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8 Best Family Vehicles! Top Choices Made Easy for Families!

Whether you are a new mom or a dad, you would need to think over your future road trip plans with your families. When it comes to road trips the first thing that may pop up in everyone’s mind is a good family car. If you are someone who is planning to get a new vehicle before the next family road trip then you must be wondering what features a good family car should have and which model is best?

Confused about choosing a family car that is best for you and your beloved family? You will certainly have a look for the features like safety, reliability, ample space to pack the luggage instead of performance and speed. Moreover, entertainment is also an important element which can not be neglected and for that, you need a good infotainment system.

While you are in the market to purchase a family car, it seems to be hectic work and requires a lot of patience but we have got your back! From minivans and sedans to crossovers and SUVs, this list of best family vehicles will make your choice easier.

Best family cars

8 Best Cars for Families to Buy in 2022

Before you assume a family car is a special breed, let us stop you right there. A family car is just another car. Apart from the regular features, a family car provides special options to accommodate frequent trips and passenger safety. Here they are:

  • Firstly, good family cars will have enough space for luggage. It is why you are purchasing a family car in the first place.
  • Secondly, a big family car is spacious for the young ones to comfortable sit and much on their snacks. The seat belt alarm system prevents the car from turning on.
  • Thirdly, a great family car offers an infotainment center to keep everyone busy. As an example, touchscreens are very common.
  • Lastly, a family car does not compromise safety. It comes with cameras, seat belts, and assistive driving to keep the adults and children safe.

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1. 2022 Honda Odyssey

The first mention on the list of best family cars is the Honda Odyssey. It is simply the premier mention since it won three rewards for its valuable contribution to keeping the children safety. Looking back, it was the best minivan in 2021. However, other reasons to purchase the car includes:

2022 Honda Odyssey
Image Source: Honda


  • The car has eight seats, each with an airbag.
  • The camera built-in the interior lets the parents supervise the children in the back seat.
  • There is Wi-Fi in the car to keep the children occupied.
  • The sunshades protect the children seated in the second and third row.
  • The sensory addition allows you to open the trunk by kicking air under the bumper.
  • Emergency brakes automatically apply when the AI senses the car is on an inevitable collision course.
  • The Honda Odyssey starts at $32,000.

2. 2022 Ford Expedition

If you have bikes and children to drive from one location to another, an SUV is your best pick. A family SUV will safely transport your three kids, pets, and bicycles to the intended destination. We have the perfect one for you—the 2022 Ford Expedition. Here are its features:

Image Source: Ford


  • The car comes with a spacious interior that you can sleep in it. However, we suggest you don’t.
  • It is spacious enough to set up 8 people.
  • The middle seat in the second row folds for easy access to the third row.
  • The SUV has a 15.5-inch LED screen installed to keep the passengers busy.
  • It has a 4G LTE Wi-Fi spot with a 360-degree camera.
  • The price begins at $51,000. *Gulp*

3. 2022 Toyota Highlander

Continuing on the list of best family SUVs, we present an affordable option for safe transportation. The car manufacturer designed the SUV as an economic car with reliable safety features. It provides a comfortable environment. However, that’s not all!

2022 Toyota Highlander
Image Source: Toyota


  • The SUV has adaptive cruise control with front and rear assistive parking.
  • Beaming LED headlights will help driving in snow and tough weather.
  • The car offers tracking and remote locking and unlocking with safety controls.
  • The best family SUV can seat eight people while they watch a 12.3 inches LED screen.
  • There are wireless charging ports at the front row.
  • The price starts at $35,205.

4. 2022 Subaru Forester

Don’t have enough space to park a regular SUV? The Consumer Report rates the 2022 Subaru Forester as the best compact SUV with its well-compacted design and spacious interior. Furthermore, it also has sufficient safety features. These include:

2022 Subaru Forester
Image Source: Subaru


  • Forward collision warning if you are too close to a car.
  • Emergency steering option with complete built-in automation
  • Thirdly, the lane departure signals when you are out of line.
  • The car has a seating capacity for five family members.
  • A remote engine option is also available, that lets the user warm up the engine through their phone.
  • The compact SUV works wonderfully with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • Two USB portals are present in the front to charge your phones. In addition, two are present in the rear seat.
  • The Forester starts from $25,195.

5. 2022 Honda Accord

On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with purchasing a sedan. These are affordable and reliable options while providing long-term and safe driving. The US News and World Report named it one of the best family cars. Indeed, it’s one of the most popular family cars on our list eventually! Here is what the car offers:

2022 Honda Accord
Image Source: Honda


  • The car has enough seating capacity for a family of five.
  • It has ample pockets to store books and belongings with well-ventilation.
  • The climate control option keeps the passengers warm or cold.
  • The camera provides multiple perspectives to monitor seated children.
  • The driver can remotely lock the car and view fuel requirements from their phone.
  • The car will automatically come to a halt when the collision mechanism senses a collision
  • The sedan offers a Wi-Fi hotspot and phone chargers.
  • The price for the base model starts from $25,470.

6. 2022 Lexus ES

Imagine taking an impressive parental car to drop your children at the piano or soccer practice! Therefore, we suggest driving the new 2022 Lexus US which made it to the list of 2022 safest sedans. It is a winner on many accounts due to its features.

2022 Lexus ES
Image Source: Lexus


  • The climate controls offer comfortable seating. As a result, the seats and steering wheel will remain warm.
  • Forgot to charge your phone? Indeed, the car comes with a wireless phone charger.
  • The sedan offers six USB ports and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Kick the air under the bumper. As a result, the truck will open.
  • The car offers a bird’s eye perspective. Resultantly, you can monitor your front, back, and sides.
  • The sedan beeps when you are out of your lane.
  • Are seat belts undone? Consequently, the alarm will beep louder with every passing second until the safety protocols are in place
  • The price starts from as low as $40,800.

7. 2022 Lincoln Navigator

Lastly, we can’t complete the list of top and best family cars without a fully dedicated luxury section. We present Lincoln Navigator, a fancy addition to the list which was at the top of every magazine. Its well-installed features and three rows are revolutionary.

2022 Lincoln Navigator
Image Source: Lincoln


  • In the case of a big family, the car will seat seven family members.
  • The car offers an intercom service. Resultantly, you can talk to individuals in the back seat.
  • The vehicle offers two 10-inch screens with a 13-inch touch screen for back-row passengers. In other words, it’s entertainment on every trip.
  • The car offers a pedestrian detection feature. As a result, you and the bystanders stay safe.
  • The suspension system leads to road assessment. In addition, the suspense is automatically deployed when road bumps are detected.
  • Do you live in unexpected weather conditions? For this reason, the vehicle arrives with high beams.
  • Finally, the built-in navigation system ensures you reach the destination on time.
  • The luxury car is priced at a whopping $76,710.

8. 2022 Jeep Wagoneer

Finally, we present another lavish option with its unexpected positive reviews and salivating interior, maybe a perfect choice when it comes to luxury cars for your family. As a result, it made its mention in the US News and World Report. In addition, it was mentioned in Car & Driver because of its innovative tech features. These include:

2022 Jeep Wagoneer
Image Source: Jeep


  • Seating for eight! Undoubtedly, you can sit your own army perfectly.
  • The car manufacturers introduced four-zone climate change for comfortable seating.
  • Are you addicted to your phone? For one thing, the car offers wireless charging at the front.
  • The great family car offers 23 speakers with subwoofers for the music lovers out there.
  • The rearview mirror is digitized. Whereas, a forward-collision warning system provides safety from all angles.
  • The car provides intersection assist. As a result, the car will signal the driver when cars approach from left or right. In addition, a warning for applying brakes is also provided.
  • Are you an excellent driver? In spite of it, the automatic parking system will park the car for its driver.
  • The price for the Jeep Wagoneer base model starts at $59000.

Which is the best family car?

In terms of reliability, Toyota Highlander offers dynamic and innovative features for the car inhabitants. The remote locking and assistive parking make driving a lot easier. On the other hand, if you have the cash to splurge, the 2022 Lincoln Navigator takes the cake. The jeep offers entertainment for each screen with a navigation system perfect for long trips with the kiddos.

However, nothing beats the 2022 Subaru Forester. IMO, It is the best family car to consider buying in 2022 in terms of safety, space, and driving. Moreover, it is fairly priced against the long-term mileage the vehicle aims to offer.

Happy Shopping!

After a thorough review, have you picked your dream car for your family? Regardless of the pick, the car will provide maximum safety, comfortable seating, and easy driving.

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