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Top 7 Promising AI Startups of 2024

Artificial intelligence stands out as a thrilling advancement for all stakeholders this year and beyond. Although tech giants lead, smaller firms could make waves. Gartner predicts 80% of enterprises will utilize GenAI by 2026, up from <5% in 2023. Furthermore, global IT spending is projected to hit $5.14 trillion, growing at nearly 4% annually. While Tracxn reports 67,199 AI and machine learning startups as of January 10, 2024, we bring you our 7 top AI startups of 2024.

Best AI Startups To Look Out For in 2024

1. Imbue


Imbue forged potent alliances this year in its quest to develop AI systems with reasoning capabilities. In September, it secured a $200 million Series B funding, surpassing a $1 billion valuation, with backing from Astera Institute, Nvidia, Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt, and Notion co-founder Simon Last, among others, following a rebrand from Generally Intelligent.

October saw an additional $12 million from Amazon’s Alexa Fund and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. November brought a $150 million partnership with Dell Technologies to construct a reasoning-optimized computing cluster, leveraging Dell PowerEdge XE9680 servers and Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPUs.

Imbue was co-founded in 2021 by Qiu, previously CEO of AI-powered candidate sourcer Sourceress and a former Dropbox chief of staff.

2. Cohere


Cohere develops large language models for business AI, rivaling OpenAI. Clients like Spotify, Glean, and Oracle use its platform. McKinsey offers Cohere’s tech for integration. Cohere, potentially acquiring Stability AI, is praised by Turing award winner Geoffrey Hinton for advancing natural language understanding, making it accessible on a broader scale.

3. Anthropic


In 2021, former OpenAI executives launched rival Anthropic. Unlike OpenAI, linked with Microsoft, Anthropic aligns with Microsoft’s competitors. Their product, Claude 2, debuted in July to challenge ChatGPT.

In September, Anthropic introduced Claude Pro, offering increased usage and early feature access for $20 monthly. Amazon pledged up to $4 billion in investment, while Google committed $2 billion in October.

Anthropic, backed by over $7 billion, expanded via partnerships, like one with Boston Consulting Group. Claude also hit Amazon Bedrock, aiding GenAI app development.

4. xAI


In March, xAI emerged, debuting its Grok competitor to ChatGPT in November’s “very early beta.” With $135M+ raised by December 5, led by Musk amidst his Tesla, X, SpaceX commitments, xAI gears up for 2024.

Its team hails from Google, Tesla, OpenAI, Microsoft, Meta, and more. Based in Burlingame, CA, xAI’s early access program is exclusive to Musk’s social media premium subscribers. Notably, xAI utilized Oracle’s services in recent earnings.

5. ZeroEyes


This AI-based security software provider analyzes over 36,000 images per second from existing cameras for firearm detection. Following the launch of its channel partner program, the startup secured $23 million in funding and reported a fourfold year-over-year growth.

Notably, Octave Ventures and existing investors led the funding round, emphasizing the expansion of channel partnerships. ZeroEyes has since gained more clients, including schools and state institutions, while also establishing a research center dedicated to analyzing gun-related violence across various sectors. One of the best tech startup ideas, it was founded in 2018 by a former Navy SEAL.

6. Hugging Face

Hugging Face

Established in 2016, Hugging Face rapidly rose to prominence, boasting a $4.5 billion valuation. Its platform offers a rich array of pre-trained machine learning models and resources for developers worldwide. Central to its mission is fostering collaboration within the open-source AI community, exemplified by its renowned model leaderboard.

Heading into 2024, Hugging Face remains a vital hub for AI enthusiasts. Additionally, it caters to enterprise needs through paid ML solutions like Enterprise Hub and Inference Endpoints, facilitating model deployment and management. For successful businesses seeking cutting-edge pre-trained models and robust ML infrastructure, Hugging Face is the go-to destination.

7. Midjourney


Midjourney, a leading startup in generative AI since 2021, boasts $200 million in revenue without external investment. Its flagship model, “Midjourney,” launched in July 2022 via Discord, uses generative diffusion to turn text into images.

MidJourney V5.2, released in June 2023, improves prompt understanding and image quality, setting it apart from competitors like DALL-E 3. As a top AI-driven text-to-image vendor, Midjourney’s progress in 2024 promises to rival industry giants.


In the realm of AI startups, notable trends and developments emerge. With predictions of widespread GenAI adoption and significant global IT spending, the landscape is ripe for innovation. Among the standout startups are Imbue, forging alliances and securing substantial funding for AI reasoning systems.

Cohere, a provider of large language models, garners attention for its contributions to natural language understanding. Anthropic, xAI, ZeroEyes, and Hugging Face also make waves with their respective advancements and offerings in AI technology and applications. Leading the pack, Midjourney continues to excel in generative AI, promising further strides in text-to-image capabilities.

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