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Benefits of Being Petite: Relatable Things Only Short Girls Will Understand

Being a short girl in a world that prizes tall girls is not easy. The lives of short girls are full of perils and adventures. Seemingly, common everyday task become a challenge and demand ingenious thinking and problem solving skills from short girls. The short girls vs. tall girls debate is a long one, with apparently no sound conclusion.

That is alright because being tall and short, both comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we focus on the life of a short girl. How she navigates everyday hurdles and what are the perks she enjoys. If you’re one of the short people, we hope you find joy and confidence from this article and feel good about yourself! So, let’s get started.

Why Being a Small Girl Sucks – The Worrying Disturbances Short Height Girls Go Through

Short Girl Problems are countless. But, some are more annoying than the others. Here are the top five things short girls have to suffer in their everyday life. Sadly, it’s not something they can fix either. It seems to be their fate to live with these irritating issues.

1) Shopping Struggles are Way too Real for Little Girls

Shopping is Diifficult for Short Girls

Probably, one of the biggest struggles is finding suitable outifts for short girls. The number of styles for short girls is limited. Short girls in short shorts look awesome also. They can’t wear more than half the clothes available in the market. Let alone, wear something that actually flatters their figure. You have to struggle to find every item. For example, pants always reach below your feet. Sometimes, they even double as your socks. Even the kid’s section don’t have flattering pants for short girls. Regular sized T-shirts look too baggy on you and simply add to the whole “cute, borrowed clothes” look.

2) Dating Small Girls is a Different Story

Dating with Short Girl is Something Different

The entire short girls and tall guys trope is very popular. However, in reality, dating short girls come with many challenges they don’t tell you about. Firstly, it is quite daunting to get comfortable or even intimate with someone when they’re towering over you all the time. And yes, people do tower over short girls all the time. Secondly, you can’t kiss a guy without having him bend over to accommodate your height. Not only does it strain his back, but also forget about ever surprising him with a quick kiss. Lastly, tall guys love teasing their short girlfriends over their height and never take them seriously when they’re mad. Therefore, there’s a list of things you need to know before dating a short girl.

3) Forget about Reaching High Shelves

It's Difficult to Reach High Shelve

Another annoying, yet common, problem of being a short girl is having trouble reaching high shelves. You might as well take a step ladder with you every time you go grocery shopping in the mart because you can’t possibly reach all the high shelves. Good luck if you’re an introvert too. Because then, you can’t even ask a stranger to get something for you.

Why Being Short is Amazing – 5 Best Perks Only Short People Get

Even though it might seem like short girls only suffer, that’s not true. The live of a short girl is also full of fun perks that tall girls cannot enjoy. Check out some common pros of being a short girl here!

1. Short People Live Longer and Look Young Forever

Short People Live Longer

We all know that short people tend to look younger due to their height. It’s not just a perception. There is some scientific evidence that suggests that short people live longer. According to a Study that observed the relationship between height and life span, larger bodies were linked to reduced longevity. In other words, short people have the advantage of living longer than taller people.

2. Everyone Loves to Cuddle You

Everyone Will Cuddle You

Why do guys like short girls? Because they’re overall best for cuddling. There’s a misunderstanding that short girls hate being called cute. It’s not a bad description. Their problem is that it’s All everyone describes them as and refuses to take them seriously. In reality, short girls love being affectionate with their friends and lovely. They’re everyone’s favorite person to cuddle, especially in winters. Cuddling a short girl makes them happy and feel loved. Of course, only selected people have the privilege to do this.

3. Less Height Girls are More Flexible than Tall Girls

Short Girls Are More Flexible

Short Girls might not have many options when it comes to competitive sports. However, there are still other benefits to being small. Short Girls can be faster and more dexterous than their taller counterparts. Especially, they have advantage over tall people when it comes to hiking and climbing. Short people are great climbers. Moreover, they’re more flexible than tall people. They also experience less body pains as compared to talk people who often suffer from fast, yet, improper growth spurt.

4. You Save Up Money by Shopping in the Kid’s Section

You Can Save Money From Kid's Section

Although, shopping is a struggle for short girls, it’s not without its perks. Short people often do their shopping from the kid’s section. This can save them hundreds of dollars. Sure enough, kid’s clothes are not made for a full grown up women with curves. So, completing an outfit that flatters your figure might be a challenge. However, the saving up money perk is real. You can easily get something from the kid’s section and customize it to fit you.

5. Confirmed Front Row Seat at Every Event!

Short Guys are in the Front Row

Short girls practically have to jump and levitate to see what’s happening on stage at events. That’s why, people frequently leave the front row seat open for them. It’s not a problem for tall people because they can see the performance from the back easily. This gives short people the perk of always getting the best seat at events.

Survival of a Little Height Girl!! What Should Petite Girl Wear? 5 Awesome Fashion Tips for Short Girls

In a world full of tall people towering over them, short girls have to make quite some effort to survive. Undoubtedly, it is quite common for short girls and short people in general to suffer from lack of confidence. However, it is possible for you to be confident and capable while also being short. Learn how to be confident as a short girl in this section.

Science-based evidence suggests there’s a close link between fashion and self-esteem. It is not surprising. Considering the affect someone’s looks and outfits have on their moods, it is understandable that people feel more confident when they look the best. That’s why, here are some fashion tips for short girls to make them feel confident in themselves.

1) Long High-Waist Pants and Bottoms can Make you Look Taller

Long Pants Can Make You Taller

The secret to dressing well for short people is to find ways to look taller. Short girls can easily do this by wearing high waist bottoms. Jeans for short girls should always be high waist. The same goes for skirts for short girls and other pants too. The idea is to make your torso look smaller in order to make your legs appear longer. Opt for flared jeans and pants instead of the skinny ones.

2) High Heels are a Must with Every Outfit

High Heels Are Must

That’s one thing tall girls resent Short Girls for – being able to wear high heels with every outfit and not looking like a giant. High heels are sexy. Not only do they add extra inches to your height, they also make you look mature. No one would be able to call you ‘just cute’ when you’re wearing high heels. There are many good options when it comes to boots for short girls that you should check out.

3) Avoid Maxi Dresses at all Cost

Maxi is Not for You

Maxi dresses are a sure-fire way to look even small for short people. They are too overwhelming for the tiny frame of short girls. That’s why it’s a good idea to stay away from them. Instead, opt for shorter or medium length dresses that have a higher waistline. That is because, it makes you look taller by reducing your upper body. Long prom dresses for short girls is also a challenging task. Ideally, you should choose shorter ones with higher waist.

4) Find the Right Size Undergarments for a Feminine Silhouette

Find the Right Size Undergarments

If you think searching for a plus size swimwear is difficult, you haven’t looked for undergarments for short girls yet. It is even harder. It’s a fact that most women wear the wrong size bra. As if finding the right sized bra wasn’t difficult enough, finding one for a short girl is another matter entirely. However, if you want to look like a full grown up women despite being short, undergarments are the key. The right essential women undergarments bring out the curves of your body, making your silhouette appear feminine.

5) Incorporating Headwear will Give you an Extra Inch or Two

Wear a Headgear

A quick way to look instantly taller is to wear some sort of a headgear. Wearing scarves or headbands in your hair is a good idea. It accentuates your hair and also adds an inch or two to your height.

Hairstyle can Make or Break your Look – 5 Petite Girls Hairstyles Tips to keep in Mind

In order to be confident, a good hairstyles is just as important as clothes, for short girls. You might already know how to dress when you’re short, but if you don’t pay attention to your hairstyle, it can easily ruin your looks. That’s why, here are some popular tips regarding flattering hairstyles for short girls that you should check out.

1) Stay Away for Extreme Lengths – Both Short and Long

It should be avoid short haired girls with short height and extreme hair lengths also, be in short hair or extremely long hair. Both can Highlight a person’s height. So, of you’re short, having waist length hair will just draw more attention to your short height. The same goes for extremely short hair too.

2) Medium Length Bob Cuts are Super Flattering on Small Girls

One short girls haircut that is immensely popular is the medium or shoulder length bob cut. It emphasizes the face and draws attention away from a person’s height. Asymmetrical bob cut is especially flattering on short girls.

3) Get some Highlights to Add Volume and Dimension to Your Hair

Get Some Highlights to Add Volume

Regardless of what length short girls cut their hair, if you add highlights of different colors in them, it magically transforms your entire look. Highlights and lowlights not only add more dimensions and volume to your hair, but it also contributes to your overall height.

4) Getting a Perm is a Bad Idea for Little Girls Hair

Don't Perm Your Hairs

Short girls should avoid getting a perm and full curls Because it collects all of their hair around the face. Moreover, the excessive volume around the face looks unflattering and makes the girl appear even shorter.

5) You can Rock Cute Twin Buns like No One Can!

Cute Twin Buns will Add Value

Twin buns and braids are some hairstyles that short girls can rock. Up-dos are also very flattering for short girls. Similarly, there are many other short hairstyles for girls that everyone, including girls with short heights can wear.


In conclusion, being short comes with it’s own pros and cons. Where there are advantages, there are disadvantages too. However, you shouldn’t focus on one aspect and lament our fate due to the numerous challenges short girls have to face. It is entirely possible to live a good and healthy life while being short. You can also be self-confident and have a high self-esteem. Since fashion, clothes and looks play a huge role in determining one’s confidence, we have given you various tips on how short girls should dress to look taller and more confident.

20 Short Girl Problems

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