as they become more and more technologically advanced. When it comes to mobile phones, it seems that every other day there is a new model on the market and brands such as iPhone and Samsung can charge up to £1000 for the latest model on release day. Apple only have to change two or three features to justify bringing out a brand new model, and its loyal fans are quick to snap them up without thinking twice.

Expensive Gadgets

These gadgets are not only highly expensive but also very prone to breakages. Smartphones are especially delicate, and a simple fall on a hard floor can smash the screen to pieces, leaving you with a bill of around one hundred pounds to fix it. This leads to the big question, if we are spending so much money on gadgets, should we be insuring them? Insurance really comes at a small price when you think of how much we pay for our phones and other gadgets, and if something happens to the phone or it suddenly stops working, you are almost guaranteed a brand new, shiny replacement. As mentioned, just to fix the glass on a smartphone could cost hundreds, making it almost worth just buying a brand new one altogether.

But is insurance really worth it? Does it really cover all breakages, and are you always guaranteed a replacement? Many insurance companies are very stingy when it comes to issuing replacements, and may have their own special conditions. For example, if the accident was your fault, or you lost it, rather than had it stolen, they may refuse to replace or may charge you to replace it, meaning it could actually cost you more in the long run.

Is signing up for insurance on a gadget or smartphone just a waste of money? In 2015, The Wall Street Journal published a lengthy article explaining why gadget insurance is almost never worth it, and why you should just suck it up and pay the repair fees should something happen to your phone or gadget. Basically, they say, it is a way for companies to make even more money from you, and is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Insurers know how attached we have all become to technology and our gadgets, and they take advantage of that.

In reality, there are many things you could do and precautions you could take in order to protect your gadgets that will save you a lot of money on an expensive insurance plan. With smartphones, the best thing to do is invest in a high quality screen protector and a case that covers and offers support to the whole phone, meaning that if you drop it, it is fully protected.

Instead of buying pricey iPhone insurance, take these steps, and to protect yourself against thieves, install a tracking application that shows the exact location of your phone at all times. That way, if it is stolen, it can quickly be tracked by police. Remember, most gadgets already come with a year of free insurance, and the iPhone is one of them. When you buy an iPhone new, you benefit from the fact that it comes with one year of free hardware repair coverage included.

At the end of the day, while it is true that gadgets are getting more expensive and we should take great care with them, signing up for insurance is likely to be something both you and your bank account will regret.