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12 Cute Cars You Would Love To Own

The dictionary defines “cute” as attractive, often in a youthful way. In the car world, cuteness is usually seen negatively. Picture a BMW meet where your i3 appears cute next to the powerful 1M Coupe. People would admire your cute car but most of them would be more interested in the powerful 1M Coupe.

Do not get us wrong; we like cute cars and we’d to own most of the ones on this list. Please note that this list solely focuses on the cutest cars, disregarding performance or practicality.

12 Cutest Cars of Present Time

1. The Microlino

The Microlino

This cute car stands out as an adorable, agile, and efficient vehicle, tailored for city streets. With an all-electric and lightweight build, it evokes the charm of 1950s bubble cars, reminiscent of the BMW Isetta. Beyond its cuteness, the surprise lies in its four-hour charge time from a regular house plug.

However, in the US, Microlino falls into the low-speed vehicle (LSV) category, not subject to the same regulations as conventional cars, and many states permit LSVs on roads with a 35 mph limit or lower. To drive and decorate a microcar, familiarize yourself with your state’s regulations.

2. Honda e

In 2017, Honda unveiled the Urban EV Concept, later known as the Honda e, paying homage to the first-gen Civic. Mirroring the concept, the production model boasted a compact, Mini Cooper-esque design, agile with a short wheelbase. Its 134 to 153-horsepower electric motor offered thrilling drives due to instant power delivery.

However, its 137-mile range upon release in 2020 quickly became outdated amid the rapid advancement of EV technology. By today’s standards, a range of 250 miles is the minimum for relevance. Unfortunately, the Honda e fell short, lasting only four years before being discontinued, marking a financial loss for the company.

3. Austin-Healey ‘Frogeye’ Sprite

Austin-Healey Sprite
Image By: wikipedia

Hailing from a land known for its stiff upper lip and where cuteness was deemed a crime until 1949, behold the Austin-Healey Sprite: an unintentionally adorable creation. Originally intended to sport pop-up headlights, British frugality prevailed, fixing the lights inward on the wings instead. The result? The cheeriest face ever to grace the British Isles, a delightful accident in automotive design.

4. Geely Panda Mini

When it comes to cute cars, one standout is the Geely Panda Mini, likely a familiar sight in magazines or social media. This petite electric vehicle debuted at a Chinese shopping center, sporting a design inspired by the beloved panda bear, featuring a rounded shape and prominent LED headlights. Complete with mirror “ears,” it’s a car that embodies panda charm.

Geely’s market focus is predominantly on China, so chances of spotting a Panda Mini in the US are slim. But for enthusiasts of cute rides, the allure of experiencing one firsthand is undeniably intriguing.

5. Nissan Figaro

Nissan Figaro

The Figaro, a darling retro ride, earns its spot among our picks for cute cars. Unveiled at the 1989 Tokyo Motor Show, this gem was crafted by Pike Factory, the masterminds behind the Be-1, Pao, and S-Cargo.

Spotting a Figaro stateside is rare; it never graced official US markets, often entering via private imports. But for collectors craving rarities, the hunt for a Figaro promises adventure and intrigue—a pursuit well worth the effort.

6. Mazda MX-5 Miata (NA)

Mazda MX-5 Miata

The Miata’s charm has evolved over time, though the NA (first-gen) remains undeniably adorable. Those pop-up headlights and the air intake forming a grin were intentionally crafted by the late Shunji Tanaka, mimicking a Japanese Noh mask. This design imparts changing emotions from various angles.

Renowned for its exceptional handling, the NA brings joy to onlookers as you pass by. Revving the engine brings satisfaction while throwing it into corners leaves the chassis exhilarated. Despite its inherent fun, subsequent Miata models ditched the endearing face due to safety concerns about pop-up headlights. If you’re ever struck by a Miata, hope it’s an NB, NC, or ND—still unpleasant, but there will be no headlight in your gut.

7. Kei Firetruck

Have you heard about the Kei Firetruck? It might have popped up on your Instagram feed during the pandemic, spreading joy worldwide with its unique charm. These pint-sized fire trucks were once commonplace in rural Japan. However, an interesting twist occurred in San Francisco, where an old Kei firetruck was restored to combat fires effectively once more using modern car accessories.

8. MINI Cooper

MINI Cooper

Meet the 2019 Mini: a subcompact convertible blending cuteness with power. Offering three engine options, it boasts distinctive LED taillights illuminating a Union Jack pattern. Despite the top-down allure, noise levels remain impressively managed.

Drivers enjoy a spectrum of color and pattern choices to match their style. Its iconic rounded body exudes a unique charm. Equipped with Apple CarPlay and advanced safety features, including an 8.8-inch touchscreen with navigation and wireless charging, driving becomes safer, comfier, and downright enjoyable, especially when you play fun games in the car.

9. Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny

The current Suzuki Jimny bears a striking resemblance to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class but in a smaller, more endearing form. However, let’s flip the script: the G-Class family car could easily be mistaken for Jimny’s larger, unnecessarily bulky sibling. Interestingly, the Jimny predates the G-Class, hinting that if there’s any design borrowing happening, it’s likely from Mercedes.

While the modern Jimny is a car many of us in America yearn for, its on-road performance leaves much to be desired. Despite boasting a contemporary infotainment system, its interior feels cramped (though the introduction of a new five-door variant has somewhat alleviated this issue) and its power delivery is lackluster.

Nevertheless, its aesthetic appeal and remarkable off-road capabilities, which can rival those of vehicles costing significantly more, make it a tempting choice. While it may falter on the pavement, it truly shines when tackling rugged terrain.

10. Suzuki Hustler

Suzuki Hustler

The Suzuki Hustler resembles a downsized Toyota FJ Cruiser, tailored for Japan’s kei segment where compact cars reign. Japan incentivizes smaller models, known as kei cars, with perks like reduced sales tax, fostering a tradition of good-looking cars. Despite its diminutive 52-horsepower, 658cc three-cylinder engine, the Hustler impresses with its blend of character and practicality packed into a tiny frame.

11. Fiat 500

Fiat 500

Are the classic Fiat 500s cute vintage cars? They definitely fit the description, but calling them “delicate” feels off. The original Fiat 500 is among four cars that transformed the European automotive industry post-WWII. With limited resources, European engineers were forced to create small, affordable cars with decent performance. Despite their size, these cute cars for females needed to be practical with plenty of cargo space. If you examine the OG Cinquecento, Mini, Beetle, and 2CV, they all met these goals.

There’s no denying it’s one of the cutest cars ever made, and in the mid 2000s, the revamped 500 emphasized the original design, sacrificing rear seat usability and trunk space.

Even so, you can take a modern 500 on the highway without fear. Opt for one of the sought-after Abarth models, and you get sporty performance and great handling.

The all-new, all-electric version will be available soon, and it’s a significant risk for Fiat. Cute car models have traditionally struggled in the USA, and EV sales aren’t as high as manufacturers anticipated.

12. Google Firefly

The most adorable and rearest car developed in the 2010s isn’t from a major car manufacturer nor does it hail from the Cars franchise. Meet Google’s Firefly: a pod-shaped car resembling a vacuum cleaner attachment with a friendly face that competes effortlessly with a Pomeranian puppy on the cuteness scale. Drivers who encountered Firefly on the road probably didn’t find it as charming, given its top speed of only 25 mph. Nonetheless, it stands as one of the most endearing creations ever from Google, now Waymo and holds a pivotal place in the evolution of autonomous technology.

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