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Lake Saiful Muluk – Lies at an Altitude of 3,224m Above Sea Level

Lake Saiful Muluk is Pakistan’s most famous and dreamy lake. Located in Khaghan Valley near Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, it is surrounded by snowcapped mountains. The beautiful water and verdant slopes give the impression that you are in an exotic location. It is among the most amazing places to go in summer.

The entire northern region of Pakistan is unmatched in serenity and beauty. But Saif ul Muluk has its own magic. It is on an elevation of 10,578 feet, making it the best place for hikers, solo vacationers, and photographers.

The Famous Folk Story of Lake Saiful Muluk: The Lake of Fairies

Given its scenic beauty, there are a lot of mythical and folk stories related to it. The most renowned is the love story of Egyptian Prince Saif ul Muluk, who fell for a fairy named Badi-Ul-Jamal after seeing her photograph. 

He traveled for 6 years and came to this lake to find her. She was captured in the castle of Koh e Qaf by a demon. The prince fought with him to rescue her. The demon raged and generated turbulence in the water, which made the famous Anso Lake. 

The prince and fairy queen took refuge in the nearby cave. It is said that they dance over the surface of Lake Saif ul Muluk on the 14th night of every lunar month.

Even if you are not into mythical stories, you will enjoy listening to them from locals under a star-lit sky. 

How To Get There?

Starting from Hazara Motorway, you will go to Abbottabad and Mansehra city and then to Babusar Top via Karakoram Highway. Once you reach Naran Valley, you can reach Saif ul Muluk Lake by jeep or hiking. The tracks are uneven, bumpy, and curved, so you must be careful. 

Best Things To Do At Lake Saiful Muluk

Things To Do At Lake Saiful Muluk

There are several sports activities available to enjoy time the best way on the lake. From having delicious food to playing board games, bonfires, and snow sliding, you can enjoy your vacations in a true sense. 

1. Boating

Boating in a crystal clear lake feels almost unnatural. You can do it by paying a small fee. But, be aware that sometimes it can be dangerous as the lake is extremely deep. The absence of rescue resources can lead to unbearable loss. If this is your first time traveling, you should be more cautious.

2. Camping

It is the best site for camping. Breathtaking views of magnificent mountains above water and lush green valleys make it a paradise. The experience gets more stunning in the full moon night under a star-lit sky. It feels nothing less than being in a legit fairytale.

You can play games, go skating or trekking, or enjoy the environment. Experts suggest bringing your own snacks and beverages as the prices can be pretty high in the peak season.

3. Horse Riding

Do horse riding or pony riding if you love to do something adventurous. The chill and windy environment will make the journey unforgettable.

4. Fishing

Trouts are commonly found in Lake Saif ul Muluk. You can bring your own fishing equipment or rent from the available shops. For a smooth experience, request a permit from the fisheries department. The best time to visit is the summer months, as you can enjoy the real beauty of the entire valley.

5. Just Walk in Nature

Want something calming? Just walk near the serene lake and green valleys to enjoy.

6. Delicious Cuisines

Visit nearby restaurants and local cafes to taste the actual food of Pakistan. The diverse and authentic menus make it the best place for families. They can enjoy the most delicious meals at reasonable prices.

Last Words

Lake Saif ul Muluk is famous worldwide because of its beauty, serenity, and magnificence. You can book hotels and reach there to make your vacations memorable. Its untouched charm attracts real travel enthusiasts every year.

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