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Fastest Growing Startups: Top 10 Best Startups to Watch in 2022

The best startups of 2022 have something in common, they bring a fresh perspective to a market that many believe is in saturation.

Startup companies have redefined the business world in terms of creativity and innovation. While they are often compared to small businesses, there are some differences between them.

Small businesses seek to provide value in the long run, while startups are more disruptive forces and agents of change.

Startups are part of a business culture that is truly unique. It is a brutal, high-stakes, high-reward game where winners take all. While most do fail, those that make it often become iconic. Names like AirBnB, Uber, and WhatsApp immediately come to mind.

Startups are appearing left and right, and it is not always easy to follow all of them. However, focusing on certain trends can definitely simplify the process.

Top Startup Trends 2022

Best Startups

Experts say there is a lot going on around companies that can offer cybersecurity services with artificial intelligence input. App development remains a dynamic sector because the world is always looking for new solutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has started a lot of new trends for startups, and this movement is showing no sign of stopping in 2022. In the United States, in July 2020 the number of applications for starting a business reached its all-time high of 551,657 00 an increase of 95% compared to the same period in 2019, according to the Census Bureau.

This means companies focusing on health, wellness, and beauty will keep benefiting. In the same fashion, there is probably more growth on the horizon for startups that bet on sports and nutrition. The crisis reasserted the need to prioritize healthy living.

The biotech industry is in full effervescence with a valuation nearing $300 billion.

There is always some volatility here and there. However, blockchain and cryptocurrencies remain part of the trends to watch.

Some of the top startups in 2022 have investors and business enthusiasts from around the globe jumping for joy because they do have so much potential. Moreover, the fastest-growing startups have the ability to adapt to a changing market and even landscape.

For example, OnlyFans has grown exponentially in the past six years despite some investors avoiding it because of the content and going through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Best Startup Trends

While following the different trends is always useful. Being able to zero in on a few unique startup companies is even better. Here are the 10 best startups to watch in 2022.

1. SoundHound

Artificial intelligence is gaining more ground. Some startups are trying to capitalize on this development. There is a demand for cybersecurity and data management services that match this moment.

SoundHound wants business owners and developers to be able to control their brand image using AI technologies, especially for audio and speech. It is already making a splash with Houndify, speech recognition, and Hound, an assistant app.

The company, which was founded in 2005, is always trying to do things differently. Through a partnership with Hyundai, it is bringing more of SoundHound’s voice AI system to European cars. It has raised $326 million in funding.

2. Riskified

Riskified is all about fraud prevention, even with a chargeback. It has been called a game-changer for eCommerce. What does this platform do exactly? It optimizes the user experience for eCommerce by using AI technologies.

The end result is a simpler checkout process and more attention to stopping fraudulent actions in their tracks. It has amassed $228.7 million in funding.

3. Observe.AI

Observe.AI is a workplace platform that wants to change the way customer service is approached. With AI technologies, automation is streamlined, and more can be done. Observe.AI puts artificial intelligence in every contact center. The technologies also insert themselves in conversations with clients for more efficiency.

The primary goal is to increase customer satisfaction by offering real-time solutions. The funding here is estimated at $214 million. Observe.AI counts Zoom as an investor.

4. Babbel

Regarding the world of apps, Babbel is a top startup with millions of subscribers. The Germany-based language software is expanding and reaching the US.

Babbel is very good at what it does and puts learning a new language within reach for most. It has been reported that users can hold small chats in the new language after a 5-hour course. It has received $33.3 million in funding.

5. Heetch

Heetch is a ride-sharing startup with a platform that is mostly available in French-speaking countries. From the get-go, observers saw it as the French answer to Uber.

It tries to lower prices for consumers by embracing low commission fees. In short, Heetch wants to become a dominant force in the late-night market. The popular app is hitting new territories like Senegal in Africa.

Moreover, Heetch is present in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Morocco, Algeria, and Angola. It has raised $75.3 million in funding.

6. Saie

The health and beauty sector is going through a real expansion. Saie aims to find the ideal balance between affordability and quality.

It is developing a real following online with its focus on clean beauty. The New York company has some celebrity supporters like actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who is an investor.

Unilever is also a backer. However, the funding has not been disclosed.

7. Tonal

The at-home strength training machine has been getting a lot of attention with NBA legend LeBron James as an investor. It has an AI component that sets it apart from some of the competition.

It is installed on the wall, and users can even have access to fitness classes that were recorded live. Tonal has raised at least $450 million in funding. Many believe that there is a real market for smart home gyms.

Of course, there is always a level of uncertainty when it comes to the economy, but Tonal remains a top startup to follow.

8. Chainalysis

The blockchain industry is looking for some straightforward solutions. A few startups are answering the call in a significant way. Chainalysis helps government agencies, banks, and others identify hacked and stolen funds.

The objective here is clear, sanitize exchanges in the blockchain universe and make transactions safer for everyone. It has reached a total of $366.6 million in funding.

9. Leilo

Food and beverage startups are adjusting to the demands of a public that wants to change. The main priority is now the health and well-being of the consumer.

Leilo has a bold stance; it offers “calm in a can.” It is a healthy response to alcoholic and energy drinks. Made with kava, Leilo already has the ear of sports leagues and some top grocers looking for something fresh.

The funding has not been revealed.

10. Agricool

Sustainability is a market with enormous possibilities. While the public seems to be really interested, the investors are watching with caution.

French startup Agricool grows pesticide-free fruits and vegetables by recycling shipping containers. This is what innovation is all about.

Moreover, the company’s farming method is more efficient than what is done elsewhere. It has raised $43.9 million in funding.

Bottom line

The best startups in 2022 are an eclectic bunch. They reflect a business sector that is constantly changing and adapting. While new ones will flourish soon, these top startups will continue to make a real difference in the foreseeable future. Follow these entities and you might not regret it.

Asim Farooq
Asim Farooq
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