Owning a car means looking after it on a regular basis, whether it’s a thorough monthly clean or even a basic spring clean at the weekend. However often you prefer to keep on top of your car and its presentation, the process takes time, which is something not everyone has on their hands.

Simple Car Hacks

Take note of these handy car hacks and have your motor in ship-shape condition!

1. Tie Your Phone Up

Have you ever planned out a journey to a place you don’t know all that well, packed everything you thought you needed and headed out to the open road to find that you’d forgotten the one most important item on your list? We’ve all been there, but there’s a simple trick for this! All you need is a rubber band (an elasticated band) and your phone at hand; simply twist the band around your phone and attach it to one of the air conditioning vents for a clear view of where you’re heading. That way, you’ll never get lost!

2. DIY Car Bin

It can almost be guaranteed that at some point in the past, you’ve found random bits and pieces that don’t belong on the floor of your car. And although most people don’t see the point in buying a litter bin for their motor (waste of money!), you can simply make one of them yourself. Take an old cereal box with an adjustable lid and line it with a plastic bag (or bin liner) and place it on the backseat of your car. Then, when occupants have anything they need to dispose of, they can throw it in the bin and you have one less thing to worry about.

3. Emergency Tissue Stash

Admit it, once in your life you have been part way through a drive and have felt the overwhelming need to sneeze; whether it was in the middle of summer or in the midst of the horrendous winter flu season. After which, you were in desperate need of a tissue to help clear up the aftermath, right? I feel your pain! The old trick of the book is to keep hold of an old, reusable coffee cup (if you’re not using it) and stuff it to the top with single tissues. The cap can be cut to make it look like an awesome tissue dispenser!

4. Temporary Windscreen Protection

If your car’s windscreen has an awful crack, whether it’s big or small, there’s a way you can temporarily fix the problem – at least until you can have it repaired. By brushing clean nail polish across the crack and setting it in the sun to dry, it’ll slow it down significantly until you can take it a garage, and have it fixed. However, this must be prioritised and must not be put off any longer than necessary.

5. Sticker Removal Crisis!

In some cases, cars have stickers all over them or just dotted around here and there but removing them can be tricky as they leave a gooey residue – tough luck! Before you attempt removal, get hold of an old newspaper and some warm water, soak the paper in the water and place over the stickers for at least 10 minutes. Doing this will clear the residue away, leaving you with shiny glass and a sticker-less motor!


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