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Feeling Insecure as a Petite? Learn Why do Guys Like Short Girls and Get that Confidence Back!

If you’ve ever read a romance novel, you must’ve come across the tall guy and short girl pairing. In fact, it is a whole category. The world is obsessed with height difference in couples. However, have you ever stopped to wonder if it’s actually true? If yes, then why do guys like short girls so much? Or is it the other way round? Do girls only like tall guys? In this article, we answer all of these questions. So, let’s get started!

Why do Men Prefer Short Height Girls? The Ultimate 10 Reasons Are!

Why do tall guys like short girls? the answer is more true that girls prefer men who are taller than them. A tall guy might not care about their partner’s height particularly because they’re always shorter than him. It’s usually the short person who’s more concerned about their height difference. However, the matter in entirely different if you’re a tall girl trying to date a short guy. Tall girls are just as insecure as short girls when it comes to dating a guy who is shorter than them. There are multiple reasons why people prefer their dating girls with short height. Here are the best of them.

1) They bring out your Masculine Side

They Bring Out Your Masculine Side

Guys like dating short girls because of their primal instincts. Because short girls are petite and small, they bring out the domineering and masculine side in men. A guy is more likely to feel powerful when he’s dating a short girl as opposed to when he’s dating a tall girl.

2) Guys feel Protective of Short Girls

Guys Feel Protective Of Short Girls

When faced with a small creature, guys become instinctively protective. They want to protect their girlfriends from any harm and keep them safe. Moreover, guys are extremely helpful towards Short girls. Short women make a guy feel good about his helpful behavior. If you ever wondered why dating a tall guy is the best, this is it. You’ll never have to reach for high shelves, open right jar lids or struggle with changing bulbs in the bedroom. Your guy will do it all for you without even asking.

3) Petite Girls Tend to Appear more Feminine than Tall Girls

They Appear More Feminie

Why do men prefer short height girls? It’s simple. Because they appear more feminine. And guys, at least, straight guys love feminine women, who are in need of their protection and help. Although, tall girls can also be feminine, still they tend to be more intimidating than their shorter counterparts. That’s why, guys prefer short girls.

4) It’s Fun to Tease Little Girls and get Playful with Them

Its Fun To Play With Short Girls

One of the most fun aspect of dating short girls is that you can get Playful with them. Guys love teasing their short girlfriends and getting a rise out of them playfully. It’s because short girls look adorable even when they’re mad. Guys enjoy this interaction.

5) Short Height Girls make one hell of a Little Spoon

A Perfect Spoon

A big reason behind why do short girls only like tall guys is because they love to be the little spoon. Likewise, their boyfriends love it when they are the little spoon. Short girls like being engulfed in a loving embrace by their tall boyfriends. This won’t be possible if the guy is shorter than them.

6) Cuddling a Small Cute Girl feels Nice

Cuddling Feels Nice

Short Girls only not make for a good little spoon, they’re overall best for cuddling. Since they’re small, they can be compacted in even tiny positions and held by their boyfriends. Sure, it might be difficult to hug a girl who is shorter than you. However, when it comes to cuddling, they’re most ideal. You might even think of it as cuddling a life size teddy bear.

7) Short Petite Girls can Always wear Heels and still not be Taller than their Boyfriend

High Heels Are Attractive

It is true that guys find girls who wear high heels extremely hot. And, short girls have this advantage over tall girls. They can wear high heels and look sexy with every outfit. On the other hand, tall girls tend to avoid high heels because it makes them feel like giants.

8) Guys are Obsessed with their Little Girlfriends Wearing their Oversized Shirts

An Oversized Shirts

If a guy is protective and loves his short girlfriends, he’ll love it when she wears his clothes. Obviously, his normal sized clothes would look too oversized on her. This simply adds to her charm and makes her look adorable in his eyes. However, as tempting as it might be to wear your boyfriend’s baggy shirt and be fashionable on a budget, it’s not a good idea. Oversized Shirts tend to swallow up a short person. Therefore, it’s not a very flattering look.

9) There’s Always More Space in Bed if you have a Less Height Girlfriend

Enough Space is on the Bed

Many couples fight over taking up the most room on the bed. If you have a short girlfriend, this will never be a problem for you. You will always have more space because she’s tiny and doesn’t take up much space.

10) Tall Guys and Short Petite Girls make a Good Looking Couple

Tall Guys and Short Girls Make a Good Looking Couple

One of the main reasons why people are so obsessed with tall guy and short girl pairing is because they look good together. Some men might care about their image more than others and specifically look for partners who are shorter than them. The same goes for women also. If you ever thought why do girls not like short guys, this might be the reason.

How You can Attract a Guy as Petite Girl Without any Insecurity-5 Best Ways!

As there are many short girl problems. On top of the list is never finding fashionable clothes that are suitable for them. Short girls struggle with shopping all the time. And when they don’t look their best due to the limited style options, it makes them insecure. However, all is not lost for you. So, why do tall guys like short girls can be a reason!! There are many styles that short girls wear to look absolutely fabulous. So, forget about your insecurity and ramp up your personal style to impress that hot guy you’ve had your eyes on!

1. Always Go for Cropped Tops

Always Go for Cropped Tops

Cropped Tops are a Short girl’s best friend. They can make you look taller immediately. The idea behind this is that crop tops reduce your waist and make your torso look smaller. Hence, making your legs look longer. Upper body silhouettes are really important for short women. That’s why always make sure to invest in essential women undergarments that compliment your body. We know, that might be easier said than done. But if other women can find plus size swimwear, so can you!

2. Avoid Dresses that Go Below your Knees

Avoid Dresses That Go Below Your Knees

Long dresses will swallow you up just like your boyfriend’s oversized t-shirt. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot wear dresses at all. Short girls should wear short dresses that don’t extend below their knees. Choose dresses with hemline that ends at your thighs to look feminine and pretty.

3. Vertical Stripes Make you Look Taller

Vertical Stripes Make you Look Taller

Stripes are a good way to enhance your style. They can make you look instantly chic. Nonetheless, keep in mind that horizontal stripes are not a good look for short girls. It’s because they give the illusion of width. Whereas, vertical stripes give the illusion of elongation. That’s why vertical stripes are better for short girls as it makes them appear taller.

4. Mini Bags for a Mini You

Mini Bags For a Mini You

Big bags can quickly overwhelm a short person. Not only are they impractical, but they also accentuates the small figure of a short girl, making her look even shorter. That’s why, mini shoulder bags are more ideal for short girls to look glamorous.

5. Show off your Legs with Ankle Boots

Knee high boots is the easiest way to cut off even more inches off your height. Short girls should avoid knee high boots and wear ankle boots instead. You can show off your legs to look hotter and emphasize being taller as well.

Most Importantly – Height Doesn’t Matter When You Fall in Love!

No matter what your personal preference is, whether you like short girls or tall girls, nothing matters when it comes to actually falling in love. The reason why men and women care about height is not because they think they’ll be happier with a person who has their preferred height. Instead, they tend to fall in love with a person and come to love everything about them, including their height. It is never a good idea to shoot someone down just because they don’t meet your specific height standards. We encourage you to find love and happiness without being bothered by height differences.

To conclude, dating a short girl or a tall guy, all comes with its perks and disadvantages. You should never let your height determine your or anyone else’s worth. Give them a chance and see if both of you are compatible together. Happy Dating!

Guys Like Short Girls

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