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Lake Saiful Muluk – Lies at an Altitude of 3,224m Above Sea Level

This is a lake being located at the end of northern valley that is also known as the Kaghan Valley. It is located near Naran which lies at the east of Manshera District. The east district of Manshera is the North-East Froniter Province of Pakistan as well. This lies at an altitude of 3,224m above sea level. This happens to be one of the highest lakes in Pakistan.

The lake is right over 14 km from the road from Naran. This location can be reached while starting from Manshera, and then crossing via Balakot and Kaghan. Trekking through a foot from Naran there are clear lakes that take about 4-6 hours to cross. The summer months stay really great in weather with the water being quite clear. The sunlight actually brightens up the whole atmosphere in summer with the clarity of water being the highest.

The fresh glacier molten water comes over to create a great spell in the already exceeding, beautiful place. The clear water then adds even greater depth and greatness to the lakes. There are multiple glaciers surrounding the lakes from higher altitude. The basin below the high glaciers are thus remarkably quite way up in comparison to maximum lake basins that one would find.

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The celebrated poet, Mia Muhammad Bakhsh, wrote a fairytale called Saiful Muluk, being inspired and tantalized by the beauty of the lake. It is the tale of a prince who fell in love with an enchanting princess. The lake is so beautiful in fact, that there have been popular beliefs that ethereal creatures come down to the lake’s surface to play. This belief has been especially called to be true on days of full moon.

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Another famed poet and writer, Ahmad Hussain Mujahid, had written the tale of Saif ul Malook. The 1st edition to this story was published in 1999. This lake is one of the greatest centers of the tourist spots of Manshera District. The flourishing tourism industry has developed due to the great location of the beautiful flanking mountains, creating a landscape of unprecedented beauty.

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The 2005 earthquake had however brought some problems to the tourism industry whose popularity declined a bit since then. The lake is about ten thousand feet above the level of Naran and happens to reflect several shades of colors in minutes. Some recent developments have taken place in the building up of hotels around this area as well.

This lake happens to be one of the greatest pleasures of Pakistan. If you are in this area, this beautiful place is a must visit. One can hire jeeps or trekkers to come to this place as walking all the way up become quite difficult. Young groups taking horse riding trips as well as boat rides up there are quite common. Coming to the banks one will find dry fruit vendors to refresh and recharge oneself.

The Malika Parbat is one of the best landscapes that one can witness from this place. If you are in this area this is one of the best places to be in. You will be entranced by the gorgeous beauty pervading through this area. The sources of streams here are the high glaciers of Malika Parbat and create extremely clear and beautiful streams. The air here is calm, cool and placid bringing you a great source of replacement. The flanking of the mountains around this high altitude lake is one of the best natural beauties that you can experience around here. The loveliest view of the entrancing Malika Parbat can be witnessed from the lake tour only.

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Horses can be taken way up as young riders happen to enjoy that a lot. Walking up hill in that rocky and boulder laden terrain is however quite an ordeal. A person traveling here once would not be able to resist coming here over and over again. The panoramic view of this place is appreciated by all who come here. Whether you are a photographer or an artist or have just come here for the love of travel and appreciation of nature’s beauty, you would love to be here with any reason or excuse. A visit to this place really makes you understand the unveiling of true beauty of nature.

Visitors get spellbound by the ineffable and heavenly beauty of the lake while elders and locals of this area have always known the many myths and lores surrounding the lake. It is 5 mile ahead of Naran and can even accessed through two hours of guided trekking from Naran. Trekking in a group can be one of the most fun ways to reach there. The glacier crossing can be a mega experience if you know the right season to hit there.

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One treasures the moments to be celebrated amidst the beauty of the lake which looks even more gorgeous in times of thunder storm and heavy rainfall. Having a great time and sharing meals by the shore can be one of the greatest joys that you would agree to be sharing in your life.

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